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Alrighty, so now I wish ALL OF YOU could’ve won! Your comments for things you hoped to see in this book were so much fun to read. It makes me even more excited to have you all read it and see how your hopes and guesses match up with the way things unfold for Jaron & Co. The winners have been chosen and emails sent out. Which means (frowny face here) if you didn’t get an email from me, then someone else won. Here are the winners: Valerie S, Melanie V, Ellie M, Royce V, Zachary C, and Madison P. (Still waiting to get confirmation from one more!) There will be other giveaways...

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Okay, I’ve been promising this for several weeks. Here it is! I am giving away a total of SIX galley copies of THE SHADOW THRONE. You ask, what is a galley? A galley (a.k.a. ARC: Advanced Review Copy) is a paperback version of the book meant to be sent to reviewers and bookstore buyers. They are not for resale and sometimes have typos because they are printed early. Occasionally, the author gets her sticky little hands on a few copies and can give them away to awesomes out there like YOU! The contest runs from RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE until Sunday Dec. 15, 2013. At which point I’ll...

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