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A NIght Divided FI#9F6F8253Here it is! The long promised giveaway of an ARC of A NIGHT DIVIDED!!! Seriously, I cannot wait for you all to read this book. Instructions to enter the contest are below.

But first, here’s a little about the time in which this book takes place…


Following the end of World War 2, the world wanted a way to prevent Germany from ever starting a war again. So the country was divided into four parts, with each part given to a different victor in the war: the United States, Britain, France, and Russia.





The U.S., Britain, and Russia all united together, making their 3/4 of the country West Germany and their 3/4 of the capitol city, West Berlin. But shortly after the war, Russia became Communist and maintained its own control over their 1/4, which became East Germany with a capitol city of East Berlin.

East Germans soon began emptying out of their country, so quickly that Russia became worried about losing their best and brightest, or frankly, losing all their population.

One Saturday night, the people in East Berlin went to bed as on any other ordinary night. But when they woke up the next morning, August 13, 1961, something was very different.

LE MUR DE BERLINThey went down to the street to see their own soldiers standing in front of a barbed wire fence, with guns aimed at their own people. In effect, a prison had been built around the people as they slept. It was very clear who they intended to shoot if anyone tried to leave.

Over time, the fence would grow to become the Berlin Wall. It divided a country, a people. And in the case of Gerta Lowe, it divided her family.

A NIGHT DIVIDED is the story of a girl whose family is divided on the night that the Berlin Wall goes up. Her father and brother, Dominic, are in the west. If they try to return home, they will be arrested. Her mother, and brother, Fritz, are with Gerta in the east. If they try to leave, they will be shot. This is the story of what Gerta will attempt as she tries to reunite her family. It is dangerous, based in a actual history, and there is no guarantee that everyone involved in this attempt will survive.BerlinWall3

The book will be released on August 25th. You can pre-order it now from your favorite bookstore, order it online, or ask your local library to get in a copy.

OR….you can try to win an advanced copy right now. Here’s how to do it!

1. Post about this book on your favorite social media. Either tag me in (@nielsenwriter on Twitter and Instagram, or my name on Facebook) or let me know in comments that you posted. One entry for each place you post, but no more than three points per day.

2. Leave me a comment below answering this question: What time period in history would you want to read more about? Two entries each.

3. Leave me a comment below answering this question: If you were going to try to escape the Berlin Wall, what do you think would be the best plan? Two entries each.

This is an international giveaway.

The contest ends at midnight EST on June 12, 2015. Until then, good luck to everyone!





  1. I’d love to read more about ancient Ireland and Scotland.

  2. How about Stonehenge? I think that’d be really interesting…

  3. 1)I posted on Facebook ^_^
    2)I would love to read more about the 1700s and the 1800s, and more specifically, in Japan. I love and enjoy Japanese culture a lot, so reading a book about samurais and ninjas would be very fulfilling for me. This doesn’t seem too realistic, but it’s my little fantasy which I will stay being hopeful about.
    3)If I were trying to escape the Berlin Wall, I would sneak out at night when there is less security or when the soldiers is distracted by a diversion of some sort. By sneaking out at night, it would be harder to see, which means that is easier to hide from the soldiers. If the soldiers is being distracted, it would decrease the chance of me getting caught. Another opportunity to escape might be when the soldiers is switching with new soldiers, because they will be less cautious and distracted.

    Thank you for the giveaway and I hope I can get win myself an advanced copy! >_<

    • Sorry for the grammar mistakes >_<. I'm very tired at the moment, but I'm very excited as well so I did't proofread the post.

  4. I’s like to read more stories set during the French Revolution.

  5. To escape the Berlin Wall, I think the best plan would be earn the trust of a guard, gain his sympathy, and get him to allow me to cross secretly.

    • You should read the princess and the lace maker then

  6. I retweeted the promo on Twitter! I know my students will love this new book! They already love your Ascension trilogy and are anxious for the next book after Mark of the Thief.

    I had the privilege of being at the Berlin Wall before it was taken down. I was fairly young, but the gravity of the wall and its impact on the residents of the city went beyond the physical wall. The fear, the sorrow, the constant, imminent threat were clear to me.

    I’m not sure how someone could get past the wall- I know many tried and failed. I think that leaving Berlin and trying to find a gap in the middle of the countryside might have worked better, but I don’t know if East Berliners had that option. Control was so extreme.

    I don’t know if I can pick another time in history to read about- but if you’re the author, I guarantee I’ll read it and love it.

    • Thank you, Dawn.

      • Do you know if they ever reunited again?

    • And, of course, I meant Ascendance trilogy! I knew Ascension sounded wrong! Should’t write when I should be asleep! One of my all-time favorite series- and also one of my students’ favorite!

  7. The time period I would like a story to be based in would be the 1400’s in England.

  8. My favorite time period, right now, is the late 1700s

  9. If I had to cross the Berlin Wall, I’d probably get people who’d want to get passed together and make a plan to have all of us run at the soldiers, try to take their guns from them, and try to climb over the wall or knock it over. Sadly, there would be a lot of sacrifices, but it could do something to help.

  10. I would LOVE to Read more about castle ages!!!!!! I am kinda obsessed with that era!
    Sneaking past the Berlin wall would be a hard one. I really don’t know.

  11. 1) Posted on twitter
    2) I’d like to read more about the Golden Age of Piracy, I think that’s a very interesting period.
    3: How to escape the Berlin wall? wow, I’m not sure I’d have been able to do it, hopefully I’d have some help and we would try to sneak out when there was a change or trying to fight our way out.

  12. I’d love to read more about 1400s England or ancient Ireland & Wales, but I’m also completely fascinated by early humans in Indonesia right now, so a story set during our early evolution would be awesome too.

    As for escaping the Berlin wall, I think it would be nigh impossible, but befriending a guard & being snuck into a delivery vehicle might work.

    This sounds like a really gripping & emotional read, looking forward to another journey with your relatable characters!

  13. Egyptians or the Mayans. That would be cool! Love you Jen! Can’t wait to read!

  14. I’ve posted on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Samhain4000/status/605310925785190400

    I would love to read about Ireland in medieval times! Or Scotland. Could be very interesting!

    3. Leave me a comment below answering this question: If you were going to try to escape the Berlin Wall, what do you think would be the best plan? Two entries each.

    Honestly, I have no idea how to best escape the Berlin Wall, but I think gaining the trust of a guard might be the best way. Or maybe see if there is some weaknesses that can be exploited.

    Thank you for the give-away! The book sounds so good, I can’t wait to read it

  15. I have retweeted your tweet about your new book so my followers are aware. I also posted on Facebook so people can look forward to purchasing your new WWII book.

    I would like more books that describe the events during World War I. It seems like this war is always pushed aside even though it is a big part of our history.

  16. I am so excited for A Night Divided. I’m going to enter for the ARC with the answers to the questions.
    For the first one: I’d probably like to read more about the Phoenicians. But I’d also enjoy the Cretans, the Greeks (Spartan and Athenian), the Egyptians, kings and queens of England (like the mystery behind Prince Edward and Prince Richard in the Tower of London). Maybe some American Revolution. Also Roanoke Colony. But for top three, it’d be Phoenicians, Greeks, and the Egyptians.
    For the second question: I would disguise myself as a soldier guarding the wall (I’d have to learn German, but I’d only need to know ‘Yes, sir!’and a threat to keep people from escaping). Under the cover of night, I would escape and would probably bring others with me.
    Thank you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much for doing a giveaway!
    – Loreley

  17. Wohoo, another book! Well, if I were to read about an era, I’d prefer the Golden Days of Athens Greece (lots of legends and myths which can lead to a novel!) And I’d also like to read about the Great Depression era, but in other countries (Ireland/Caribbean Islands/England.) Those are my two time periods. Can’t wait till 8.25.15!

  18. (1) There are so many periods of history that I want to learn more about – I’m not sure I can choose. I’m currently a bit obsessed with Ireland in the Elizabethan era, but I’d also love to learn more about WWI since it’s often skimmed over in curriculums to make room for WWII. I’ve always loved the Silk Road as well, though, both the history and the fiction. Sorry, those are three vastly different times.
    (2) If I tried to escape Berlin, I would probably make a deal with America and do espionage work to earn their assistance in leaving. Then, with their help, I’d doctor a car to make some kind of secret compartment and secretly escape with someone allowed to leave (got that idea from the International Spy Museum in D.C.).

  19. Answers to the questions above:
    1). I wod like to read more about WW1. I haven’t seen a lot of middle grades or YA books about WW1.
    2). I would try to tunnel under the wall. I know they had a lot of solders with guns on the wall, so I would try to go under it.

  20. For the fist question wait what was the first question? Oh, I would love to know more about the Romans and the Greeks.
    Second question I would pretend to be dead and then when the soldirs go to burry the dead people i would escape.
    Sorry that I don’t write.
    I love your books Jennifer.
    Thanks for giving away a book!!!!!

  21. I would like to read more about the old clans of Scotland.

  22. I’m not sure I would be brave enough to try and get over the wall. If I did I would definitely have to have someone helping me.

  23. 1)I want to read more about the medieval times because the ascendance trilogy was the best! Also I want to read WW1 or WW2 maybe about people trying to survive it.
    2)I think the best way to escape the Berlin wall, like in this story is to go beneath it through tunnels because I feel that anything above ground will be seen by the guards who will punish you if you get caught.
    I hope to win a copy! It sounds so interesting!

    • I posted on Facebook and Twitter

  24. What time period in history would you want to read more about? I would really love to read a mystery from the 1700’s or 1800’s England. I am so intrigued by the whole idea of the aristocracy. I could totally have been a Duchess. Another idea would be a spy novel that takes place during the Napoleonic Wars. It’s all so interesting to me.

    On a side note, I am a middle school media specialist. We read The False Prince this year in my book club and the kids loved it! Most tore through the entire trilogy prior to our meeting! The Mark of the Thief was very good as well. Can’t wait for more books from you!

    Thank you!

    • Thank you, Ellen! I’m glad your book club enjoyed the series!

      • Ugh, I mean, Chloe – replying to too many comments at once! So sorry!

  25. 1) I want to read a time period when it was still in the ancient times because I want to learn more about what happens in the after life.

    2) I think they’ll escape the Berlin wall by going through a secret passageway where know one knows except for the brother and sister. They will escape secretly and reunite with their family hopefully!

    I hope to win a copy!

    • Oh oops, I meant ME for the escaping part lol

      • And yes, I’ve tweeted and and poste something on facebook!

  26. I would either like to read about the reforms in the Middle East and Egypt during the 1800’s or Ming china.

  27. Hi Mrs. Nielsen! I’m new to commenting on your blog, but I wanted to say that I absolutely love the Ascendance Trilogy and Mark of the Thief and I can’t wait for A Night Divided and Rise of the Wolf!
    As for the ARC giveaway contest, here goes it…

    1) I posted on Twitter.
    2) This is a hard question! There are lots of interesting time periods. If I had to pick, I’d probably say I’d like to read more about either Ancient Greece/Rome or medieval England.
    3) To escape the Berlin Wall, I’d probably try to bribe the guards to let me through, paying them off so they would turn a blind eye while I escaped.

    Fingers crossed. πŸ™‚

  28. I would also like to read more about the Cold War or Great Depression eras. I think Egyptian or Malayan would be really cool too, as would a novel about American Indians- maybe at the time Europeans were beginning to colonize the current United States? And reading about the time of kings/queens in Europe is always cool… Like in the False Prince.

  29. Comment

  30. Hi, I tagged you on my FB post, but wanted to let you know here just to be on the safe side!

    1.) I find the Irish culture interesting, so it would be nice to read more on Ireland, more specifically the Irish rebellion as I know very little of that part of history.

    2.) I also enjoy early US colonial history and would like to read more books on that time period.

    3.) As far as attempting to escape the Berlin Wall, I think that probably would be a group effort…if I had friends/family that I was with or people whom I trusted, I would collaborate w/them and after observing the rituals of the soldiers and pinpointing weak spots in their guard system, devise a plan around that and together, try to escape. In the meantime, I would constantly pray for a way to be freed or rescued!

  31. Sorry, did not clarify which Irish Rebellion…all of them would be interesting, but I had the 20th century rebellion in mind as I typed my answer!

  32. 1) Posted on fb: https://www.facebook.com/pages/We-Imaginate/650401761709758

    2) I’d love to read more in our Civil War Era. I feel like there’s a lot of mysteries of human nature to uncover in that unfortunate event…

    3) To escape the Berlin wall I’d impersonate a guard… and try my luck at night.

    Thanks for the opportunity! I’m excited πŸ™‚

  33. 1. I would love to read more about either Industrial Revolution era US or the internment of Japanese citizens. I read a couple of books recently set in those times, and found myself wanting more!

    2. I honestly don’t know how I’d try to leave Berlin with the wall up. I think I’d try to be granted religious asylum somewhere. Or, on my more dare devil side, I’d try to dig under. Start in my basement and dig towards the wall. Risky, yes, but if it worked I could also help a lot of other people.

  34. 1. I retweeted this and also tweeted a msg to you via Twitter (I’m NicElizP)

    2. I would love to read a MG or YA novel set during the early part of the so-called Dark Ages, namely because I’ve read so many contradictory info about the history of that part of the Middle Ages – were people increasingly ignorant and superstitious/religious, or were they rational, scientific, and fans of reason? What was the transition from Pagan Rome to Christian Europe like for a 10-15 year old living at that time? Etc

    3. Honestly I’m such a chicken I probably wouldn’t have tried to escape over, under, past, or through the Berlin Wall. One of my great-great aunts (a nun) was a POW in Nazi-occupied France for years during WWII and never attempted escape even though others frequently tried and succeeded. As much as Id like to pretend I’d come up with a great way of tunneling under the Wall like a boss, I’d more likely be like her and wait it out. Sad but true.

  35. Yes! Another Arc contest!!
    1. I posted about this on Facebook, and tagged you.
    2. So, to answer the first question, I would love to read more about Merry Ole England, or World War I. Russian, and Celtic history would also be very interesting! Of course, I love German stories because my dad was born and raised their, so I feel a special connection.
    3. My second answer is three fold: First, I would pull a Ponzy Scheme, which means that I would attempt a long con. I would impersonate a man, and enlist as a guard. I would then work for a while, actually doing my job, and keeping my record spotless, and then run when I had a chance. If I stayed long enough, I would eventually work my way to guarding the back, making it far easier to escape. One would have to be wary of the various weaponry, and positions of fellow soldier to do this, though. Seeing that I am a woman, however this may not pass. Then, I would find someone with a convertible, and a burning want to cross the border. I would then let a little air out of the tires, and remove the windshield. Then, I would drive under the barrier. Lastly, if that didn’t work. I would find the highest point possible, and shoot a chord across the wall, and then hipline with the hope that I won’t get shot.
    So, that basically sums up what I would do. If I was EXTREMELY desperate, I would try to establish a friendship, or romantic relationship with one of the guards, causing him to possibly help me escape. However, that would be very cruel, and definitely my last, and most desperate attempt.

  36. Sorry, both my Facebook post, and comment turned out pretty long. I am known to be quite wordy….

  37. I would like to read more about brave girls in the Victorian era who rebel against the standards of their society.

  38. if I were to escape the berlin wall I would either cause an explosion to distract the soldiers, then cut the wire and escape, or dress as a soldier and pretend to come to relieve them of their shift, then shoot them, cut the wire and escape. how are those plans?

  39. I would also like to read more about Scottish highlands circa 1700…

  40. 1)I’d love to read more books set in the medieval period. I find it really interesting to read about royalty and servants, to see the contrast between the two. Really set anywhere (even in a fictional kingdom because those are some of my favourite places!) but as I’ve seen other people say I’d love to see some books about Ireland. I’m actually from Ireland and living here you learn a lot about the history and it is pretty interesting. Some Irish authors have, obviously, brought out books on ancient(medieval) Ireland but it would be amazing to see a famous author bring one out!

    2)I’m actually really interested in the Berlin wall. My interest in it started when I was 10 and my acting teacher made us do a play on it! Since then I’ve chosen the topic for many school projects and I’ve watched tons of documentaries on it. I’ve researched some interesting facts about escapes online and there’s loads of interesting ones: Border guards escaping by simply wandering over the border, people escaping on a speeding train and others on a speeding bus. Some even escaped in a hot air balloon, down a zipline and across a tightrope!
    Although, if I were to try to escape the Berlin wall the first way that would come to mind would be to climb the ranks. I think that this idea could work, albeit a little slowly. I would basically try to become a border guard because, as I said earlier, many of them escaped!
    (Movies tend to portray East German border guards as soulless automatons who were dead-set on keeping everyone on their side of the wall, but many of the guards were just as desperate to escape as their fellow East Germans. One perk of being a border guard was that a soldier could simply wander over the border to freedom, and a lot of them did. Over 1,300 made the jump in the first two years of the wall’s existence.)
    I’ll be posting on social media after I post here and I’ll probably post another answer in a while πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the opportunity, I hope I win!
    PS: Sorry for writing so much and including so many facts that you probably already know I just really want to win πŸ˜‰

    • I also posted on Facebook πŸ˜‰

  41. 1. I tweeted! @maggalini
    2. For time periods, I would have to say Victorian or the Roaring 20s.
    3. Escaping the Berlin Wall would take some special planning. I think it would depend on who you could connect with. I bet Jaron would figure out a way!

  42. I posted on Facebook

  43. I would like to have you take us to 17th Century Venice and France, and hear about the Venetian women from Burano that were kidnapped into France in order to make lace. I heard about it on a visit to the Burano Lace Museum (Museo del Merletto) and have been fascinated by the idea, but there’s very little information about it (in English.)

    According to the museum’s website the lace from Burano was “…so spectacular and costly that France was induced to organise home manufacturing under the guise of Venetian women-masters ‘abducted’ to this end, in order to counter excessive sumptuary costs at the court of the Sun King.”

    You’re so thorough with all of your research that I really think you could do the story justice. Plus, you could use it as an excuse to visit Venice! XD Who doesn’t need one of those.

  44. I posted on Facebook.

  45. (1) I would like to read more on the darkage
    (2) In order to escape I would rally everyone up and at night we will have a small group of people to distract the guards and together we will dig a tunnel with someone keeping watch and one by one we will all escape.

  46. The book looks so cool! πŸ˜€ I don’t have facebook, twitter or any of those, so I’ll just answer the questions.

    2) I’d say old celtic history (Ireland, Scotland, Wales… stuff like that) and maybe the criminals being sent to Australia. I mean, there had to be a few falsely accused innocents in there…

    3)To come up with a sure plan, I’d probably have to be there and able to assess the wall myself, but it would probably involve distracting the guards and climbing over.

  47. I posted this on Goodreads, as well…does answering again here count as a second chance? πŸ™‚

    I’d love to read more about the 1960’s (Maile Meloy’s The Apothecary is a favorite of mine), and the 1940’s, especially in a jazz/swing dance atmosphere!

    Thanks for the givaway–I’ve been anticipating this book ever since I read TFP!

  48. 2. -I would absolutely love to read a book set during the time of the civil war. It is amazing to me that so many of the soldiers were so young. It would be very interesting to read about a young soldier fighting in the war.
    – I would also like to read about also like to read about the US Interment camps during WWII, when Japanese Americans were forced to leave their homes and be held in camps for the duration of the war.
    3. Escaping from East Berlin sounds like an impossible task! If I had to attempt an escape, it think the most important thing to do would be to take action when the wall was new, and barely more than a pile of barbed wire. Eventually it grew to a much larger and inescapable prison. The best plan I can think of is impersonating a guard and leaping over the barbed wire to West Berlin (as many guards did).
    I can’t wait it read A Night Divided!

  49. Tweeted πŸ™‚ tagged you in the tweet.

    I think I would like to read more about…the jurassic era? I don’t know I have something with dinosaurs but to include them in stories is a tough one.

    As for escaping the Berlin Wall, quite frankly I don’t think I would be left alive to escape…..

  50. 1. I posted on facebook πŸ™‚
    2. I think it would be so interesting to read a book set in pre-Islamic Arabia, when it was still mostly wandering nomads in the desert. I used to live in the Middle East and fell in love with Arabian culture, and have loved learning about different Arabian explorers and legends.
    3. I think it would be great to escape East Berlin in a hot air balloon. I watched a movie in a social studies class once based on the true story of the family that did it, and I just loved the creativity and daring of it.

    I have posted in facebook https://www.facebook.com/traci17, twitter @tidalwave07 and on instagram.

    2. What time period in history would you want to read more about?
    -I want to read more during the 4 BC and 33 AD, where Jesus was still alive because I want to know everything about my Savior and I want to deepen more my understanding of what transpired during that time. I want to know those things for me to share what I have studied to the people I can get in touch with to let them know that Jesus is really the Savior of this world and to give more proof that he died and rose again to save this mankind. It is not mere speculation or just mere word of mouth.

    3. If you were going to try to escape the Berlin Wall, what do you think would be the best plan?
    -If I as a Filipino would be the one escaping the Berlin Wall, according to my research I won’t have a problem too much because I am not really a German citizen and they won’t be strict to me as compared to citizens there.
    BUT! If I will be escaping as a German Citizen, the best plan would be to escape legally by getting a passport and visa. If they would ask me why do I like to get out of the West Berlin I will tell them that I want to get in touch with people whom I heard have assisted or helped my parents or people here during World war I and World War II. I would also tell them that I want to trace my roots.

  52. 2. What time period in history would you want to read more about?
    Aside from my interest during 4 BC and 33 AD. I would also like to read more about the Peloponessian War because I am fascinated by the Spartans and the Athens. I mean in conquering or defeating one opponent over another, what tactic would be the best is it to use your brains or use your physical strengths. As for what I remember during my secondary school in the topic of World History, Spartans concentrated on their military power while the Athens focused more on their education.

  53. 3. If you were going to try to escape the Berlin Wall, what do you think would be the best plan?
    If I would have the same constraints as Gerta Lowe, the best plan would be to excel in a sport or in studies granting if the Eastern side is participating in any league. If I will be able to excel I don’t think that the guards or the officials would still prohibit me or would stop me because I could give them honor and despite of the war and the chaos happened in that country.

  54. 2. What time period in history would you want to read more about?
    I would also want to read more during Hitler’s time: the First Reich (800-1806), Second Reich(1871-1918) and and Third Reich (1933-1945). Ever since I was a kid, my grandfather have been telling me about what Hitler had done to the Jews that’s why I already had an idea of Hitler’s cruelty and the Holocaust. what made me more curious is when I was able to read The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and story of a Jewish boy and a German boy. I want to know why despite of the power that Hidler had at that time why did his reign came to an end.

  55. Time period in history….Joan of Arc. Anytime men are willing to listen to women and let them lead them, especially in a time where it was not acceptable to do so, is amazing to me.

    As for escaping East Germany, a female might be able to romance a boarder guard and persuade him to take her with him. Another scenario, if they had family in West Germany, they could possibly fake their death and be carried over in a coffin for a “funeral”.

  56. I would love to read more about the Jacobites in the late 1600’s.

  57. I really enjoy reading about WWII.

  58. 2. To escape the Berlin Wall. I would study the guards rotations and practice climbing.Then I would dress all in black and at night try to escape over the wall. I would also create a diversion so maybe the guards would be distracted.

  59. Were I to attempt an escape over the Berlin Wall, I would befriend a guard, in the hopes that he would be able to protect me or provide a distraction while I crossed the wall.

  60. Harry had a piece of the Berlin Wall after it fell and when he went there he traded a coat for one from a German guard at the wall. It’s in storage right now but I’ll have to show it to you some time. Congrats hun.

  61. Second entry πŸ™‚
    1)I’d love to read about the 1960s
    2)I would tunnel under it like so many actually did. That way you could help other people out. The tunnels are also a really good way to learn about how people really escaped.

  62. Jennifer–I can’t wait to read your book! I’m a fan of historical fiction in general, but this topic has a lot of resonance for me since my husband grew up in West Berlin! It really was like an island isolated in the middle of Germany because of Der Mauer.

    I didn’t visit Berlin until after the wall came down in ’89. If you haven’t been to Checkpoint Charlie Museum there, you must visit! The stories of attempted escape are just incredible.You really get a feeling for what it must have been like to live there during the time.

    It was incredibly difficult to escape. People even tunneled under the wall. There’s a wonderful German movie called Der Tunnel. I also highly recommend The Lives of Others (about the Stasi–the east German secret police). I think the “safest” way of trying to escape might have been to use forged documents, but you certainly wouldn’t want to get caught.

    I’d love to read more about colonial America, medieval Europe and ancient China.

    I shared this on Facebook.

    Thanks again & can’t wait to read it!!


  63. Wow, this sounds amazing. I’m not sure if I could come up with a good idea for escaping the Berlin Wall. Perhaps a disguise like they did for the French Revolution, where the Scarlet Pimpernell would hustle those destined for the guillotine through the gates by dressing as an old woman, or pretending to have diseases or dead bodies.

  64. I’d be interested in hearing about the Salem witch trials.

  65. I’m sharing on FB, Twitter & Instagram. Would love to have a chance to read and review this book. The premise is definitely intriguing.

  66. Another idea for escaping the Berlin Wall: Digging a tunnel beneath a home/business under the wall to the other side. Or if we’re getting wild, they could always use magic to get to the other side.

  67. 1. I tweeted it:
    I would share it on Facebook and Instagram too…if I had one.
    2. I would really love to read about medieval times or The Middle Ages. Dungeons, dragons, knights, and castles! The period is so diverse!
    The Golden Age of Piracy is often talked about and it definitely an interesting time period but I would really love to read about The Viking Age.
    3. There would probably be some weak points in the Wall so I would find one such point and break it enough for a person to crawl or slide through. Of course, this would also have to be done in a place that is less guarded by soldiers and under the cover of night.
    Another idea is to use a building near the Wall that has a basement. From there they could tunnel to the other side to a designated building. They could pass messages to people on the other side willing to let them use their home as exits of the tunnel.
    Thank you for the chance to win an early copy!

  68. 1. I posted about the book on Instagram (@azael.04) and Twitter (@azaelcarrera)

    2. I’d like to read more about WWII, but also medieval times because The Ascendance Trilogy is one of my favorites.

    3. I’m not sure if I could make it. I’m thinking about escaping through tunnels. But I’m more like Tobias than Jaron, so the perfect plan would be to find someone else who could think of a better plan, ha!

  69. I really wouldn’t care what you would write about, as long as it isn’t dinosaurs. I really like medieval times. Or fantasy or action.

    Escaping from the Berlin Wall:
    Let’s assume that it is the fourth and strongest wall. Climbing over the wall and running across the No Man’s Land is just plain suicidal. That leaves over and under. There is a very slim chance you could obtain a plane. (that rhymes) Even if you could, you would have to find someone to fly it and be able to land it in West Berlin. That leaves under. Let’s say I have 9 friends because I am a loner πŸ˜› and the more people involved means the higher risk of someone blabbing the whole plan. You would find a fallen down building or a friends house that is very close to the wall. The place has to have a basement so you don’t dig into other people’s housing. Saying you locate yourself in a house that is 50 meters away from the wall. The No Man’s Land is 100 meters wide. So give yourself an extra berth to steer clear. You don’t want to pop up in the middle of the No Man’s Land like a gopher and get shot. Say that it has to be a 200 meter tunnel. You want the tunnel small so it is less digging. So 1 meter wide and 1 meter high. Just hope you have no chubby friends πŸ˜€ Splitting the 10 people on your team into groups of 5 would be best. The shift rotates every 6 hours so you are digging 24/7. One person is a digger, three people , and one person throws the dirt on the road non-suspiciously. Saying you can get one meter in the tunnel an hour. At the beginning it would be quicker but when it gets farther in the tunnel it makes the work harder. Rotate the 5 working positions so there is maximum digging power. It would be approximately 250 hours of digging/10 days because no plan ever goes perfectly, there is always something that goes wrong. If you only want 12 hours of work per day to have sleep at night then it will take approximately 20 days.

    Not sure if you were supposed to go specific or just a brief plan. But that is what I would do.

  70. 2. I would read anything you write. Anything about Native peoples like Bushmen in Africa, Incas, Mayas, Inuits, Eskimos, the hundred in the North American area, etc. are generally interesting.

    3. Other than my other length post I would go over the wall. Other than planes and helicopters there are other methods of going through the air. I would use a balloon. I would make it out of cloth for the balloon and going for small size, maybe a garbage can or something for the basket. πŸ˜›

    I can’t wait for this book. I love anything/everything about the wall. Looking at other posts it seems people don’t know much about the wall. Most of the escape attempts people listed -might- work on the barbed wire wall. But barely any of the ones would work on the cement wall. Nobody seemed to account for the No Man’s Land.

  71. 2. What time period in history would you want to read more about?
    The civil war in China. There’s increasing literature (especially fantasy) about and inspired by Ancient China, but I’d love to see some historical fiction set in more recent times.

  72. Whoa another giveaway from you Miss Jen. πŸ™‚

    1.What time period in history would you want to read more about?

    I think Ancient Egypt, World War 2 and the assassination of Pres. JFK

    2.If you were going to try to escape the Berlin Wall, what do you think would be the best plan?

    Maybe digging some secret hole/tunnel that will lead to the other side of the wall hehe…

  73. I would love to hear more stories of my epic adventures.

    To escape a wall I think I would blow it up with some gunpowder. Blowing up stuff is fun.

  74. Escaping a wall. hmmmm… I think I would gather Mott, Harlowe, Roden, and the Bymarian commander and kill the vigils. Then climb over the wall. I love climbing.

  75. Also, I know lots of people dug tunnels underneath the wall to escape it. I might’ve tried that…

  76. Posted on one of my Facebook accounts (Jaron LS, Yes it is named after Jaron from The False Prince, my favorite book series!) ​ I would like to learn more about the times of Concentration Camps (1933-1939) Currently Reading the book I am David!
    If I were to try try to escape the Berlin Wall, I would get these items: a very strong Rope or Wire must be long, and a bow and arrow or a crossbow. Anyways I would tie the wire to the Arrow, and shoot it over the wall, of course I would need to be somewhere high, but then I would Tie the Wire to me and start climbing!

    • Posted on Instagram and Facebook

  77. Civil War- so fascinating, families divided, a new nation on the brink of disaster, fighting for freedom.

  78. I agree about Ireland and Scotland. However, there are many great tales still to be told about American history too. so much we don’t know yet and so many things we need to be reminded of.

  79. I posted on my twitter (@elimarietweets) about the book πŸ˜€

    I would love to read stories set in the early 1900s during World War 1 (downton abbey era). I’m in love with that time.

    Also honestly I don’t know how I would escape the Berlin Wall, I’ve done studies about it for school and it was a tough situation. I think the best way to escape would be by plane but I doubt they were available for civilians….or I would somehow try to develop superpowers and escape that way XD

  80. Hello remember me from twitter? I won’t cut you in traffic or steal your chocolate, I promise. I would really like to read more about China during mulan’s life time. I feel that literature like everything else is centered around the west and other cultures get left out a lot.

    – Cassidy

  81. Another time period I really enjoy hearing about is the tudors. Every story about that time period is so unique because everyone’s opinion on Henry the 8ths wives is so different

  82. Hello it’s me again, that would be hard I would want to get my whole family over with me πŸ™ I would probably try to befriend a guard or try to find out if there was a secret organization to help families escape.

  83. Okay I don’t know if this would work but it’s worth a shot. If I was ready to go to college I would try to get out with a student visa. I would study extra hard and try my best to be in the top 1 percent of my school. I would try to get a scholarship and go to a good school, once there I would work while not in school and try to raise enough money to get my family out of there.

  84. I mentioned you on Facebook, and Instagram. I think learning about Ancient Ireland and Japan. I’ve wondered for a while what it would be like then. As for escaping from the Berlin Wall, I’ve heard about some tunnels that were found leading out of the prison that could be used as an escape route. Out of all the options, I think that would be the best way to escape. Soooooo excited! Keep on writingm, Jennifer!

  85. I will read any book by you! But…
    1) I think incas or Aztecs or Maya’s would be really cool. Especially since there’s so many mysteries about them.
    2) Something with boats. Maybe not pirates (you’ve got those in TRK) but some explorer like Columbus or something…?

    How would I escape?
    1)Maybe tricking a guard or drugging their food so they fall asleep and I can climb over.
    2) Tunneling under the wall…?

  86. I love your books and I can’t wait to read this one when it comes out!!

  87. So I think it would be Super Awesome if you did a book in the World of The False Prince! Like about a country that wasn’t that involved in the events in the Ascendance trilogy!

  88. Oooh! This book sounds really exiting…
    looking forward to reading it!!! πŸ™‚
    The Berlin wall is a really interesting topic, and the plot of the book sounds amazing!

    • Thank you, Ani! (BTW, the main character of a book I’m releasing next fall, THE SCOURGE, is named Ani πŸ™‚ )

  89. My son loved your book – we can’t wait for the next book to be released

  90. What happens at the end did they make it

    • There is an end of the book, Dan – I can confirm that much. The rest of the details are for you to discover! πŸ˜‰

  91. Jennifer Nielson I am almost done reading a night divided and I think that it is amazing. I believe that this is the fist book I have ever read by you. I am definitely going to read more of your books.

    • Thanks very much, Moe – that means a lot to me. (And no worries on the spelling mistakes – I type fast too.)

  92. sorry for the spelling mistakes I was rushing.

  93. Both my daughters and I and several of my students LOVE this book. I had a student say she watched the movie last night. When I google the movie, the movie trailer only comes up on you tube. I would love to watch this movie. Where can I find it?


    • Sorry, Mandi – I’m not sure what your student watched, or what trailer you saw, but there is no current movie for A NIGHT DIVIDED. There are some inquiries, however, so keep your fingers crossed!


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