HORIZON Winners!

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Congratulations to the three winners of HORIZON by Scott Westerfeld. They are:

Nyaisha Brown


Megan Higginbotham


          If you didn’t win, you can still get your own copy of the book. They are available in your Scholastic Book Fair, or hardcovers will be released into bookstores on March 28th. If your local or school library doesn’t have a copy and you want to read it that way, then ask them to order it in.

          I hope you’ll read this book for two reasons. The first is because it’s genuinely awesome. Scott Westerfeld has built an amazing world where the odds of survival are difficult, at best.

          The second is because I’m writing book 2, DEADZONE, which will be released on September 12th. I’ll talk more about that soon.

          In the meantime, congrats to the winners, and thanks to all those who entered. More news, giveaways, and releases are coming soon!


  1. Yay I can’t wait to read it! Congrats to the winners!

  2. Congratulations to all the winners! I requested it at my library, and I can’t wait for your book!
    – Loreley

  3. Can’t wait for the more news! Also for Horizon to come out, I already have it reserved at my library. Congratulations to the three winners!

  4. Congrats to all the winners! 🙂

  5. How goes The False Prince film adaptation? Any further news as far as screenplay development or casting?

  6. Hi! Is there a way to receive notifications in email for when you post a new post? And how often do you post? Thanks!

    • Great suggestion – I’ll work on that! And my posts are pretty random, either when I need to or when I have the time.

  7. Are you going to be releasing any new books soon?

    • Hi Trista, thanks for asking!

      On 9/12/17, I’ll release DEADZONE, Book 2 of the Horizon series (Book 1 by Scott Westerfeld)
      In spring 2018, I’ll release THE TEAITOR’S GAME, a new series
      In Sept 2018, I’ll release a Holocaust-era historical, RESISTANCE

      And then more to come after that, I’m sure…

      • I just finished HORIZON! OMGosh! What a ride I can’t wait to see what happens in your book! I am also excited for you new books, but did you mean traitor’s game? Keep writing :{)

        • Yep, I probably did…and thank you! I can’t wait to share DEADZONE with readers either!

  8. Congratulations to the winners! 🙂

  9. Hey, just wondering… will you ever be doing a book signing or anything on the east coast? I would love to get the chance to meet you, I am a HUGE fan! (Seriously though, everyone that knows me knows I love your books so much, I actually keep the book release dates in my calendars… I’ve also read each book a ton of times)

    • Hi Trista, I think there’s a chance of me getting to the east coast either in fall 2017 or spring 2018, but I won’t know dates or places until at least mid-summer. When I do, I’ll post them on the EVENTS link so keep an eye out then! Thanks for asking (and reading!)

      • Thanks so much! I’ll be watching!

  10. Wait why are the two books by separate authors????

    • Hi Hannah – Each book in the series will be written by a separate author.

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