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I don’t have a complete tour schedule yet, but there are some really cool things you can sign up for right now – places I’ll be too!



On Feb 28, I will be hosting a launch party for MARK OF THE THIEF (Woot!). It will be at Provo (Utah) City Library at 4 pm. There will be food (because why would I pass up a chance for food) and fun (maybe. No guarantees.)

If you cannot be there, but still want a signed hardcover, you can order it (or any of my other books) from The King’s English Bookstore in SLC here. You put the book in checkout and just before you complete the order, there is a window called “Notes.” You can put in that box who you want the book inscribed to. King’s English will do the rest to get it mailed directly to you!


On Tuesday, Mar 3, I will be at the Boise Public Library from 5- 6 pm. We will talk books and writing, and have a Q&A followed by a signing. Boise area peeps, I’d love to see you there!



Austin area writers, on March 7th and 8th, I will be a keynote and workshop speaker for the Austin SCBWI, along with other great authors such as Cynthia Leitich Smith, Chris Barton, Tom Lichtenheld, and Bethany Hegedus. Editors from Beach Lane Books and Sourcebooks will be in attendance as well as lit agents Jill Grinberg and Victoria Wells Arms. There is still time to register here.




Teen writers and readers, on Friday, March 13, I will be in Pasco, Washington for Cavalcade of Authors. Join me and other awesome authors such as Margaret Peterson Haddix, Lauren Kate, Neal Shusterman, and Alyson Noel. You can learn more here.




Readers and writers of all ages, if you live in Southern Arizona, you must come to the Tucson Book Festival on March 14-15. Do you know how cool this one is? How many great authors they have with so many amazing panels? (If not, you can look here). One of the panels I’m most excited about involves spontaneously constructing a story plot along with Ally Carter, Maureen Johnson, and Sarah Mlynowski.



Worlds Collide Con


Kids (and your parents), if you’re in the NYC area, on Sat, Mar 21, Scholastic is hosting a free event with reading, gaming, and the chance to meet authors of the books from 39 CLUES, SPIRIT ANIMALS, TOMBQUEST, and INFINITY RING (me)! They will have author performances, giveaways, interactive gameplay, crafts, photo ops and more. Did I mention it’s FREE? You can sign up here.



Utah Area Writers

May 15 and 16 is the annual Storymakers Writers Conference. This conference is recognized for its excellence and always sells out, so you want to register early. If you do it this week, you’ll get an extra tickets to come to a meet and greet with donuts (donuts guys, DONUTS!) and several authors (including me, who could never say no to donuts). To register, go here.

I’m doubly invested in the conference this year because THE SHADOW THRONE was nominated for their Whitney Award in the Middle Grade category. Both THE FALSE PRINCE and THE RUNAWAY KING won in the past two years, and it’s a huge honor for the committee to include one of my books for the third year in a row. If you want to see the other finalists, you can see them here.



Finally (for now), on June 15-19, the WIFYR conference is held in Salt Lake City. There are many, many authors who credit this conference with being the reason they are published today, and the classes are intended for serious writers to move in that direction. I’m going to keynote at this conference on Friday, June 19, and it’s going to be great (the conference, I mean. I’ll let you decide on my speech after you’ve heard it). The best classes are always booked up fast, so if you’re interested, get registered now. You can learn more here.


So um… having just done this, it occurs to me I haven’t updated the Events page in a really, really, really long time. I’ll just put that on my to do list…



  1. Aww, I live in Canada. Can you come to Vancouver one day pleAAASe?! 🙂
    Since I can’t meet you i’m totally going to get a signed copy woot-woot!

    • I’d love to come there, Hallie! Vancouver is a beautiful city!

    • will there be a false prince movie? Or no?

      • No word yet, Noah. Hopefully I’ll have something to report soon, one way or the other!

  2. Its wonderful how you’re going to so many different places and making all those people happy!

    But I really wish you could come to Calgary or Edmonton in Canada. You have been my one of my favourite authors for the longest time and I’ve always wanted to meet you in person!

    Anyways good luck with all your tours!

    Also btw I’m still waiting/hoping for any movie news of there is any. My fingers are crossed!

    • Thanks, Saira – I hope to get there one day too! I’d love to meet you!

      Movie news – one way or the other – is coming soon!

  3. Mrs Nielsen –
    All this traveling must be exciting! The only thing you have to deal with is the time change. Meeting Ally Carter for the Tuscan Book Festival sounds cool – and meeting with Brandon Mull and Shannon Hale.
    Happy one day earlier Valentine’s Day!

    • I do enjoy the traveling, Loreley, and Ally, Brandon and Shannon are all fantastic people and very fun to talk with. I’m looking forward to time with them too! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day too!


    • I’m headed to Orlando on Thursday evening, Ysabel – but I don’t have any planned public events, just school visits. Wish I could meet you, though!

  5. OH MY GOSH YOU’RE COMING TO ARIZONA!!!!!! I’M GOING TO DIE OF HAPPINESS 😀 *wipes happy tears out from under eyes dramatically*

    • Yup! I was hoping to be there a little longer than one day, but unfortunately, that’s all I could squeeze out of the calendar.

  6. I think I will be able to go to the Launch party! So excited!!!

  7. Where in NYC?¿?

  8. You are an amazing artist. When I read The Mark of the Thief I couldn’t put it down just like The False Prince triology. I hope you will visit Louisville, Ky, one day because then I will be able to meet the person I look up to most. I love and admire your work.
    Love, Madison

    • Madison, I would love to come out to Louisville one day – it’s such a great area! Fingers crossed that works out someday soon. It would be fantastic to meet you too! Thanks for reading!

      • I can’t wait for that day. I also can’t wait till the second book to The Mark of the Thief comes out. I’m the only one in our whole middle school to read it so far, and it makes me disappointed because I can’t talk to them about my favorite parts. I do hope I can meet you one day it will be a dream come true. Love your work forever!
        Love, Madison

        • You also made me want to read more. The False Prince was the first book I fell in love with. I’ve read over 500 books in two years and it’s all because of you.
          Love, Madison

          • If something I wrote helped you want to become a better reader, then you have just given me the highest of compliments. Thank you, Madison!

        • Thank you, Madison!

          • I’m glad I got to give you the highest compliment you received it means a lot. Especially since I get to talk to my favorite author in the world. I’m glad I got to talk to you. I hope I’ll continue to write you again some day. Your the best!
            Love, Madison

          • Thank you, Madison.

  9. Do you think you will write another book? Or do you know when the second book to The Mark of the Thief will come out?

    • The second book in the Mark of the Thief series is actually in the editing process right now, and will be released next February. Right now, I’m working on a stand alone book for fall 2016. When that’s finished, I’ll write the third and final book in the Mark of the Thief series. Crazy, right?


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