SCOURGE Week (+ Winners)!

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It’s here – release week for THE SCOURGE! The winners for this – the last week of the Massive Summer Giveaway – are:

*** Quinn *** Stephanie *** Reyhana *** Janet Johnson ***


If you did not win, there are still many ways for you to get a chance to read this, or any of my books. You can:

  1. Request a copy at your library.
  2. Go to your local bookstore. If they don’t have a copy, ask them to order it in.
  3. Borrow from a friend who has a copy.
  4. Find me at a public signing. I’ll post that schedule soon.
  5. Order online.

Also, if you have read THE SCOURGE, I’d appreciate a review online, especially if you liked it! Reviews are very important to authors, not only the stars you give the book, but also the total number of reviews.



    The gods of the Scourge ARC copies have not been smiling upon me!

    Well, good luck to those who won! And Mrs. Nielsen, I requested The Scourge a LOOONG time ago!

  2. Can’t wait for the Scourge! So excited!

  3. I’ll be getting this book sometime, somewhere, someway, somehow, sometime and someday sooner or later. Preferably sooner. 😛

    Looking forward to this. Your stand alone books are like a trilogy packed into one. Lots of excitement and action.

  4. Thanks so much for writing such hilarious, touching, and action-packed stories! Your characters are so unique, your writing style really packs the punch, and the covers are beautiful. (Okay, so you didn’t make the covers, but they’re still awesome!)
    Just how exciting is it for you on the day one of the your books hits the shelves? How do you celebrate? Does it make you feel warm inside, goosebumpy with delight, or what? I’m always imagining the day my own novel is opened to the world…

    • Thanks, Kiki. A book birthday is always exciting – it’s crazy to think that something that started as an idea in my head is now in a bookstore somewhere or being opened somewhere by a reader. But that’s humbling too – I always want to put out books that I know will be worth a reader’s time, so there’s always a certain anxiety as I wait to hear what they think!

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