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Hi all.Β I know this won’t be the post you wanted to read, but I promised to put everything here first.

Paramount Studios will not be renewing the contract for the False Prince movie. There have been some significant changes at the studio over the last month, and those changes have affected their plans for this project.

That said, the book still lives and might otherwise get picked up elsewhere. The best thing you can do to encourage another studio’s interestΒ is to recommend the Ascendance TrilogyΒ to other readers and show potential producers that there is continuing and growing interest in a movie.

Until then, I have so many other great stories to introduce you to, and updates on other writing projects. All is well.

Let’s keep moving forward!



  1. This is so sad, its been such a long ride with the movie news over the years… That’s alright because the books are all we need! I know someone out there will see the amazing potential The False Prince has to be an awesome film one day. πŸ™‚

    • I think you’re completely right – thanks, Hallie!

    • No! I have been looking forward for a movie for so long! Instead, can you write another book in the series? I am sure me and all the other fans of the book would love that!

      • It’s a maybe, Katie. I know what I’d write if I did more books, but so far, Sage seems to be comfortable where he’s at. Should that ever change, I’ll definitely announce it!

        • Ok, you definetly know whats best!

        • I don’t wanna seem pushy or anything, but I was wondering… maybe you could write about Jaron and Imogen’s child or children! It would be interesting to see what Carthya is like in the future.

          • Hi Sammi! You’re right, I could do that! Perhaps one day! πŸ˜‰

      • Is any studio considering the movie now?

        • Not that I’m aware of.

          • So, I was thinking that you should write a book about the pirates calling Jaron to help them fight soldiers from a different continent.

          • Hmm….that would be pretty cool! πŸ˜‰

      • Jennifer ended the trilogy in SUCH an amazing way, and Sage has the rest of his life ahead of him. I LOVE, ADORE and CHERISH this series, but there is a stopping point. If things were dragged out for to long, the magic that enraptures and enchants so many readers would not be quite as strong. I think it’s awesome that readers have been given the gift of being able to imagine where Sage is headed to next.

    • This news is heartbreaking! I was really looking forward to it! The series is my absolute FAVORITE! Whenever I have a free moment I start thinking of things Sage (Jaron) could have done or what he can do next! Perhaps you can write a 4th book. I would surely be one of the first to read it. Please try thinking about writing a fourth! Hopefully False Prince is picked up by another studio!

      • Perhaps one day I will, Emily. Until then, thank you very much!

        • Hi! I just want to say how much I LOVE the Ascendance Trilogy!! Its so sad that they didn’t do a movie! I was looking forward to it for a really long time! Anyway I was wondering why you are being hesitant about writing a 4th book? I read through the comments. Not trying to be pushy but can you explain why exactly you aren’t sure about a 4th?
          Thanks so much!

          • Hi Amelia. I think the best way to explain it is that inside my head at any given time, different characters are competing for attention. I listen to the ones that are loudest, the ones whose problems are most serious. Right now, Jaron isn’t the loudest. If it changes, I’ll answer, but to try to write his story without him asking for it wouldn’t feel authentic to you. I hope that makes sense.

          • It does, thanks so much for the explanation!

          • What book do you consider similar to Mark of the Thief?

    • Oh no! I was waiting for it too long! I hope another studio picks it up. Please, please, please write a 4th book! I NEED to know more about Jaron!

    • Awwww! False Prince would make an AMAZING movie! Instead please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE, write a fourth book! I want to know more about Tobias and Amarinda, and Sage and Imogen!

      • I promise to think about it, Lia. It’ll just come down to whether Sage gets into my imagination, ready for more trouble.

    • Hopefully another studio picks it up! What books that yo wrote are similar to the Ascendance Trilogy? I would love to read it!

      • Hi Kylie. Feel free to check out the descriptions of any of my other books and see if one appeals to you. In early 2018, I will release the first book of a new series called “The Traitor’s Game, which I think will feel a lot like the Ascendance Trilogy to you.

        • Can’t wait!!

    • What is your favorite book that you wrote?

      • Hi Stacy – there’s no way I could choose a favorite, no more than I could choose a favorite child. I love every book I’ve written, just for different reasons. Some because they challenged me, some made me laugh, some taught me to be a better writer. All have characters who will always feel like close friends.

    • Are you going to write a fourth? If not, please think about writing one!

    • Do you have any news about the movie or possibly about a fourth book?

      • Nothing new, Lucia. Sorry. But if anything changes, I’ll post it here first!

  2. Heartbreaking! I have been waiting soooo sooo long, years! to hear about their decision :'(

  3. It’s too bad they decided not to renew the contract πŸ™ I’ve been checking for news about the movie for years. The False Prince is my favorite book and it would have made a great movie!

    • I agree, Lexi. Perhaps one day with another studio. Fingers crossed for that!

  4. So sad it didn’t work out. Fingers crossed that another studio picks it up.

  5. That’s really unfortunate! It would’ve been fun to see a movie version. I hope another studio will be interested in it. Can’t wait for your next books!
    – Loreley

  6. Wow. That is unfortunate. Me and my fangirl friends are going to cry on each other’s shoulders for a long time about this. At least we have the hope of another studio picking it up, in some other day and age.

    I can’t wait for you to write more awesome books!!!

    • Thanks, Kat. Not to worry – it obviously just wasn’t meant to be this time, but we only want the movie made when it’s with the right studio with the right vision and the right time. Fingers crossed for that one day.

  7. The Ascendance Trilogy is my most favorite books in the world!!! I’m sorry that they didn’t make it a movie, you’re still the best author ever!!! πŸ˜€ Hopefully someone better will make the movie, someday.

  8. I am sorry for the sad news, but I know you’ll make it through. As a starting author myself, I have learned the strength of rising through difficulty. Don’t give up. We are here. Oh, and hypothetically, what if a fan of yours adapted the book into a movie script? I mean, could only a studio with the rights do that sort of thing? Obviously a studio would have to produce it and actually get the movie running, but would it help if you already had a script to show them?

    • I don’t know that it’s sad news as much as it’s just news. When a movie is made, I want it done right, so if Paramount didn’t feel the timing was good for them, then it’s better to wait for someone with a stronger passion. Regarding the script, as I understand it, there is a finished product. I don’t know what will happen to that script now, if it will remain attached to the book for future pitches in Hollywood or not, but I do know one exists. And regarding your own writing, I’m so glad to hear you speak of strength and rising through difficulty. At the core of a career in this business, you have nailed the trait that I think is most important for success – just to keep going even when the news isn’t great, and to have confidence that better things are coming. All the best of luck to you. Constantly remind yourself that success is a “when,” not an “if.”

      • That makes sense. Well I wish you the best of luck too, for the future of the Ascendance Trilogy and your other novels. Do you happen to read over other people’s drafts and give comments? I realize you are busy but it would be appreciated, if you had the time of course.

        • Thank you. I’m not able to read other drafts at this time, though I hope you will be able to find a reader you trust to help you in your journey toward publication. Best wishes –

      • Please make a movie of Mark of the Storm I love Nic, Aurelia, Radulf, Livia and Nic’s mother, Crispus, Atroxia. I’ve read all your books and if you can’t make a movie can you at least make another book. we are family because we love your books everyone does

        • Thank you, Angel! It’s always something I’m considering, though for now, my attention is focused on other projects. Perhaps one day, though!

  9. Aw, I was looking forward to see how great the movie would be. Hopefully another studio will pick it up soon or in later dates. If not, there’s still going to be the books and the fans (including me of course). There’s some pretty good fan made artwork if you haven’t already seen it (I’m guessing you probably already have).

    • Hi Eli – I have seen a lot of amazing fan created artwork! And yes, fingers crossed for another studio one day in the future.

  10. I am sad to read this! I read the Ascendance Trilogy for the first time last year, and I really loved the books! I then learned that there was going to be a movie, and I was really excited, which is why I am sad to learn there is not going to be not movie.

    • Well, not at this time. This may yet open the doors for another studio – fingers crossed!

  11. Awh, that’s too bad! I’m sorry to hear that they aren’t making a movie. Your books are definitely good enough to be made into movies though! I hope that some other company will realize how good your books are and make them into movies. Until then, the books are good enough to keep us happy! Thank you!

  12. Thats too bad, but It’s a wonderful book series so I bet a movie will be made eventually. But if not the books are more than good enough to stand on their own. In fact the False Prince Series is my absolute favorite right now! Also the website saws book three of Mark of the Thief is coming out in January 2017, is that right?, cause it’s March now. I can’t wait for the last one!

    • oops says

      • Never mind Lol I just figured it out. Wrath of the Storm did come out and it just passed me by. XD. it’s just not listed under books. On my way to the library now.

    • Thanks very much, Ana! And yes, WRATH OF THE STORM, the third book of the Mark of the Thief series, is already out.

  13. We’ve all been waiting for years, I think, and this is heartbreaking. I dream of the day I get to go to theaters and watch the False Prince movie. Looking on the bright side, Paramount isn’t the only film studio, so I have my hopes πŸ™‚

    • I have my hopes too, Rashida! All is well, and we constantly look toward the future.

  14. I know that you’ve said before that you had to cut some scenes out of The Ascendance Trilogy to make the books flow better. (“Killing your Darlings”) Do you think that someday you might publish these scenes in kind of a book of “extras”?

    • Probably not, Larissa – there’s a reason they were cut and to publish them would be to change the canon of the published story. But if I ever add to the series, those scenes will likely return in some form!

  15. awwww πŸ™ it’s really sad that the book is not going to be a movie! it really does deserve it πŸ™‚ but there is always hope! thank you for being such an inspirational author to all of us πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Charley! And one never knows what the future will bring, so chin up and we’ll see what tomorrow holds!

  16. I would love if a movie was out on The False Prince.

    • Will I get copyrighted if I use any of you’re images in my project. I’m talking about the images for the Ascendance Trilogy.

      • Only if you try to sell them as your own work or make money off them. Otherwise, you should be fine. No worries for a school project.

    • Me too, Maddox. Perhaps one day!

  17. Are you going to be coming out with a 4th book.

    • That is not currently in my plans, but I never say never – perhaps one day!

  18. Ahh! I am so sad! But I am sure that another company will see how amazing your trilogy is and want to make it into a movie! I am crossing my fingers!
    I am definitely going to recommend this trilogy to ALL of my friends.

  19. Don’t worry about it. I still remember reading The False Prince 3 or 4 years ago, no producer is going to pass up this opportunity once they realize its full potential.

  20. First, I’d like to applaud you for replying to so many of these comments. Second, is also like to applaud you for your books. They are some of the most amazing I have read, but I’m going to have to say my favorite was The Scourge. (I literally read it in a day.) I’m trying to write my own book, and you’ve further inspired me. Keep up the good work. 😊

    P.S. I’m stuck on adding some humor to my writing. Do you add it in your rough draft, while editing, or at the very end? Thanks again!

    P.P.S. you will get your movie one day, I know it!

    • Thank you, Mv. For the humor, I add it as I think of it. A lot of times, if a scene seems slow, I’ll go through it more carefully to look for opportunities to add humor, but when the right line pops into my head, I use it. Good luck on your own writing!

  21. Netflix original series, anyone? πŸ™‚

  22. I am so sad! The false prince is my favorite book!!

  23. Oh No!!! I was looking forward to watching the movie. Oh well. Hello Jennifer Nielson you probably don’t remember but I once wrote to you. I finished the Mark of the Thief series! I hope you can find someone to produce it I can’t wait. Even if it takes fifteen years I will wait and watch the movie. Keep writing you inspire others to write books and read more thanks!

  24. So unfortunate that the fandom is so small… This book is a true inspiration and so creative. I have never read a book in which a plot twist genuinely surprised me! I will try and convince my fellow high school compadres to indulge in the world of Jaron so that Jennifer and The False Prince can earn the amazing movie they truly deserve!! I wish you the best of luck, Jennifer! Know that your fans will be there to support you forever!

  25. I’m terribly sorry about the movie, but sometimes good things fall apart so better things can happen. I will personally grow up to be a movie director and see to it that ALL of your books become award winning movies.

    • You’re on, Evangeline!

      • You think we could go make a march on New Line? “We want Jaron! We want Jaron!”

  26. This is kind of random, but if Sage had a scrapbook, what kinds of things would he put in it?

    • It’d be mostly empty, because early in his life, he didn’t appreciate what he had. He does now, and will begin to fill it with anything that reminds him of the family he is rebuilding. Nothing of war or struggle. Just mementos of his friends: a pressed flower from Imogen, a medical tool from Tobias. On page 1, a little pocket for the rock.

  27. I literally just finished this book and they’re not going to turn it into a movie?!

    Well, I guess we can push other studios! Giving up is not an option!

  28. Aww, the false prince and that series is one of my favorite books and I wanted to see it on the movie screen, but the books give us just as much adventure as we need and I really hope you countinue making books on that series at least

  29. Why o why! πŸ™ This is sad news after all the waiting from paramount… But still I know there is always good news Miss Jen just learn to believe and have faith! Yeah you are right that the book still lives by just sharing its story to other people. I really hope the best for you and to your books is yet to come Miss Jen! Be optimistic and God bless you always! πŸ™‚

  30. Aw πŸ™
    But at least there are other movie companies. I hope one day it will be made into a movie, but until then, we shall fangirl over the books instead of the movies. XD

    • I like your plan, Kari!

      • Thank you πŸ˜‰
        I have a question. Is there any way you know of to get the books with the UK’s cover? I love their cover so much, it looks really cool. I like the US’s too, I just like the UK’s a little bit more.

        • Hi Kari! The only way I can think of to do is would be to get on Amazon UK. The books are out of print there but used copies are offered. For that reason, they’re priced very reasonably but you’d need to arrange payment in their currency and arrange for shipping, which could be pricy.

          For that reason, it might make sense just to book a trip to London and since you’re there anyway, pay a visit to some used bookstores. That’s what I’d recommend!

          • That would be much more fun XD

  31. Hmph, my friend and I just recently read the false prince and we got so excited thinking that they would make I movie and now that I know that there might not be one I’m upset, but like Harry Potter and mrs peregrines home for peculiar children movies aren’t anything like or compared to the book(s)

    • Thanks Gabriel – hopefully one day a movie will come together again!

  32. Happy Easter Jennifer Nielsen, I hope you have a good holiday with your family!

    • Thanks very much, Jamie. It was a great day, and I hope the same for you and your family!

      • It was rally fun, thank you!

        • really

  33. That’s really bad news πŸ™ I was really looking forward to an adaption, I hope some other film studio wishes to adapt it.

  34. That’s really disappointing. I’ve seen so many other books and plotlines that pale in comparison to The Ascendance Trilogy. I definitely hope that other film studios realize what a huge mistake Paramount Studios has made by letting go of their rights to this script.

    On another note, do you have any suggestions for publishing a children’s book? I’ve released a digital copy online for sale, but I don’t even know where to start for starting the circulation of printed versions of the book. Any advice helps.

    Hoping to hear more from you soon.

    • Hi Phoenix; I don’t view Paramount’s decision as a mistake; rather as them determining that they are not the right company to produce the film the way it should be made. So in that way, it’s probably wise on their part and preserves the series for someone with a stronger vision.

      Regarding your children’s book, congratulations on that accomplishment. However, I’m afraid my experience in the self-published world is so limited that my advice is fairly useless. The only thing I can suggest is you look for venues that might be interested in stocking your book, particularly if it has a connection to a place or theme that has an existing market (for example, a book about a character’s first day skiing to be sold at a ski lodge). It’s always a challenge to launch a new book, but keep working at it and doors will begin to open.

  35. That’s too bad that this didn’t work out but I will continue to hope for something in the future! Also, I was curious to know what your opinion on a fanmade movie adaption would be? Is that even legally possible? LOL, I don’t really understand everything about copyrights and all that stuff.

    Best wishes! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Lauren! The way copyright works on things like this is who owns the “rights” to do anything with an artistic creation. As the author, I own all rights and then can sell rights to a particular use of my work to someone else, if I want that. So you’re asking about film rights. I will hold on to them for another production company to option in the future; however, if you want to create your own adaptation in a non-commercial (you don’t make money on it) way, that is totally fine. Go for it!

  36. This is entirely sad. I think the books are cool and if Paramount productions doesn’t see that some other production will.
    Even if there aren’t any movies I’m still happy to have read the books and my cousin just started reading and she loves it.
    I would have liked to see Roden in the movie but I guess it’s ok.
    Secretly my family wants me to try out for Imogene if there’s ever a theatre play for The False Prince.
    I really admire your work Mrs. Nielsen.

    • Thank you very much, Crystal. Fingers crossed on another production company or theater producer, and fingers crossed for you one day soon having the chance to audition!

  37. aww… man! I found about your book yesterday or so and came searching for more until I ended up here… I hope another production company takes the chance. It would be cool to see how The False Prince would look in a movie. πŸ˜€

  38. This makes me really sad, but I hope another company that has a lot of experience creating movies based on books can make this happen. I also would like to say I love your Ascendance trilogy and your book the Scourge. Please please please continue writing!! Also did you ever regret anything that you wrote, or wished you could’ve changed something in any of your books?

    Huge fan!! – Nada

    • Hi Nada, as long as readers like you are out there, I will always keep writing. And I never regret any of my writing. Some books have been more successful than others, but I’ve grown from each project and loved each book I’ve released. No writing is wasted writing, from any writer. Thanks for the kind words!

  39. Sorry to hear that your amazing and inspiring book won’t be made into a movie by Paramount Pictures. I will keep hoping for a movie eventually and in the meantime keep reading your amazing books. Thank you so much for being such an amazing writer!

  40. I’ve been such a huge fan of the series (I’ve likely read it over fifty times.) since it first came out, and seeing this news about the movie is extremely saddening. Though time will hopefully give more incredible opportunities for when it IS made into a movie. Seeing Imogen scold Sage onscreen will just have to wait a little longer, I suppose.
    Thanks for writing one of the best series out there!

    • Thank you very much, Kate. We’ve waited this long, a little while longer won’t hurt, eh?

  41. I’ve been such a huge fan of your books and am sad to hear that false prince will not be made into a movie at this time. I know that when the time is right it will be made into a movie. Also the books are amazing by themselves so even if it doesn’t get made into a movie the books will defiantly be enough. Also have you ever considered adding on to either the Mark Of The Thief or False Prince series? That would be fun to see what new adventures they go on.

    • Hi McKenna, I may one day add to either series, I never say no to possibilities like that. But for now, I’m focused on other projects and characters who are speaking more loudly to me. That could always change though…

  42. If Sage were to create a facebook based of of the first book, what do you think it would look like??

    • Hmm…like what would his posts be? He wouldn’t say much but he’d post plenty of embarrassing pictures he’s collected of people around him, just because he can. Also, he’d almost certainly take up BASE jumping, so you’d start to see pictures of that.

  43. I love the books. My life won’t be complete without a movie.

    • Haha – well then I hope it happens soon, for your sake! πŸ˜‰

  44. I’m really sad to hear about this news. I’ve been really hoping it would work out. Even before I knew there was a chance for there to be a motive. I had my personal movie scenes have run trough my brain as the books for the first time.
    I feel as this has gone to really sad comment. So I’m going to put so positiving into it.So I want to say that I loved all of the books I’ve read by you. Your style of writing is my favorite style of come across, and I’m a big reader. After reading the False Prince it bacame my favorite book and it is still to this day.( it my pride to say have read it over seven times and I still enjoy it). What I to say is that this is a wonderful series and your a wonderful Author. So please continue the great work.

    • Thank you, Abi. I appreciate your positivity and hope that will create good karma for the movie industry to take notice of your thoughts!

  45. If there will be a movie I hope they stay true to the story! Jaron will always have a place in our hearts.

  46. I didn’t know that there were movie news in March! I was sorry to hear the news when I read the first sentence, but as I thought it over I really think it’s also good because that means I still have time to imagine Jaron’s voice saying “Sir Master Conner” :).

    • Haha – yes, that’s true, the imagination is almost always more interesting than someone else’s visual.

  47. It’s so disappointing that this trilogy isn’t going to become a movie. I think that the story is great and I would have dragged my friends and family to see the movie. This book series is one of my favorites and I’ve read the books several times. I saw that some people in the comments were urging you to write a 4th book, but I just can’t imagine a continuation. I feel like if another book were to be added, it would take away the completeness of the story. I feel like Jaron has had enough problems to deal with and he should live the rest of his life in peace with his family, so I totally respect your decision if you have decided to end the series here. It’s a completely finished work and I’m sure that many people are satisfied with the way it ended.

    • And my comments are probably never seen by anyone because they are always awaiting moderation.

    • Thanks for your thoughts. The series may one day make it to the big screen, but I appreciate your opinion on whether to continue the series.

  48. Could you start a petition or something so movie companies might consider because they could see that there are so many people that would want to watch it? Your books are awesome!

    • I’m not sure a petition is the best way to convince a studio to produce a film. If there’s a book you love, the best thing you can do is continue to spread word about it so that Hollywood can see there’s an ongoing interest in the story. But thanks for the suggestion, Erica.

  49. I’m so sorry about the movie, and I’m more than a little disappointed. However, the books are so amazing that I’m sure the story will be picked up again- I really hope so, at least.
    I just finished Horizon (I read it so I could read your book 2, but I enjoyed it), and I can’t wait for your take on continuing the series! I love everything you write!
    Good luck learning a bit of Japanese!

  50. I’m really sorry about the movie. If they knew how good it was there would be no way they could say no. Not trying to be offensive, but personally it might be better if there isn’t a movie so that the producers can’t ruin the pictures in the fans’ minds of Sage’s world. I wish there was a movie, but you wrote so well that I am content to keep imagining! Waiting for the Traitor’s Game to come out! Good luck!

    • I think when the time is right for it to become a movie, it will happen. Until then, I am grateful for readers like you. Thanks, Rachael!

  51. This is so sad, but I know that maybe it wasn’t the right studio to produce the movie. I know one day another studio will come and save the day and produce the film I an amazing way. Until then, keep writing your stories the way you do. Your books get me thru dark times so for that I thank you for giving me an adventure to imagine . Also, I LOVE YOUR WORK!

  52. Personally, I really like the way the third book ended. Jaron and Imogen had a happy ending together. I miss finding out more but I think it was a good place to finish the book and series.

  53. YARRRRG! I’m excited to watch Pirates of the Carribean 5 (there’s five of them)! I liked At worlds end the best. Let’s see if this tops it. BTW Which was you’re favorite? Are you excited too for Dead man Tells No Tales???????

    P.S Jane Eyre or Pride and Prejudice (i had to read both for honors english)

    • Haha – I’m watching On Stranger Tides right now (though the first is my favorite).

      And for me, Pride and Prejudice is a favorite!

  54. I’m pretty disappointed about the movie news, but the series is just as good on its own! I started reading The False Prince for my ELA class, but immediately went and bought the other books after I finished! I was left completely speechless after the plot twist in the first book and am currently reading the second. I’m so excited for the rest of the series, and am really hoping some other studio finds out about this incredible book and makes a movie!

  55. I am completely… crushed. I’ve been waiting years.. and well the final news finally came.
    Hopefully one day it’ll become a movie.
    Until then I can’t wait to read the Traitor’s Game! I absolutely love all your work!
    Lots of luck!

  56. This series is amazing!!! The only thing I wish you could have done was to tell us more about Darius. I absolutely loved that you told us small stories about the royal family while actually following the real story unfolding in the books. I found myself wanting to know more. I was very absorbed in the stories that involved Darius. It would have been amazing if we could have seen more of his true personality unfold. All in all, I loved the series and wished you could have continued it. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Brianna. I always felt bad not being able to tell more of Darius’s story, and also Mott’s. Perhaps one day…

  57. I know this is an old blog, but I have no idea where to ask this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But what is Tobias’ name?

    Also, I’m sure I mentioned this in an earlier comment, but I love the series and will do my absolute best to spread the fandom and love. ❀❀

    • Hi Tiffany, I’m not sure about your question – Tobias’s name is Tobias. (πŸ€”)

      And thank you for spreading the fandom love!

  58. I have mixed feelings on this, I think that it would be interesting and awesome to see sage on screen, but I also am glad that it didn’t happen, i would have been devastated if they destroyed the plot and characters just to make something that would be pretty on the big screen. it has happened to a lot of other books and series i would not want that to happen to The False Prince since it is something i love. but then look at the lord of the rings, it turned out beautifully so maby there is a chance that in the future it will happen and it will be glorious.

  59. Can you maybe try and find another studio, like Lionsgate. They make good movies, maybe even 24th Century Fox?

    • You’re right, that they do make excellent movies, and it would be a fantastic thing to work with any of these studios. However, what has to happen is a producer connected to that studio needs to take interest in the project and approach me. If they do, of course I would say yes! (And yes, this is Jennifer).

  60. Dear Mrs. Nielsen,
    I was introduced to the first book in the Series, The False Prince, shortly after the second book came out. I immediately fell in love with the story, and could barely put the book down! Since then, I have read the entire series 6+ times, and just finished it again. After I finished the series for the first time, I began wondering if the Series would ever be made into a movie, and decided that if it did, I would buy the whole series of movies right after each came out (even though no movie could ever match up to books were). After hearing the news that the movie was being made and has stopped, I am incredibly discouraged. I have recommended the book to all my friends and wish you the best of luck in getting your series made into a movie, because that would be the most incredible news for me and thousands of other readers of your books. I can’t wait to see if Sage’s character will be brought to life in film!!!

    • Thanks very much, Braden. I believe a movie will happen one day, just not right now. But your recommendations are the greatest of compliments, and the more the series gains in popularity, the more it’s likely to gain the attention of other producers.

      • Mrs Nielsen
        That’s good to know, and if there is anything that even young readers like myself can do to help the book get recognized, then I know that I and many other readers would be ready to do it. (By the way you have no idea how much it means to me that you care to read and comment on comments like mine… and thank you for that! I am a fan of many of your books, so to have the author of some of my favorite books write back to me is incredible!).
        -Braden Sweet

        • Thanks for the offer, Braden. It sounds like you’re doing the most that any reader can, and that is much appreciated by me.

  61. Would love to connect.

  62. Dang .-. They are stupid to say the won’t

    • They*

  63. Dear Ms. Jennifer, I was wondering, would you like the False Prince to be made into a movie with complete animation, normal actors and actresses, or mix of both, like the live-action movies Disney is putting out? (I think that it would make an awesome live-action movie!) 😍 I love your books SO much, as does my younger and older sister! I was wondering if you ever autograph books, and if you do, how much it would cost? (I would love to get a signed book for my younger sister! She has the entire False Prince series, and those are her favorite books EVER!) 😍 Thank you for writing SO many awesome books! Also, thank you for taking the time to read and respond to everybody!

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for all your kind words. I agree with you, that it’d be good as a live-action movie.I do autograph books. The best way to arrange that is to order it from my local bookstore, The King’s English ( In the notes during checkout, you can tell them how you want the book to be signed. I come in and sign it and they ship it to you.

      • I would love to help with a live-action movie of The False Prince if I ever get a chance. (Starting this fall, I will be going to school to become an animator.)
        Thank you SO much for responding so quickly! (Also, is there a place where we can submit Fan Art?)

        • Or send you fan art? (I am working on Sage/Jaron right now, and I wanted to send you a picture.

        • Thanks, Sarah – study hard and let’s see what comes, right?

          I’d love to see your fan art via email. There’s a link at this page where you can contact me. (

          • Thank you for the encouragement! I tried to send an email to you 2 days ago- did I send it to the correct email address? If not, I will try sending an email from my phone. πŸ˜€ Have an awesome weekend!

          • I’ve got it – just haven’t had a chance to open it yet. Sorry – I’m on deadline, but I will look soon!

  64. Ms. Nielsen, I wanted to let you know that the ascendance trilogy changed my life. I learned so much from it, and I grew to know all the characters, and I even grew to love some like family.
    I read the first book in 4th grade when there was a book exchange at my school. You would bring an old book that you wanted to share with others, look at the other books that people had brought, and then exchange yours for one the you wanted. I was just about to settle for a good ol’ Beverly Cleary book, when I spotted at the end of the book table a very, VERY, VEEERY worn copy of The False Prince. I was hooked from the very first sentence by Sage’s humor and impish/playful nature that I can so relate to. I devoured it, read it over again at least once every other month, and then in 8th grade I was browsing the fantasy section in the library and spotted a hardcover copy of the runaway prince, and recognized the font on the cover. ‘Huh,’ I thought. ‘That’s the same font that Jennifer Nielsen used for the False Prince.’ I picked it up and read ‘Sequel to the False Prince’ along the top, and literally screamed with joy! I had had NO Idea that there was going to be a second one. I then saw that shadow throne was on the shelf to, and hastily snatched it up off the shelf. I finished Runaway king that very day (and I must confess it is my favorite) and I finished shadow throne the next day.
    Upon finishing the trilogy, I introduced the series to my brother, and he loved it as well. Everything that I type here now he agrees with! He adores the series almost as much as I cherish it. Your writing and character development is so well done, that I feel as if I know the characters inside and out. If I ever find myself in a situation, I think to myself ‘What would Mott do?’ Or ‘What would Imogen do?’ Or even Amarinda. They are very mush my role models. I love Sage to death but – even though he is learning – I never think ‘What would Sage do?’ because he can be quite reckless sometimes! XD He thinks with heart though, and I can definitely relate to that!
    Out of all the books, each one played an important part in the growing up of Sage. I wanted to thank you for giving me and other readers such a beautiful gift; the gift of a door. I like to think of books as doors, because you can choose to open it, or not to, but either way – you have been given a way into another world. And you, Ms. Nielsen, are a wonderful door-maker! Thank you for sharing your world with us. As a fellow writer, I know how hard it is to let something so dear to you out into the hands of those who may dislike and criticize your work.
    To add more to what is now turning into a novelette, I have one plea. Please, please, PLEASE….. now I don’t know how the movie industry works exactly, but if a studio decides to make your books in to a series of movies, I beg that you help cast. An author knows her characters better than anyone else, and I think the roles of these people that I have come to love or despise are all very complex personalities. Especially Sage. Obviously. I know that you would be able to be around a young actor and just be able to tell that he had the mischievous air and reckless tendency that Sage had! But also the hidden wisdom and cleverness that came with the power nd responsibility that was quickly thrust upon Jaron. Not that I think you wouldn’t try your best to make sure that the movies are made in the best possible way, it’s just that so many of my favorite book series’ are being made into movies, and many of them are let-downs. It’s just that the actors or actresses haven’t read the actual book, or the director doesn’t know what parts of the books have the most impact on the readers, or the studio will try to make the plot more about the romance than anything else. It’s not their fault, they just are thinking about how to attract the most audiences, and not about the actual story.
    I love this trilogy SO much, and I would LOVE seeing this trilogy made into a live action movie. I really don’t mean to be pushy, and I’m sorry if it came across that way, I just think that if you helped cast and look over what parts of the plot they were going to keep and not keep, it would be INCREDIBLE! Don’t be discouraged that paramount didn’t renew the contract. If a movie isn’t made by the time I’m out of college, I’ll make the movie myself! ;D

    P.S. I realize that this is ridiculously long, but I have so many emotions running through me when I think about how much this saga means to me that this entry is not even the BEGINNING of what I want to say. Sorry for such a long entry!

    P.P.S. I know lots of people are encouraging you to write a 4th book, but I am glad that you ended the books where you did. Not only did you give the readers the gift of the books, you also gave us gift of being able to imagine where Sage will grow from here. Even though the books mean everything to me, there is a stopping point for everything, and found the perfect place to leave us with our own thoughts and imagination. If you feel inspired to write another book, I am sure that I will be just as magical as the others, but until then, I think Sage is in a good place. You are one of the few authors who has managed to ever end the series with the perfect balance of what is known, and what is uncertain in my opinion. Thank you! And also thanks for taking time out of you day to read what your fans have to say. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Hi Logan, Thank you for all your kind words and for being such a dedicated fan. Since you are also a writer, I know you must understand the way an author looks at their characters and the overall story arc. Whether I write a 4th book or not will depend entirely upon Sage and whether he is tugging at my imagination. It won’t come as result of pressure from fans, although I always appreciate hearing the various opinions on this question

      Regarding a future movie, if one is made, then I will gladly assist in any production role where my opinion is requested, but I can’t force my way in. I do agree with you, that no one knows their characters more than the author, but I also respect the producer’s role in bringing the printed word to a visual format. But if none of that works out, perhaps you will be the person to make the movie one day. In which case, I’ll look forward to seeing your vision come to life!

      All best wishes –


  65. Thanks for reading and responding! It means a lot just to be able to talk to the person who wrote some of my favorite people to life. Thanks!

  66. Oh my goodness!! This is so disappointing. Let’s just hope another company will see how great this series is. This trilogy is my favorite set of books ever! My mom, dad, and my two oldest brothers all love it! I can’t wait to here more news on The Traitors Game series! Thanks for writing such amazing books!

  67. Ms Jen!
    I am sure that there will be an opportunity for this project soon! Yaay cannot wait. I will be doing my best to share and even give the Ascendance Trilogy book to my book buddies.

  68. This is so sad! I really wanted it to be a movie but at least we still have the books to enjoy! I don’t know why, but I kind of think Disney would be a good pick for it or Netflix. I know that Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu are producing movies now. I hope either Disney or Walden Media picks it up and sees how it’s beloved by readers all over the world. It’s such a great series that deserves to be brought to the big screen! It’s sad that we won’t get to see a movie for now but hopefully later on we might get that chance. I LOVED the books so much! They were my favorite that I read in Junior High and I’m glad that I’m rereading my favorites again! I always loved how mischievous Sage was in the books and his friends! I always loved it when Conner found out in the end of the 1st book that he was Jaron! Every scene with Jaron and Imogene is amazing! I loved reading those parts and how CLOSE they are! I’m not sure if this will help but hopefully it does. If you’ve read The Outsiders by S.E Hinton, then here’s a link about how it got made. It’s so cool how it started!
    The book and the movie are both legendary to readers! The False Prince is a classic to people worldwide! I hope that one day a movie company will pick it up and let you write the script! By the way, I LOVED Mark of the Thief and A Night Divided! They’re amazing stories just like The False Prince! I wish you the best of luck with your novels!

    • Thanks very much, Chelsea, and for sharing the link – that’s awesome!

      • Agree, it’s so cool how great an impact it has on people’s lives! The False Prince should be given that chance just like the Outsiders! I loved the part when Sage advice was revealed as Prince Jaron and when he arrested Conner for the murders of his family, Latamer, and the attempted murder of him. When Conner told him he can be in any place and Jaron told Conner those words and removed his title and placed in the dungeon. Conner’s reaction is priceless! I also loved it when Jaron had Imogene be a nobleman’ daughter and that she would be treated! I loved those parts!
        Who did you want to be the director of the movie adaptation of your novel?

        • Thank you. And for a director, I’ve never had anyone specific in mind. I only care that if a movie is made, that it would be led by someone who stays true to the book, because that’s what the fans would want.

  69. Hi Mrs.Nielsen,
    I think it’s good how you ended the trilogy. That way we can imagine everything that Jaron will do (the stupid and the clever). Whatever studio makes the movie, I think all your fans just want them to stay true the story, the characters, and the plot. I am so excited for the Traitor’s Game to come out- from the POV of a girl! Good luck with future projects! Thanks also for taking your time to read this!
    P.S. I have reread the Ascendance Trilogy over ten times- it’s my absolute FAVORITE.

    • Thank you! If you liked False Prince, then I think you’ll like Traitor’s Game too. It’s actually half from Kestra’s POV and half from one of the rebels who captures her. Mayhem ensues!

  70. Sorry it’s me again. I just went online and read the summary for The Traitor’s Game- it looks awesome with Kestra foiling her captives’ plans and plot twists. I was just a little confused; does Kestra support her father’s position with the evil king? Or is she merely taken as a bargaining chip? Thanks!

    • Thank you for checking into that. Regarding Kestra’s opinion of her father’s position within the kingdom, that’s definitely an issue within the book! πŸ€” I hope you’ll like it!

      • Thank you! I can’t wait for it to come out! Do you know an exact date? I might pre order it on amazon πŸ™‚

        • Feb 27, 2017, but you can pre-order now at your favorite bookstore or online.

          • Thanks! That’s close to my birthday:) Will definitely pre order.

  71. πŸ™ I haven’t checked blog in ages. I kinda didn’t want another wait 6 months deal lol so I waited about a year. I really hope another studio picks it up, and also hope a great 4th book idea would come. You could start an afterseries with Jaron’s kids? Just a thought lol would be very interesting πŸ˜€ well fingers crossed for someone else to pick it up

  72. Hi Mrs.Nielsen,
    I really hope another studio picks up the movie soon. I just had a quick question- how do you pronounce Imogen? My friends and I say it differently and I just wanted to know how you say it. Thanks!

    • Hi Rachael – I pronounce her name Im (rhymes with Him) – o – gen (gin)

  73. Thank you so much! That is how I pronounced her name so I’m glad I got it right. Super excited for The Traitor’s Game!

    • Thank you – me too!

    • Sorry it’s me again- is the g in her name pronounced g as in game? Or g sounding like j? Thanks!

  74. Hi!
    So I not really big on putting myself out there, but I just wanted to say that The False Prince is one of my favorite books. I love the ascendance trilogy, and I am so heartbroken that it is not being made into a movie. I just wanted to say that this book and your other series’ have made a revolutionary mark in my life. I love your work, and I hope that in the future some other studio picks it up. It’s a great book and I can’t wait for Traitor’s Game.
    p.s. I was wondering if you happened to have any book recommendations, and how you select your books to read?

    • Thank you very much, Veda. Other book recommendations? Hmm, I loved “Zeroes” by Scott Westerfeld, “The Goose Girl” by Shannon Hale, “Code of Honor” by Alan Gratz, and “Zero Day” by Jan Gangsei.

  75. Omgosh I loves these books. I have read them like a hundred times. I wish you would make them into a movie. Please make them into a movie.

  76. Thank you Ms. Neilson. I can’t wait to read them. I hope that someday all our movie wishes will come true.

  77. Ms. Jennifer Nielsen,

    You must get thousands of letters and emails and messages telling you how much people enjoyed The Ascendance Trilogy and maybe you might be tiring of it. I don’t know how to best say this, but The False Prince is an extraordinary book and I really enjoyed reading it. I love Sage’s character,his never quitting determination and his quick witted and humorous approach to life. And the fact that he doesn’t run away from who is he or who he’s meant to be simply because of his circumstances, and is a loyal friend to those whom he loves. Throughout the book, I could really see how you crafted Sage’s character throughout the series, he came to the throne as a boy, and finished the war as a young man. I guess what I really wanted to say is that its inspiring and someday I hope to meet you in person. How did you come up with the idea for this whole series? What do you like most about Sage? And if you could write the story all over again, now that it’s completely published, would you change anything? All the best, Blue

    • Thank you very much, Blue. I’m so glad that you loved the series and that Sage had such an impact on you. Your first question can be answered about halfway down the page HERE. What I like most about Sage is that he always goes forward, no matter what. Even if forward is through fire and glass, he never goes backward on his plans. And I really wouldn’t change anything significant about the series. I’m very happy with how it came together and evolved. Thanks for asking!

  78. Holy cow!!! I read the false prince trilogy last year but when I needed a book for English I decided to read it again. And again I loved it. I actually remember you coming to my school in fourth grade and you talked with us about the False Prince. I didn’t really care much about it but now that iv’e read it i think it’s amazing. I just finished the third book yesterday and I know this sounds ridicules but Jaron is my dream role. I do drama and acting and I think I think I would be the perfect fit. Iv’e learned how to pick locks, I bought a sword just to learn how to fight, and i’m trying to become a better thief. But don’t worry I won’t rob anybody. Anyways Thank you for writing the book, it really is a great book.

    • Dylan, I’m glad that Jaron’s character has inspired you. Hopefully, if a movie is made one day, you will have the chance to try out for his role! Thanks very much!

  79. The False Prince is an amazing book! I needed a book to write about for my English assignment and I chose this book. Then I went and bought the other two and just finished reading the last book yesterday. All three books were wonderful. Thank you for writing them!

    • Thank you very much, especially for buying the other two books – I’m honored.

  80. I went on google today to see if my favorite book was to be turned into a movie. Its sad that The False Prince won’t be going to be a movie now, but i hope for the future that it will be made into one. Thank you for writing a book so thrilling and captivating to read. Who knows if I become a producer in HollyWood I might have to make this a movie for you! Thanks again Jennifer! Cant wait for the third book in the Mark of the Thief trilogy!

    • Thanks very much, Michael! And don’t give up on False Prince – one never knows! Better yet if you are the producer that brings I forward, right?

      • Right!!!!

  81. I do wish there was a movie, but sometimes not having a movie is better since it leaves the readers to imagine what the characters would look like. I love the books and I just got my friend to start reading them. None the less if you want them to become movies, I hope you get them.

    • I agree with you, Orias – I want a movie only if it’s done right. Fingers crossed for that!

  82. Nooo!!! I’ve been wanting to watch an adaption of this since… I’ve finished the first book! I was so looking forward to it…

    Well… if we can’t get a movie… I’m hoping we could at least get a television adaption…

    • My hope is that if and when anything is made, it will be done right for the fans. Then I’ll be happy!

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