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Here’s the scenario: You and a small group of friends are among only a few survivors of a plane crash somewhere over the arctic. The other survivors include a know-it-all, a rebel, and two sisters who don’t speak a word of English.

Also, the landscape around you is anything but arctic. And the creatures that emerge from this jungle environment take danger to an entirely new level.

This is the premie of Scott Westerfeld’s book, HORIZON, the start to an exciting new series that will keep readers on the edge of their seat. Seriously, I loved it!

So when the opportunity came to write the second book of the series, DEADZONE, I eagerly signed on.

In DEADZONE, our heroes have crossed to a new desert environment. With new dangers, new challenges, and new threats to their survival.

HORIZON is out now. Available at your favorite bookstore or online. Read the book, play the game online!
DEADZONE will be released on September 12, 2017.

But…if you want to win a copy of either HORIZON or DEADZONE, then here’s your challenge: Pick any of the items below and tell me how you could use it to survive if you suddenly found yourself in a strange and foreign environment.


Dental Floss                   Pantyhose                           Wooden Chopsticks







  1. Only one entry per person.
  2. Open to anyone with a U.S. or Canadian address
  3. One copy will be given away each week until all copies are gone, with winners posted each Sunday evening, when the new contest entry is listed.
  4. You may post each week, but you can only be a winner once.


  1. I would use the dental floss to help me survive. I could use small
    pieces that would be flammable to help start a fire and/or use it to help tie down coverings like a tarp. And in the morning, use it to floss right before being rescued.:)

  2. I would choose the pantyhose and use it to tie pieces of a shelter together or to use as a fish trap….

    I watched Macgyver as a kid, can’t you tell??? Heehee

  3. Panty hose- I would use it to strain water to make it more drinkable.

  4. Maybe make a point on the chopsticks to have a couple spears. Attach to bigger sticks to catch small animals and fish

  5. I would use the pantyhose as a net to catch fish.

  6. Is pick pantyhose. You can probably find something similar to the other two items if you look around enough. Pantyhose is very versatile and odds are you wouldn’t find anything else like it.

  7. Dental floss. It’s super strong. I’d use it to rig up traps to catch small animals I could eat… And as a bonus you could floss your teeth after you were done.

  8. I used the dental floss to cut the cake that I found awaiting me in this strange and foreign environment.

  9. Panty hose because it can be used to help filter water, hold food, and work as a small fishing net. I watch too much tv. I saw a tv show where they use a sock to separate crushed acorns from the shells and made a cake-like food. And if worse comes to worst, I could look cute when I die of starvation!

  10. Probably dental floss, I could use it for fishing twine (I suppose I could tie long grasses to a stick, but I’ve tried that and it did not work) for tying together a shelter, for making traps for food, or for exploring dark caves. I could probably make the chopsticks if there are tree branches lying around, and I probably would not know what to do with panty hose besides a fish net, but I could make a fish trap with branches and floss.

  11. I would use PANTY HOSE because it:
    a) can start a fire
    b) can act as a fishing net
    c) can assist in cleaning water
    d) can be used to tie off wounds (to stop the bleeding)
    e) if you have long hair and need to get it out of your face, you can tie it with the panty hose 🙂

  12. I would use the pantyhose. With one I would put stuff in, like food I found. The other I would rip up and use the pieces for fires.

  13. i choose pantyhose because it could be used for first aid reasons,and to hold my supplies and could be used as a cushioning pad on a pickax.

  14. I choose a pantyhose because use it to carry supplies and if there’s a forest fire I can use it to breath in.

  15. I would use the dental floss to create a shelter (hammock or likewise) and also I would weave it into a net to catch fish. Also, I think I could use it to set traps to catch animals for food.

  16. Yes another book giveaway from you Miss Jen!

    Dental floss just like thread can be use to tie up something for example making a shelter made of
    Tree branches and leaves. Dental floss can be use also as a clothes line by tying it up between two trees especially when you find yourself in a forest. It can also be use for making traps/ making a device alarm (tying dental floss to aluminum cans) to scare wild animals.

  17. I’d use pantyhose to strain water, tie apthings together, or for first aid

  18. I would use the pantyhose to catch fish.

  19. Dental floss can be used to secure items, to bind, sew, to snare an animal, as a fishing line, to cut food, and it will burn.

  20. I’d pick the floss–I’d use it to make a bow (both the hunting variety and a bow drill to help start a fire), to attach my knife to a branch to make a spear, to lash together branches to make a lean-to, to hang up any food, and to floss my teeth so I don’t end up with tooth infections that results in me knocking out my own tooth with a rock, a la Tom Hanks in Castaway.

  21. I would chose pantyhose because it can be used to strain water and make it more drinkable, also use it as a net to catch fish. It can be used to make a shelter. You can carry things in it like materials and food on hikes. It can be used as a rope for the shelter you can tare it and then use it to the thing together.

  22. Pantyhose seem like the most useful and the most uses from them! Mostly because you could use them to strain water and water is survival key #1! Also as a net to catch fish or small animals if I’m not near a river!

  23. I choose pantyhose, because
    1: It can be used as rope,
    2: I might be able to catch fish with it,
    3: On the event that I lose weight, I can use pantyhose as a belt,
    4: I could use it like a slingshot,
    5: I could use it like a trap for crabs
    and 6: I could use it to keep me from getting bug bites

  24. I would say chopsticks, because out of all the options, they’re the best weapon. Still a pretty pitiful weapon, but better than panty-hose or dental floss.

  25. i choose dental floss cause you can tie knots

  26. chop sticks cause you could make a fire

  27. i choose pantyhose it can filter water

  28. i choose a pantyhose it can be used as fuel

  29. i choose floss it is very durable and could be used as a rope

  30. i choose pantyhose it could be used for a bandage

  31. Probably pantyhose, because they would be the most versatile of the 3 objects. They could be used to help prevent bug bites (kind of like mosquito netting), as a net, or a bag, or to tie up wounds, just to name a few.

  32. I’d probably pick pantyhose. I think it would be the most helpful, because you could use it for a variety of things, i.e. catching fish, protecting yourself from bugs, putting your hair up (very important!), etc. It could also be used as a weapon, if desperate. One other great use for it would be a tourniquet if someone got injured.
    Can’t wait to read these new books!

  33. I would choose the pantyhose to survive, because it could be used in a variety of circumstances. I could use them to hold items or food, catch fish or build traps, or use as mosquito nets. I could also use them to form a rope or assist in shelter. Of the choices, it is the most durable resource, so I could make it last the longest amount of time. In addition, it could be used for medical reasons, such as wrapping injuries.
    Thank you so much for this giveaway, we all wish you the best in your future writing!

  34. I would use the dental floss to tie sticks together to create a shelter.
    I would also use it as a fishing line. I would use it as dental floss also to make sure my teeth stay clean.

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