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On March 28th, Scholastic will launch its next Multiplatform series, HORIZON. Readers, I want you to check out this book because it is made of awesome!

Summary: When a plane crash-lands in the arctic, eight young survivors step from the wreckage expecting to see nothing but ice and snow. Instead they find themselves lost in a strange jungle with no way to get home and little hope of rescue. Food is running out. Water is scarce. And the jungle is full of threats unlike anything the survivors have ever seen before — from razor-beaked shredder birds to carnivorous vines and much, much worse. With danger at every turn, these eight kids must learn to work together to survive. But cliques and rivalries threaten to tear them apart. And not everyone will make it out of the jungle alive. (From Scholastic)


Read the book, play the game, and then get ready for book 2, DEADZONE, that I am writing and that will be out in September. So read this book now!

Let’s get the fun started with a giveaway. I am giving away three ARCs. To enter, leave a comment below that answers this question:


Which environment do you think would be the hardest for survival and why?

A. Jungle

B. Desert

C. Forest

D. Beach

E. Arctic

Entry Rules:

  1. The contest begins as soon as this is posted and ends at midnight EST on March 11, 2017.
  2. Winners will be drawn at random.
  3. International entries are allowed.
  4. One entry per person.
  5. Winners will be announced on this blog and contacted personally by email. I will make every effort to get winners their books, but I cannot be responsible for lost or damaged books.


P.S. As of this posting, there is no movie news. When there is, it’ll post to this blog first, but until it posts, there is no movie news.


  1. I think the environment that would be hardest to survive would be the arctic, since the temperatures would be very difficult to resist or it would be difficult to retain the necessary heat to keep warm enough and not get hypothermia. Also, there aren’t as many opportunities available to scavenge for food, and the predators are many.

  2. I narrowed it down to B. and E., but a desert just seems awful to have to try and survive in, so I’ll go with that.

    B. Desert

    It’s hot, the swirling sand burns one’s eyes and gets into their shoes, it’s hot, I’m sure that oases aren’t very common, and did I mention it’s hot?

  3. E. Artic. Hypothermia.

  4. The most difficult environment would be the Arctic, I would think, because of its harsh climates and barren landscape. So, finding food and shelter would be near impossible unless the individual(s) in question had brought the necessary items prior to their being there. Additionally, the cold could potentially create conflict.

    I’m so excited for this series! 🙂

  5. I would have to say that the Arctic would be the hardest to survive in! I’m an elementary teacher and I like reading the book “Two Against the North” to my students. In it, two boys are stranded in the Canadian arctic. There are so many struggles to survival. I can’t wait to read “Horizon” to my students!

  6. I think that the hardest place to survive in would be the artic. You would need more supplies to survive than you would need elsewhere, and it would be much more easy to freeze to death. You would also be farther away from civilization. Deserts have an edge that people inhabit, as well as forests and jungles. Many people live on beaches. There is a chance that you could be stranded in the arctic or be on a block of ice that you can’t leave.

  7. Desert. Trying to find water and stay cool seems almost impossible

  8. I think trying to survive in a desert would be most difficult because finding food and water is harder than in other locations.

  9. B. No water and it doesn’t rain much but gets freezing at night. It’s also very hard to find food

  10. Definitely desert because 1. I hate being super hot! and 2. I need to see water!

  11. I’d say probably the desert because while food is equally difficult to find as in the arctic, water is less plentiful. Additionally, freezing to death would be less painful than dying of heatstroke, because you’d go numb first, so I’d say the desert is worse.

  12. Arctic more than desert because some things can grow in a desert but what can you find inthe arctic region? Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  13. I think that the hardest envirornment to survive in would be the artic climate. Everything would be a struggle because in the artic, it would be freezing cold and there would be close to no liquid water; therefore, there wouldn’t be many food sources. Not to mention that drinking cold water could bring your core body temperture down and higher the chances of freezing to death.
    In a jungle, you would have bountiful food sources, but you may become a midnight snack for other animals.
    In a desert, you may suffer from dehydration, but there is still animal and plant life that live there.
    On a beach, you have to be careful of the tides, but you still have a food source and water (if it is salt water, you can still evaporate the water to seperate it from the salt).
    In the forest, choose which tree you climb wisely… you wouldn’t want to get stuck on one of the higer branches…

  14. Desert! Living in Texas I could handle the heat but without water there is no chance of survival!

  15. I believe the hardest environment to survive in would be the Artic because of the extreme chance of hypothermia along with no easy access to food or shelter. No to mention you would have trouble contacting someone for help.

  16. The arctic because it’s cold and there isn’t much for natural resources…or civilization!

  17. Artic, because it’s so cold. You have to deal with hypothermia, and no food to scavenge.

  18. I was going to say desert or arctic, but since everyone else has said those, I’m going to have to pick the jungle. I choose it because predators are far too plentiful, and one second you think you’re finally safe, then bam! A jaguar’s at your throat. Also, water can be scarce, and sometimes food (despite it being bountiful) is in another animal’s territory, and you’re dead if you try to snatch it. Finally, the trees thick with leaves and branches do not make it easy to see help, or for help to see you. And if you try to climb a tree to make yourself somewhat visible? You know, some snakes make their home in a tree…

  19. The Arctic would be the most dofficult to survive- the sun zero temperatures and vast planes of non-civilstion would make it very challenging.

  20. Which environment do you think would be the hardest for survival and why?


    It would be really hard to find any water or source of sustenance in a place like this, along with the deadly animals.

  21. The desert. I hate the heat. No water, or shade. And snakes.

  22. I would think B. Desert. I’d think this way because it wouldn’t take long in a desert to die. There isn’t a lot of shelter and not a lot to make shelter out of. It can be hot hot in the day and cold cold at night. Not a lot of food or water sources either.

  23. At first, I thought artic but then decided it was summer. So desert because of lack of water

  24. At first, I thought artic but then decided it was summer. So desert because of lack of water

  25. While I do agree that the desert and the arctic are difficult to survive in, I would have to say the jungle would be the most difficult. The arctic is mostly way below zero degrees, and the desert is very hot and vast. Still, there are creatures that live in those areas that could be exploited for food (and in the case of the arctic, warmth) and water. Not to mention you’re more likely to receive help in the desert or arctic as opposed to the jungle. Not only are there big animals trying to hunt you down, but there are many small animals that are just as dangerous, if not more deadly. This is because a lot of them are venomous or poisonous. In the desert or arctic, you have chances to let your guard down. But in a jungle you have to be much more cautious and watch not only for the animals that you can easily spot, but also for the smaller ones that are harder to see.

  26. I believe B. Since the Desert is flat and it’s hard to make shelter, it would be the hardest to survive in. It is also hard to find water and you can’t find much food. It’s very hot during the day and during the night it is very cold so the temperature will be hard to adjust with.

    The book sounds really good and I’m really excited for the movie 🙂

  27. I think I’d be okay with the jungle, the forest and the beach. But the way the jungle is described in the summary makes me wonder… I think B, the desert would be the hardest because it’s hard to find food and water. Also, the temperatures get super hot in the day and super cold in the night. It would also be super hard to cross because it is so big.
    Thanks for the giveaway! I can’t wait to read it!

  28. I think desert would be hardest to survive in, it’s so hot during the day. It’s really cold at night and hard to find all the things you need for survival. There is little water, little food, deadly animals/plants, and the weather is bad. By weather I’m thinking sandstorms. It’s not really a environment meant for people to live in. But anyway on that happy note I’m excited to read this book and then yours in September! 😀

    • an environment, oops! 😀

  29. Hello Miss Jen! In order to survive in any situation one must look for shelter and food (basic necessities). I think it is the desert which will be the hardest environment for survival. For the reason that one must need water in able to survive. Being in the desert for days, even months the biggest struggle is to find water. One can develop delusions that there is an oasis in the middle of the desert haha XD though many might think that there will be cacti anyway in the desert which contains water inside it (however cacti contains acidic properties which in return might result to death).

  30. Good afternoon! The option that would be the most difficult to survive in is B. desert. Due to the lack of water and the extreme weather conditions it would not be a suitable place for anyone. Besides the heat, the desert can sometimes reach freezing temperatures at night.

  31. I’m thinking the desert would be the hardest because water is hard to find and the landscape changes so there are no landmarks to help you know if you are walking in the right direction much less a straight line. You also have to worry about heat and sun exposure and heat stroke. Food would also be hard to find.

  32. Either B or E. It depends on which one you are more prepared for though; heat or cold.

  33. I think it would be hardest to survive on a beach. Despite its warmth, there is no fresh water to drink. You are surrounded by ocean, which is about 3.5% salt. Unless you carry a salt distillation system with you, you will die due to dehydration. If this beach is in the middle of a ocean (basically saying your stranded on an island), you won’t be able to create a sturdy shelter. It is unlikely, you carry an ax around to cut down trees and if you do, your shelter may not stand in the sand or it may be washed away. A lot of people visit the desert or the Arctic, so you could find help right away. But, how many people are going to find you in the middle of nowhere and how will you start a fire to signal a ship. Due to these reasons, I would not like to be stranded on a beach.

  34. Desert for sure because of the lack of water, food, and shelter

  35. I would think b. In deserts the day is very hot and at nights it is extremely cold so trying to keep your body temperature to change constantly and adapt would be hard.

  36. I think the jungle would be the hardest to live in. It’s super hot, and a lot of poisonous things and A LOT of predators.

  37. This series sounds really cool! I think the Arctic would be terrible. The cold would be an immediate problem. I would be afraid of not waking up (freezing) when sleeping at night.

  38. A: Jungle
    Along with the absence of sunlight (tree canopy), and thus the absence of direction, the jungle would be filled with dangerous creatures of various types. Besides the ones that you will be including in this series, there are tigers, leopards, tarantulas, snakes, bats and mosquitos that would likely be carrying diseases. Water would be contaminated. Fruits hanging in high trees would require a risky climb to the top. Let’s not forget the rain, of which could cause hypothermia and pneumonia.

  39. I just fininsed reading mark of the thief. It was so amazing. There aren’t even any words to describe how amazing it was. You should continue his story. There are so many unanswered questions. For example why could he here radulfs voice in his head if niether of them has magic? You could crate a new magic and a new threat. I just really don’t want the series to end. It was such a good series though. I wish it would just go on forever.

  40. Because of the lack of vegetation and the minimum of animals good for hunting, I believe that the desert would be that hardest for me to survive in. Along with a shortage of food, water is a virtue in the desert. The heat would kill me (I’m from a costal town in Canada- used to temperatures no higher than 35 degrees Celsius), if not the dangerous animals. I highly doubt I would survive in the desert. 🙂

    Horizon sounds great, and I can’t wait to read it- ARC or not! Thanks for having this contest! 😀

    *this is on Goodreads, too!*

  41. The desert because not only do you have to worry about the scorching sun during the day, but it gets freezing at night. Coupled with little food, even less water, practically no shelter, and poisonous animals its got to be the hardest environment to survive.

  42. I think the Arctic would be the most difficult terrain to survive. The food supply is scarce because there are not many life sustaining plants and animals that can withstand that type of climate. In addition to the lack of food source, the cold climate would make it nearly unbearable, and contribute to a long list of ailments.

  43. I say Arctic because although the desert is also pretty much the worst temperature-wise, at least there’s no dangerous animals. Whereas in the Arctic you will die of hypothermia and ON TOP OF THAT THERE”S DEADLY POLAR BEARS OUT TO KILL YOU

  44. They would all be terrible!! The desert would be the hardest for sure. With no water, scary, poisonous snakes, spiders, and animals that are looking for pray. You are guaranteed to be somethings next meal. Heat stroke and dehydration do not sound to pleasing to me. I wear contact and having to watch out for sand storms and quick sand. I would be toast, literally!! No thanks.

  45. YAY!!! NEW BOOKS!!

    Anyway, I’m torn between artic and desert because a) the artic is super cold + little food but b) there’s ice which can be melted for water. And then the desert has water if you extract it from the cactuses (it’s actually not too hard) and there’s food if you can catch it, but then again it’s really hot, there’s snakes (shudder), and gets freezing cold at night. So…the desert.

  46. Ooh, fun! This looks like another great multimedia series from Scholastic. It’s crazy, because I remember when the only series of the kind out there was the 39 Clues books (and I was obsessed with them!). This looks like another interesting storyline, I look forward to reading it.

    As for the giveaway question, I think the hardest environment to survive in would be the desert. Because we need water to live, and there’s not much of that in a desert.

  47. I think the arctic, because there is very little food and you have to stay warm. Also when I think Arctic I automatically think Antarctica, not that that is very logical. The forest actually sounds the easiest to survive in.

  48. I think the hardest environment to survive in would be the arctic. The arctic is cold and pretty empty, so food is scarce and you probably don’t have the materials to keep yourself warm. It’s going to be hard to properly cook the little food that you come across. But imagine trying to live in that cold weather. There are caves, but they’re still cold.

  49. When do you think there will be movie news? The wait is killing me!

  50. Desert because there is no water and it is always hot. I personally would love to try to survive in the forest. There is plenty of water shade and shelter. Also is there anymore news on the false prince movie.

  51. B. Desert
    It’s hot, the swirling sand burns one’s eyes and gets into their shoes, it’s hot, I’m sure that oases aren’t very common, and did I mention it’s hot?

  52. You were great today in front of my class at, Rolling Middle School of the arts. Also, the speech were Nil something was talking it was great, you were right.

  53. E.Arctic.This is because at arctic region you cant find any basic needs.Water is scarce.Even there is a water source,it will be frozen or it will be very cold.Moreover, the temperature at the arctic region is very very cold.A individual could get frozebite or hypothermia.His or her body will shut down and eye parts like corneas will froze.Moreover the snowy surface is very soft and fragile.One miss step or hard step will lead to death.The snowy surface is very slippery.So a individual could slip and fall into the freezing water and could get hypothermia and die.Besides that,snow blizzard often will occur at there.One can freeze died and buried by the snow.One also can also fill up the belly of a predator etc polar bear,snow wolves,sharks,killer whale

  54. Sooo excited for this release!!
    I think that it would be
    extremely hard to survive in a desert environment due to the lack of water, food, and shelter.

  55. E. Arctic #forsure Freezing to a popsicle and not being able to find anything edible due to temps and snow…no thank you

  56. I think desert is the hardest because a survivalist’s worst enemy is dehydration.

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