Can’t Avoid Trouble? (+ Winners)

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The winners from last week’s giveaway are:

*** Sasia *** Natalie Burlew *** Olivia G ***

If you didn’t win this week, no worries – your past entries still accumulate to help your odds of winning next week!

Scourge_LGFor this week, I was thinking about one of my favorite scenes from THE SCOURGE. Ani has gotten herself into trouble again, and the punishment is loss of a meal. Weevil is asking her about it, but she doesn’t want him to know what she plans to do while he’s eating.


I turned to him, using as much anger as possible to make him go away. “Maybe I’m not hungry because the Scourge has taken my appetite! Maybe I’m not like you, someone who begins thinking about his second meal before he’s even finished his first. Maybe I don’t like the food here! Not everything happens because I’m in trouble!”

Weevil looked taken aback at first, then nodded at me with a smile. “You must’ve really done something wrong. All right, I’ll go eat. Can you at least manage to stay out of trouble until I finish?”

No, I thought. That was definitely not my plan.

“Yes,” I said.



To enter this week’s contest, answer this question: What personality trait do you think makes a person most likely to get into trouble? For example, curiosity? Defiance? Laziness? What trait of yours most often gets you into trouble (unless you never do)?


THE SCOURGE will be released in just over three weeks! I hope you are planning to check it out!


  1. I think being too curious can definitely get people in trouble. I get into trouble because I’m really bad at procrastinating!

  2. Being stubborn/stong willed/bullheaded.

    Generally when you are not willing to bend a little. 🙂

  3. I think being defiant is a key trait that gets several people in trouble.

  4. Speaking my mind seems to get me in trouble.

  5. I think curiosity and recklessness are traits that could often get someone into trouble.

    Now as for what’s gotten me into trouble, pretty much with my family because I tend to be really quiet and shy outside my circle, has been my stubbornness and my temper.

  6. I think stubbornness/defiance gets you into the most trouble because you get in this mind set of “I do what I want when I want to”. Then again cunning can get you into trouble because you can outwit people pretty easily so you like to test your limits and see how far you can go when tricking someone…..

  7. I’d say a mix of curiosity and stubbornness, but probably because that’s what gets me into trouble the most! I don’t get into trouble very often, but when I do it’s because I was curious about something and then too stubborn to let it go.

  8. I am a very curious girl. Sometimes… a little TOO curious. It is defiantly something that gets me into trouble. Sometimes I think I should just mind my own business. But… curiosity gets the better of me! 😛

    P.S This is for you Jennifer.
    I have always adored your books. Especially “The False Prince” I went into book depression when it was over and it took me forever to pick up another book. Because I just didn’t want the wonderful adventures of Prince Jaron to end! Buuut… You have inspired me to write my own novel! I wrote a brainstorm/ summary of it for a school project. I have a really hard marking English teacher, and he told me it was so good and that I had the ability to write a full length novel! My writing journey started with you and “The False Prince”. So… Thank you! <3

  9. Curiosity killed the cat. Though for me laziness gets me in the most trouble.

  10. I cannot choose between laziness and defiance. My problem switches between laziness and me running my smart mouth.

    I definitely want The Scourge for my home library and our school library. I plan on putting The False Prince in as many little hands as I can this year. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  11. This is a tough question! Since I am around little ones a lot, I will say defiance and a strong will as those traits are usually present in the kids I witness getting into trouble. As for me…I get into trouble because of my borderline Type A tendencies (striving to be more Type B in some areas)!

  12. Wow, I really love watching Ani and Weevil interact. Theirs is a very sweet friendship, and I’m excited to spend more time with the two of them when I read the book! Let’s see, though, trait that’s most likely to get you into trouble . . . I’d have to say defiance, because people in authority hate when the people under them stand up to (or just flat-out disobey) them.

  13. Probably being curious and being defiant would get people in trouble and being lazy. And not listening. And being too angry sometimes. But I can’t really think of what gets me in trouble.

  14. Defiance would definitely get some one into trouble but I think temptation would also get someone in trouble to (although I do know temptation isn’t a personality trait) Because if you weren’t tempted to do something bad then you never would of done it!

    As for what would get me into trouble is procrastination.

  15. I say disrespect towards those in authority. In today’s world, that would be parents, teachers, policemen, etc. Romans 13:1 says, “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.”

  16. I think defiance is the trait that is most likely to lead to trouble.

    For me, I generally find myself in trouble due to my laziness.

  17. I think stubbornness is something that can get you in a lot of trouble.

    I am so excited for the Scourge!!

  18. I think that impulsiveness would be a personality trait that could get someone in trouble. Of course most personality traits could get someone in trouble.

    I probably get in trouble because of my commanding attitude.

  19. Being bored or coming up with wild ideas and doing them.

  20. I think curiosity gets people into the most trouble. Curiosity can be good and it can be bad. My trait that gets me in trouble is procrastinating.

  21. Curiosity definitely can get you into trouble! It’s often what gets me into trouble! No matter what curiosity will get the best of me.

  22. I think stubbornness is the trait that most often gets people in trouble.

  23. I think getting in trouble is most linked to always wanting to learn or being really curious… Well for me anyways. Defiance could also be linked to it.

  24. Actually, maybe not curiosity for me… As I look back on it, there has been a variety of reasons why I have gotten in trouble, curiosity mainly not one of them.

  25. I think that the very root of people being in trouble is spontaneity and disobedience. It is thinking that your own decision is better than what has been already set or what has already been in the rules. I always get into trouble because of sometimes being absent-minded like forgetting things and all.

  26. I can imagine some one getting in a lot of trouble for being short tempered. They would get frustrated easily at people which might cause them to long for revenge.Then that will lead to disaster.

  27. Anything can get anyone in trouble, it just depends on whether or not they are caught; everyone is in the end.

  28. Being stubborn has gotten me into trouble before… I think flexibility is very important if you want to stay out of trouble! 🙂 Reading these sections from The Scourge is getting me so excited to read it!! I already love Ani and Weevil!

  29. Looking at the general trend with your main characters, not letting anything stand in the way of your goal (escape, beating pirates, freedom etc)

    Me personally? I don’t get in trouble 😌😊

  30. I usually get into trouble at school for questioning what the teachers say instead of just agreeing like everyone else.. It sounds crazy but sadly it’s true apparently people like to be right even when they’re wrong and they hate when people question what they say. A teacher once called me stupid and said to stop talking when in class I said his calculations were wrong, I stayed during break to explain him my point of view and it turns out I was right and he called me stupid for it.

  31. I think that knowledge is what gets someone in trouble, because knowledge is what sparks curiosity, wisdom, and defiance.

  32. I think that if your adventurous then you might get into more trouble. You would always want something interesting to happen to you and when it seems like nothing will happen, you start to create it yourself. This more or less leads you to trouble (most of the time)

  33. I think defiance is the trait to get characters into trouble the most. I think Sage proves my point very well 😉

    For myself, I didn’t get in trouble very much but when I did it was most often because I was either ignorant or defiant.

  34. There’s many things that can get a person in trouble. But I think someone with a curious personality trait is very likely to get into trouble and then someone with a self-centered personality might have a very difficult time getting out of trouble, thinking probably how they could never get into trouble or would get out of a certain situation without even trying.
    I do not get into a lot of trouble but I think laziness would get me into trouble the most.

  35. I just thought of this but, is there a way to order signed copies of your books?

    • The best way is to order them through The King’s English here. Then at checkout, there is a place for notes where you can state who you’d like the books to be signed to. If you already have copies of my books that you want signed, let me know and I can tell you where to mail them for signing. Thanks for asking!

  36. Definitely curiosity or defiance.

  37. Being sassy or defiant is a good way to get into trouble.

  38. I think curiosity gets most people in trouble. I usually don’t get in trouble.

  39. I think that a trait that gets people into trouble is impulsiveness. If you don’t think before you act, bad things could happen. I think that being impulsive gets me into the most trouble.

  40. I think that being impulsive could get you into a lot of trouble. It is what gets me into the most trouble.

  41. I think being curious and not thinking can get you into trouble. First, curiosity will drag you into the danger zone and then not thinking will prevent you from getting out of it once you get caught.

  42. I think being curious and irresponsible are traits that can cause people to be troublesome. I can’t wait for the Scourge! Thanks so much for hosting the giveaways!

  43. I think being prideful can get you in trouble and cause you to lose friendships and the people you love most.One trait that gets be in trouble is not being carful.

  44. I think being defiant can get you into trouble. But not just defiant… I think it’s worse when you feel like you have a chip on your shoulder or something to prove.

  45. In Ani’s case it’s probably defiance and stubbornness. I usually get into trouble by being easily distractible. Squirrel! Where was I?…….

  46. Satisfaction. Those who need to see something to the end and feel that satisfaction don’t regard the trouble it’ll get them into.

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