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Teacher Thank You

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In most areas of the country, school is out for the summer, which makes it the collective time of year for teachers to draw in a slow breath and then actually sit for a few minutes without wondering if they should be grading something. Having taught high school for a handful of years, I know the feeling of summer. It’s a good one! But it’s more than just the relief of knowing you’ve finished another school year. It’s also the curiosity of what will happen in coming years to the students you’ve genuinely grown to love (or tolerate). It’s wondering if you...

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Mark of the Thief – Cover Reveal!

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To those who’ve asked what I’m working on now, here it is! MARK OF THE THIEF will release on FEBRUARY 24, 2015. MARK OF THE THIEF is Book 1 of a new series by the same name (yeah, no creativity put into naming the series). It takes place in Ancient Rome with an escaped Roman slave, some stolen magic, and a battle to control the fall of an empire.   It’s an alternate history of the Roman Empire, but a lot of the story is based on actual facts. Such as: * Emperor Julius Caesar used to claim he was a literal descendent of the Goddess Venus. So I thought…hmm, what if he was telling the...

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