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All right, based on your casting votes over the summer, I’ve narrowed down the results. These are unofficial, of course. If a movie is made, the studio will cast whomever they want. But it’s fun to play, right?

First, there’s an announcement. THE FALSE PRINCE is a nominee for YALSA’s Teen Top Ten List. There are so many amazing books nominated this year, but the great thing is you can vote for three of your favorites. The voting dates are NOW to September 15. If you want to vote, go HERE. I’d appreciate your vote for THE FALSE PRINCE. In response to some questions, yes, I think you can vote multiple times.

Now that you’re voting anyway, how about leaving a comment below for who you’d want to see cast if you were directing the movie? Or you can vote for Unknown on any of the parts – as in an unknown actor still waiting to be discovered (like you?).


         Braeden Lemasters                 Dylan Everett


       Logan Lerman                          Joel Courtney



        Charlie Rowe                           Thomas Sangster                Conner Jessup



           Liam James                          Garret Backstrom                Conner Jessup                                                                                                                                 





        Hailee Steinfeld                        Georgie Henley                     India Eisley





          Odeya Rush                          Maddie Hasson                    Georgie Henley




  1. Congrats on making the list. Of course I voted for The False Prince.

    Sorry but I don’t keep track of actors enough to vote on the choices. Can’t wait to see the movie though.

    • Thank you, Natalie!

      • sage- Dylan Everett

        Roden-Conner Jessup

        Imogen- India Eislep

        Amarinda-Maddie Hason(•‿•)

        • I agree with everything you said.

        • sage- logan lerman
          tobias- connor jessup
          roden- liam james
          imogen- india eisly
          Samarinda- emma watson

        • I think Sage should be Colin Ford. He’s not on the list, but I think he would be a better match than the ones on the list.

      • They’re all so young! Are they really that young in the books? I always imagined sage to look older than he was. Like 17 ish.

    • YES! I’m freaking out so much my mom just asked me if I’m having a spasm…
      Braeden Lemasters, Charlie Rowe, Liam James, Hailee Steinfeld, and Georgie Henley (Amarinda) would be PERFECT. Just like I imagined. Especially Imogen.

    • I think Roden should be liam hemsworth

    • I’m over the moon that the false prince is a movie and I wish liam hemsworth was Roden

    • I’m so glad the false prince is going to be a movie I’ve only read the false prince yet. I found it in the school library and thought it would be terrible like all the books in our library but I read it and loved it I recommend it to my friend and she loved it too we have been looking for the runaway king for 8 weeks and nothing but my aunt found it for me In Galway library and it rocks so far

    • Logan Lerman (sage) Thomas Sangster (Tobias) Garret Backstorm (Roden) India Eizley (Imogen) and finally Georgie Henley (Amarinda)

  2. I hadn’t heard that there was going to be a movie until this morning! It will be amazing! And, truth be told, some of the actors you have up for voting are ex-ACTLY who I was thinking of for certain parts!

    Sage=Joel Courtney
    Tobias=Thomas Sangster
    Roden=Liam James
    Amarinda=Georgie Henley (she would be awesome!)
    Imogen=Ok, I don’t want this to sound self-centered or haughty, but I really love Imogen and some other people who’ve read the book say I’m a lot like Imogen, so I would LOVE to play her. Which means I vote unknown.

    The Asendence Trilogy is one of my favorite book series ever. Thank you so much for blogging! I’m a writer too and I really hope to publish books (some of my stories are kind of like yours). I am so excited for the Shadow Throne!

    From Dia

    • Thanks, Dia. Good luck with your own writing!

    • Sage: Logan Lerman all the way!
      Tobias: Unknown (me)
      Roden: Liam James
      Imogen: Hailee Steinfeld
      Amarianda: Unknown ( I change my mind. I don’t want Willow Shields for Imogen, I want her for Amarianda)

  3. Just voted for the false prince!!I would never imagine voting for anything else! Anyway, here are my votes for the cast:

    Sage: Dylan Everett
    Tobias: Thomas Sangster
    Roden: Conner Jessup
    Imogen: Georgie Henley
    Amarinda: Odeya Rush

    • Thanks Kaya!

      • You’re welcome! I was wondering if you could vote more than once for YALSA because I want to help The False Prince as much as I can!

        • Thanks Kaya! Yes, I think you can vote multiple times. I’ll put a note about that into the original post – thanks for asking!

          • School is starting in a couple days and I was wounding if there was any way you can make a visit to my school! Do you make school visits? If you do who should I tell my principle to contact? Thanks!

          • Kaya – Yes, I do school visits, and it would be awesome if I could come. Your principal can contact me via email ( though usually I”m contacted by the librarian. Enjoy back to school!

    • Ok, here is what I think:

      Imogen: Georgie Henley
      Amarinda: Odeya Rush
      The guys I;m not so sure…
      Sage: Logan Lerman?
      Tobias:(oh man this is a hard one, cuz they look to adventurous, not studious)ummm,Thomas Sangester looks more studious.
      Roden: (eee, alot look like the part) Liam James or Conner Jessup)

      Yeah , I would like to be Imogen but, It is very difficult for me to memorize lines,and then they might have kissing. YOu know the part where Imogen and Sage are traveling to Drylliad and they are at the inn like the roof or sumthin…
      So yeah, just my comments.
      PLZ.. Make Georgie henly Imogen and Odeya Rush Amarinda!!!

      • Jubilee – Thanks for your votes. If a movie is made, I don’t actually get any say in who they cast, but I do think it’s fun to see who the fans like best.

        • Hey Ms.Jennifer,
          thank you for replying, you don’t know how much that means to me. Umm, I wrote a comment, . You see I made a song called ” Destiny focusing on Jaron/Sage’s life, and how he ran away from who he was to be someone else, and now he is going back to be his calling. I was going to make this book into a movie with my friends if no one else did (I am ever so glad it is going to be a movie, though!) and I made a song to put into the credits, so I was wondering if maybe you could put up somewhere I could go to present my song. I only have the lyrics, I might ask a friend to put the music.

          Thank you so much.
          BTW, do you have an idea of what the Carthyan accents and the Avenian accents are supposed to sound like?
          Thank you for allowing us to enter your world of imagination!

          • Jubilee – I think it’s awesome you’re doing a song. Maybe when it’s ready you can post it on YouTube. If a movie is made, I won’t have any control over what is done with any part of it. I’m sure it will be great, though.

            To picture the accents, in my mind, Carthyan would be closest to a British accent, and Avenia would be more like the accent of the Telmarine people in The Chronicles of Narnia.

  4. I don’t know much about these actors, so this is solely on their appearance haha:

    Sage: Dylan Everett
    Tobias: Thomas Sangster
    Roden: Conner Jessup
    Imogen: Georgie Henley
    Amarinda: Unknown >:)

    I love this book so much! It’s my favorite!

  5. WHOO! I hope the movie doesn’t ruin the book, but anyways:
    Sage: Braeden Lemasters. Or Joel Courtney.
    Tobias: Conner Jessup
    Roden: Liam James
    Imogen: India Esley
    Amarinda: Maddie Hasson

    I just realized that everyone else’s votes are all remotely the same, except for me, which is all different from the other comments.
    Oh well.

    • There should be a variety of votes, so I’m glad you have your own thinking. Besides, it’s all for fun anyway, so why not?

  6. Hmm…here are my votes:

    Sage – Braedon Lemasters, (I actually think Liam James might be good too, basing off of his appearance)

    Tobias – Sorry, but I still think Skandar Keynes. 🙂

    Roden – Maybe Liam James…or Garret Backstrom

    Imogen – Georgie Henley! 😀

    Amarinda – Hmm, perhaps Odeya Rush?

    These are my votes! Some of these actors I don’t know, so most of my votes were made by how the actors look the part. 🙂

  7. I don’t know these actors so my votes are based solely on looks except for Georgie Henley who I think would be a GREAT Imogen.
    I REALLY hope the whole movie thing works out!! It would be so awesome!!

  8. Sage: Joel Courtney
    Tobias: Thomas Sangster
    Roden: Conner Jessup
    Imogen: Georgia Henley
    Amarinda: Maddie Hasson

    • Oh, and I do know the work of these actors so I based mine on how well I think they could portray the characters. I almost went for Charlie Rowe for Tobias but Charlie seems to be better at playing the little troublemaker so I felt Thomas would be the better fit. I just LOVE Connor in Falling Skies and I think he would do such a good job at playing Roden (and there is a special place in my heart for Roden so I wanted to give my favorite actor of the bunch to that role). Joel did an amazing job as the lead in Super 8 and I think he is one of those actors that would slip into Sage’s role pretty well. Love Georgia simply because of Narnia. :)I loved Maddie in The Finder and the one episode of Grimm she was in and I think she is a pretty solid actress who could pull of playing the clever yet beautiful princess that Amarinda is. Anyway…thought I might add the details to my choices in my last comment. 🙂

  9. I can’t see the actor’s eyes, but it’s clear that none of them have green eyes…. SAGE MUST HAVE GREEN EYES D: IT MAKES HIM HOTTER THEN HE IS- Errr I mean, I’m sure one of them can fix that.
    I know I’m gonna try to be an extra at least in the movie c: also Jenn, you always got my vote.

  10. Odeya Rush would make a great Amarinda, & how about Asa Butterfield as Sage?
    The False Prince was a really fantastic book with brilliant ending–you have my vote!

  11. Just voted! It’s so awesome that the false prince was selected.

    as for the actors…hmm that’s kinda hard to choose. I think it would be awesome for some unknown actors to get a chance. I’m totally game for that! Just using the people on the list, my choices would be (looks wise at least)
    Sage: Joel Courtney or Braeden Lemasters
    Tobias: Charlie Rowe
    Roden: Connor Jessup
    Imogen: Georgie Henley
    Amarinda: Maddie Hasson

  12. Sage: Can’t decide
    Tobias: Thomas Sangster
    Roden: Conner Jessup
    Imogen: Hailee Steinfeld!!!!! Gosh! she has innocent features and looks EXACTLY like I pictured Imogen 😀

    Amarinda: Odeya Rush.

    Thank you sooooo much was creating this beyond amazing book series Mrs. Nielsen 🙂

  13. just voted!Hope the False Prince wins!

    now, I don’t really know the actors really well, so I mostly went on looks.

    Sage: Braeden Lemasters
    Tobias: Thomas Sangster
    Roden: Garret Backstrom
    Imogen: Georgie Henley red hair is a must!
    Amarinda: Maddie Hasson

    Your books are amazing! I can’t wait to see the movie!

  14. I voted! 2 times! 🙂

    • Thank you!

    • Hey Bailey! Pocket Princesses. Moose. The watermelon at cross country today.

      • Hey.

  15. Sage
    Braedon Lemasters
    Liam James
    Charlie Rowe
    India Eisley
    Unknown–They all look like her and are good actors but Georgie Henley would be good for it.

    I voted The False Prince 2 or 3 times. I hope my 5th grade teacher has it.

    • Thanks Tori. I hope your teach has it too!

      • He does, and the girl who sits across from me just read it!

    • Actually I change my vote for Sage from Braedon Lemesters to Logan Lerman.
      If I decide on something usually I’ll have changed my mind within a week. 😀
      And I change my vote for Amarinda I decided on Odeya Rush. 😀
      I am not good at making a decision unless I only have a week and it will influence the world for the next 1,000 years (or something like that). Then I wait six days before I say anything. 🙂

      • I change my mind again!!!!
        I think Braedon Lemastors for Sage now.
        And myself for Imogen?
        I probably couldn’t get the part because A) I’m 11 and B) i’ve never been in a movie before.
        That’s a permanent vote… I hope?

        • Oh, and PS I think Liam Aiken would be good for the part too, but he’s a little to old I think 🙁

  16. Sage=Logan Lerman (we can wait until all of the Percy Jackson movies are out)

    Tobias=Tomas Sangster

    Roden=Conner Jessup

    Imogen= unknown

    Amarinda=Georgie Henley

    The girls don’t fit exactly. But Amarinda has a pretty close match. I’m sorry I couldn’t write sooner, but I was busy with rehearsing for a Wizard of Oz play I’m in. 🙂

  17. I voted for The False Prince! Logan Lerman as Sage (Dylan Everett would be my second choice for Sage,but I really think he could pull off a brilliant Roden),Thomas Sangster as Tobias,and unkown for Roden. I really do think Dylan Everett would be a great Roden!

  18. I voted for The False Prince of course! 😀 I’m always rooting for you!
    This whole casting game looks fun. I’m giving it a try.

    Sage: Dylan Everett
    Tobias: Charlie Rowe
    Roden: Garret Backstrom
    Imogen: India Eisley
    Amarinda: Georgie Henley

    I can’t wait to see the real cast for the movie!

  19. What about Mott? I picture Michael Duncan Clarke (I know he passed, but it’s the image stuck there, he would have been excellent), but I can see Ving Rhames. Mott needs to be a presence, he means so much to Sage. Do you think the movie making fairies are listening? 🙂

    • Two great suggestions (though of course, I think being alive is something the movie making fairies are going to require 😉 ). I also thought someone like Idris Elba or Michael Ealy or David Oyelowo would be fantastic. Mott is a really important character to me, and to the story, of course. So he’d have to be well cast.

  20. Sage- Dylan Everett
    Tobias- Conner Jessup
    Roden- Garret Backstrom
    Imogen- India Eisley
    Amarinda- Odeya Rush

  21. I voted two times for the False Prince. 🙂 The False Prince definitely deserves to win the award.

  22. OMG i’m so excited for this!
    Sage- Braeden Lemasters
    Tobias- Conner Jessup
    Roden- Garret Backstrom
    Imogen- Georgia Henley
    Amarinda- Maddie Hasson

    I’m SO excited for this! This is by far my favorite series, and I’m DYING because I don’t want to wait until March next year for the final book!!

    • Thank you, AvidReader! And good news – the release date for THE SHADOW THRONE has been moved up to Feb 25. Only a week, but still…

  23. Sage – Dylan Everett
    Tobias – Charlie Rowe
    Roden – Liam James
    Imogen – None of them, I don’t think they fit her
    Amarinda – Odeya Rush

  24. I love these book! They`re amaizing!!
    but I`d say:
    Sage: Dylan Everett
    Tobias:Thomas Sangster
    Roden: Conner Jessup
    Imogen: Hailee Steinfeld
    Amarinda: Maddie Hasson

    I can`t wait to finish the Runaway King! It`s` great to!
    and who will be Mott and Connor?

  25. First I can’t wait for the next book, I absolutely love the series and Jaron’s sarcastic humour but I don’t want to book to come out just because I don’t want it to end. Either way looking foreword to the spin-off. I’m was going to consider the release as a belated birthday present but now it’s an early present.

    Sage:Dylan Everett
    Tobias:Thomas Sangster
    Roden: Garret Backstrom
    Imogen: Georgie Henley
    Amarinda: Odeya Rush

  26. I voted! I really hope the False Prince wins! It deserves an award for it’s awesomeness. 😀

    This is a toughie…

    For Sage I’m going Logan Lerman.
    For Tobias I’m choosing Thomas Sangster.
    For Roden Liam James would be very good.

    For Imogen I’m thinking Georgie Henley.
    And for Amarinda I think Odeya Rush would be awesome.

  27. Okay, The False Prince is my favorite book ever and I really hope that they end up making a movie for it! Here are my votes:

    Sage: Joel Courtney
    Tobias: Thomas Sangster
    Roden: Conner Jessup
    Imogen: Georgie Henley
    Amarinda: Maddie Hasson


  28. I really loved your books, Jennifer Nielsen! Can’t wait for the Shadow Throne.

    Sage- Dylan Everett
    Tobias- Charlie Rowe
    Roden- Liam James
    Imogen- Georgie Henley
    Armarinda- Odeya Rush

  29. I voted for The False Prince the minute after I read this post. I just wish I could have voted for it multiple times! I think Shailene Woodley might be a good Imogen. She’s starting to play major rolls (Tris in Divergent and Hazel in Fault In Our Stars) and looks like Imogen, the way I imagine her anyway.

    • Shailene Woodley does have a great look, and has some major roles coming up already!

  30. I posted the link on my google profile page and encouraged my friends to vote for The False Pricne if they’ve read it!

    • Thanks for the vote and for sharing. I think you can vote multiple times, but I appreciate your support!

  31. Really? You can? I AM SO VOTING FOR IT 20 TIMES!
    Sorry about the blank comment above, it wasn’t on purpose.

  32. Voted! 🙂 AHH seriously best book ever. I just read it the other day and was riveted from the start! So excited it’s being turned into a movie! Congrats! 🙂

  33. Dream Cast

    Sage- I have to say Dylan Everett, because I love Logan Lerman like SO MUCH, but he’s already known as “Percy Jackson” and you want a new face for an adventurous series like this one. Plus, Sage is supposed to be only fifteen, and Logan is twenty-one. But I must admit, I wouldn’t complain if you chose either.

    Tobias- Thomas Sangster. He just looks like the Tobias I envisioned in my head.

    Roden- Conner Jessup. I think he’s a perfect fit.

    Imogen- Georgie Henley all the way. She’s beautiful, an amazing actress, and sweet like Imogen. She would rock the role.

    Amiranda- Hailee Steinfeld would do an amazing job. She’s gorgeous and an Oscar nominated actress! Odeya Rush would be great too.


    Aha this was fun

  34. Sage-Braeden Lemasters/Joel Courtney
    Roden-Conner Jessup
    Tobias-Liam James
    Imogen-India Eisley
    Amarinda- Georgie Henley

  35. Sage~ Dylan Everett
    Tobias~ Thomas Sangster
    Roden~ Garet Backstrom
    Imogen~ Georgia Henley
    Amarinda~ Maddie Hason

    Will there be a vote for Conner? I kinda imagine him as a creepy bald dude with a curly mustache O.o

    • I don’t know if we’ll run a vote for Conner or not. It would be interesting to see how everyone pictures him…

  36. Dylan Everett for sage!

  37. I have a question. What year was Sage born? Because he’s like around 15 but what year was he born?

    • Sage’s birth could probably be placed in the mid-1500’s, though since it’s not actual history, there is some wiggle room on that. Great question, Tori!

      • what do you MEAN it’s not actual history?? i thought it was actual history!!
        so he is probably 460 right now…
        well I thought it was actual history!!
        😀 😀 😀 *big goofy smile/smirk :D*

      • And what inspired you to write 3 300-ish-page books set in midevel times?
        And PLEASE can you tell a LITTLE about the books?? Please?? Besides the fact it has the word “I” in it?
        Because we are all sitting here at our computers dying of suspence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Hmm, I can confirm the following: Jaron will be exactly as you might expect. Hence, trouble follows…. 😉

          War is coming.

          • Really! ‘War is coming’ is one of the most suspenseful way to end a post (or a book!) that I can imagine!
            Oh yeah, speaking of suspense…
            Speaking of suspense, I once ended a story with the main character falling off a cliff.

          • Love it!

  38. Actually Arthur Bowen would be great for Sage! (Harry Potter’s son in part 2) 🙂 thank you

  39. Voting ends tomorrow!!!! I voted a lot!!

  40. Sage: Joel Courtney
    Tobias: Thomas Sangster
    Roden: Garret Backstrom
    Imogen: Georgie Henley (Without a doubt!)
    AMARINDA: Odeya Rush

  41. I don’t about the last book, I’m scared, excited, upset, and also pumped! I love the series, but that’d be the last book, I’m scared about how things will end- GAHHH! Jaron isnt die- No Mott would ve more likely to- No Tobias is too weak, he could die o_o
    Jenn, I love your writing, but girl your killing me with suspense! >.>

  42. Okay, here is my vote
    Sage: Braeden Lemasters or Joel Courtney
    Tobias: Thomas Sangster
    Roden: Conner Jessup
    Imogen: Georgie Henley
    Amarinda: Maddie Hasson

    Jennifer could you make The Shadow Throne come out, like, now?!?!?!?!?! The suspense is killing me!

  43. I’d have Sage be Dylan Everett, I don’t really care who would be Tobias or Roden, Imogen would be unknown(Me!!!!!!), and I cant decide who’d be Amarinda.

    • If I wasn’t Imogen Hailee should be and Georgie should be Amarinda. Was she in Narnia? I feel stuck up that I would like to be Imogen. I’ve wanted to since I heard there was going to be a movie.

      • If the role of Imogen is calling to you, then go for it – why not? If a movie is made, I hope you will get the chance to audition.

        • I doubt I would be good enough and an extra would even be cool! I thought the producers would pick the actos… I wish I could be in it, though. You’re awesome!

  44. Heyo, Mrs. Nielsen, do you plan on making a new post soon? And any more news on the movie? Plus, can’t wait until The Shadow Throne! About 5 more months to do. I’ll miss this trilogy when I’m done though. Gah, still the suspense!

    • Thanks for asking, Ally. I am planning to do some posts soon on my personal playlist for Runaway King, my Infinity Ring book, and the secret research trip I’m on right now). Not sure what I’ll put up first though. And yes, The Shadow Throne release date is coming up soon!

  45. We really love this book series and we are wondering when the next book will be out. And if Jaron will marry Imogen or Arminda. We really really love these books!!!

    • Thank you Danielle and Hannah. The third book, The Shadow Throne, will be released on February 25, 2014. And as to who gets married – well, that may depend on who remains alive, right? Fight for the future…die for the throne.

      War is Coming…

  46. Sage/Jaron: Joel Courtney
    Tobias: Charlie Rowe(big debate between him and Thomas Sangster)
    Roden: Conner Jessup
    Imogen and Amarinda don’t look like those girls in our minds.

  47. Sage: Dylan Everett or Logan Lerman

    Tobias: Charlie Rowe

    Roden: Liam James or Garret Backstrom

    Imogen: Hailee Steinfeld (Though I don’t know if she’s the perfect fit)

    Amarinda: Georgie Henley

  48. This was very hard to decide….. You picked all of the good people!

    Sage: Braeden Lemasters
    Tobias: Thomas Sangster
    Roden: Conner Jessup
    Imogen: Hailee Steinfeld (Or Me When I Get To Imogen’s Age!)
    Amarinda: Georgie Henley

    Hopefully If There Is Auditions It Won’t Be For A While Because I Still Need To Grow!

  49. Dylan-sage. He looks rough, like he knows the streets-but his eyes have a light that foreshadows the kindness and royalty in his soul. (Logan shares these qualities, too-he would be a good choice, too. He definitely has the ornery smirk I imagined of Tobias! Tough choice!)
    Charlie-Tobias. He looks like his brains would outshine his brawn (though I’m sures he’s plenty strong in real life :-D).
    Liam James-roden. . Just a little more jagged And jaded.

    Hailee -Imogene. The soft features of her face show an innocence, her blank stare mirrors an indifference that she had to embrace for her safety. Yet, in her (hailees)work she shows dynamic in being able to switch character to draw the passion to make viewers cheer her (imogen) on.

    Depending on the script and casting, I think this has amazing potential as a movie. I hope your hand is able to mingle in the development to keep it true to your story. I liked how the last twilight movie that surprised readers with a totally different twist that, when all was said and done, actually complimented the book and gave the reader more. I loved that the Hunger Games was written from katniss’s POV, and we were privy to all of her thoughts and feelings. I felt the movie gave loyal readers more, but staying with the plot but showing “behind the scenes” thoughts and ploys of president snow, haymitch, etc.

    Best of luck, and looking forward to the new release in February!

  50. Sage – Dylan Everett
    Tobias – Charlie Rowe
    Roden – Conner Jessup
    Imogen – Hailee Steinfeld
    Armarinda – Odeya Rush

  51. Hey it’s me again! Just a question, are you going to do a vote for Conner, Mott,and Cregan? If so, when? Thanks! Oh and totally excited for the third book! Just 6 more months to go! 🙂

    • Hmm, I dunno. I don’t really have many names in mind for Conner, Mott, and Cregan. Maybe we could open up the blog for nominations…

      • Yeah, I’ll find some names and tell you when I find some good ones 🙂

        • I think the black guy from one night with the king should be Mott. I have always imagined Creagen as a hunchback. Not sure for conor though

          • Hmm, I haven’t seen that movie, but that’d could be a great suggestion.

  52. I was reading through the comments and change on my last comment, only 5 more months to go. Whoops! 🙂

  53. Dylan Everett=Sage
    Conner Jessup=Tobias
    Garret Backstrom=Roden
    Hailee Steinfeld or India Eisley=Imogen
    Odeya Rush=Amarinda

    That is what I think anyways!

  54. I’ve been voting every day. We have a book report and I’m going to do it on the False Prince even though I’ve read it…a lot. I wish there were more books in the series!!!

    • Have you read The Runaway King? If so, then you only have to wait a few more months for The Shadow Throne. War is coming…

  55. I was also wondering if the movie, IF it comes to be, would be close to the book. I know some movie-book things are not close at all, like The Lightning Thief, which makes the movie annoying. I know that no promises on the movie, but fingers crossed!

    Thanks! 😀

  56. If The False Prince is made into a movie, I hope it does the book justice. With great books, that can be very difficult to do.
    By the way, I read the page about writing tips. Thanks so much for posting that. I want to write a story so badly, but I am horrible at writing. I’m glad I can have a few tips to guide me.

    • I hope so too, Ysabel. And I hope you’ll decide to write – you might feel horrible about it right now but as you work on it, you will get better. You will. Keep it up!

  57. Georgie Henley should so be imogen she wouold be perfect.
    Logan Lerman should be sage
    Thomas Sangster should be tobias
    Liam James should be roden

  58. I was just wondering… Are you writing/going to write a new series? If so, What kind of book? Thanks

    • Yes, it’s called The Praetor War. Here’s what Goodreads says about it: The new series follows a boy in ancient Rome where powerful forces struggle for control of a hidden magic; the boy becomes embroiled in a fight for freedom, survival, and the safety of the future.

  59. That sounds so cool! When is it going to be released? Has it already been released? And Our whole class is reading the false prince! Do you know if can come to my school? Thanks! 🙂

    • Anna, The Praetor War will probably be released in spring 2015. The way to get me to your school is to ask your librarian if she’ll request my visit.

      • Okay Thanks! 2015 is when Rick Riordan is releasing his norse mythology series! So I guess I have two books to wait for. 🙂 Can’t wait for 2015 and February 2014! 🙂

      • My mom is our school’s librarian and when she read you do school visits she was interested:)

  60. I would love to play the part of Imogen. I’m not a professional actor but I love the books and I love the significance of Imogen’s character. I think it would fit for me.

    • Look at this way, Alyse – no actor is professional until they win their first role. It has to start somewhere, right? If a movie is made, I don’t know what they’ll want to do for casting, but I will post information if I can.

  61. Dear Ms. Jennifer,
    Please excuse all these commments and questions I have been sending your way of late. I hope you do not mind if I ask a few more questions.
    Where did you get the names for your characters?
    Where did you get the names for Avenia and Carthya and Borgen?
    Where did you get the incredible Idea for the Aravac plant? I don’t think even I would have been able to make that up. You are Amazing!!
    What do you think of the Hunger Games Series (plz forgive me for asking)
    You say you imagine the Carthyan accent to be British.
    Do you like British speaking shows? Do you like Sci-fi? If so, do you watch Dr. Who?

    Please excuseme but my curious brain demands answers from me.
    your reading fan,

    • Jubilee,

      Okay, here are some answers:

      For the names of characters and places, I mostly just make them up. Or I come up with actual names in much the same way as parents choose the name of their child. They just know when it’s right.

      An Aravac plant is sort of like the Aloe Vera Plant. For research, I studied a little about medicinal plants and chose that one.

      I love The Hunger Games. I do like British television but I haven’t seen much of Dr. Who. I’m interested in it but feel like at this point, I’m coming in too late to understand it.

      • Dear Ms. Jennifer,
        First of all, thank you so much for taking your precious time and writing back to me so quickly.

        Second,That is very interesting to know about the names, i’ll keep that in mind whenever i decide to write anything, and that is interesting to know about the creation of the Aravac plant.

        Third, i am so glad you like the hunger games! I love that series. Though i’ll have to truthfully say that your Ascendance trilogy has completley beat the Hunger Games Trilogy. I can’t wait for the last book.

        Fourth, if you have Netflix , you could watch it there. My cousin introduced it to me when she stayed over and we watched a few episodes over the night. I was immediatly hooked. I don’t think it is too late for you. I started watching the 2002 version though.
        ifth (and last), when you started writing The False Prince, did you have in mind making it a Trilogy? Or did you just start writing. Because I notice that you close it off with a very good ending. It was very kind of you to continue.

        As I said before, please excuse all these comments.

        Thank you!

        • Jubilee, the story didn’t start as a trilogy, but by the time I finished book 1, I knew I had enough story here that I wanted it to carry through at least three books.

  62. Logan Lerman would make a great Sage, but he’s a bit old for the part. Maybe he would make a good Darius…

    Also, what eye color and hair color does Imogen and Sage have? I could picture them in so many different ways but I really want to know!!!

    • If I recall, Imogen has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Sage has brown hair that is turning blond and green eyes.

  63. Mrs. Nielsen
    If you could choose who would be in the movie if their was one, who would you choose?

    • If I could choose, the kids in the story would be cast from fans of the books. The adults would be classically trained actors. In hindsight, I should’ve described Conner to look like Hugh Jackman, because then I could’ve insisted only he should play the part. 😉

      • Hugh Jackman would be awesome for Conner’s part. He exactly how I imagined Conner

        • Good thinking! I’d love that too, but just because then I’d get to (hopefully) meet Hugh Jackman!

  64. I haven’t seen anything new in months! YOU’RE KILLING ME! I need more news!

  65. Yay! The people are decent! There is no telling if the actual movie cast will be messed up but it is nice to imagine.

    • I agree I hope the people that chose the actors will at least look at our opinions

  66. please no Logan Lerman he played Percy Jackson and I beg you not too plus i think Dylan Everett would be better in my opinion
    Tobias: Charlie Rowe or Thomas Sangster
    Roden: Garret Backstrom or Conner Jessup
    Imogen: Georgie Henley or India Eisley
    Amarinda: Odeya Rush

    • Wow, Kinsey n! You, Anna_teh_Unicorn and I have such similar votes! We should all be friends!

  67. Sage- Dylan Everett
    Tobias- Thomas Sangster
    Roden- Garret and Conner
    Imogen-Georgie Henley
    Amarinda- Odeya Rush

    • So true, Anna_teh_Unicorn! Your choices are like what I would want. You sound so much like myself! I want to meet you someday!

  68. I wish I could vote but I’m too young.SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo excited when I heard there would be a movie.In my gifted class I have to do a book project and I chose The False Prince.

  69. Braeden Lemasters in my opinion would be latemer, Thomas Sangster as Sage, Charlie Rowe as Tobias, Dylan Everett as Roden, Unknown as Imogen (hopefully me), Unknown as Amarinda

  70. Sage: Logan Lerman
    Tobias: Thomas Sangster
    Roden: Connor Jessup
    Imogen: Hailee STeinfield
    Amarinda: Odeya Rush

  71. Sage: Logan Lerman / Dylan Everett
    Tobias: Thomas Sangster
    Roden: Liam James
    Imogen: Hailee Steinfeld (DEFINITELY)
    Amarinda: Georgie Henley

    Good luck with your writing… and with the movie! 😀

  72. I loved your books, can’t wait for the movie!!!!!!!

    for my cast

    Sage: Longan Lerman

    Tobias: Charlie Rowe

    Roden: Conner Jessup

    Imogen: Idia Eisley

    Amarinda: Gorgie Henley

  73. I think:
    Jaron: Dylan Everett
    Tobias: Conner Jessup
    Roden: Garret Backstrom
    Imogen: India Eisley
    Amarinda: Odeya Rush

  74. When you were writing the books, how did you picture Imogen to look?I would love to do some fanart of her! By the way, I absolutely LOVE the false prince!

    • That’s cool, Terri. I picture her as she’s described, with long, dark brown hair worn in a single braid down her back, and warm brown eyes. Thanks for reading!

  75. Logan Lerman for safe
    Thomas sangster for Tobias
    Conner jessup for roden
    Georgie henley for Imogen
    Odeya rush for amarinda

  76. Someone needs to put up Dylan Schmid for Prince Jaron!!! He isn’t a popular actor,but I love his work. He was on Once Upon A Time for Baelfire! Who wants him for Jaron too!?

  77. Sage-Dylan Everett
    Tobias-Charlie Rowe
    Roden-Conner Jessup
    Imogen-Hailee Steinfeld
    Amarinda-Odeya Rush

  78. For the cast, I definitely think Braeden or Logan. Joel is also good, but I think Dylan would be better as Roden.

    For Tobias, I would say Charlie. He really captures Tobias’s character.

    And for Roden, definitely Garrett or Conner.

    For Imogen, Georgie or India.

    For Amarinda, Odeya or Georgie.

  79. Have you ever thought of writhing a fourth book? And my votes are- the third one for sage/jaron. For Tobias the second one. Third of Roden. Thrid for Imogan. And the first one for Amarinda

    • Clara, I may do a fourth book one day. All it would take is for Sage to come knocking at my imagination once again!

      • Omg, please do another book! I would read it 10000 times over!! and any info on the movie yet? :O

  80. Ok. Thanks for taking the time to respond it means a lot.

  81. Sage – Braeden Lemasters
    Tobias – Charlie Rowe
    Roden – Liam James
    Imogen – Georgie Henley
    Amarinda – Maddy Hasson

  82. hi my name is joana. i’m a brazilian and i really love your books !!
    i’m not to kind to read but your books are simple the best
    and i always dreaming about the film or series
    and now it will probably be real
    i’m so happy
    i don’t speak and write english very well
    but i hope you understand !!

    braeden lemaster dylan everett-sage/jaron
    thomas sangster – tobias
    connor jessup – roden
    india eisley -imogen
    odeya rush – amarinda


    • Joana, you speak English better than I speak Portuguese. Thank you very much!

  83. Okay, I think I said that I don’t know the actors because I’m a Korean. But I think I was so wrong cause I know them a lot. I mean I know them all, I’ve seen all of them in the movies.
    (I think I was very mistaken)
    I don’t know- All of them has their own parts I like, it’s hard to choose.
    Dylan Everett for Sage/Jaron is who I thought would look like to my imagination. Surely other people might’ve had lots of suggestion, but I have no ideas.
    Tobias seems all right to me-they have what I thought.
    Connor Jessup is the most familiar so I guess I’ll have to choose him for Roden.
    The actors for Imogen seem so good and nice! I know a lot from the three of them and I don’t care, a like them a lot.
    I think Georgie Henley would be nice for Amarinda.
    It’s just my opinion so I wouldn’t so care, just please please make the movie, arrugh!!!

    Hope you have a happy year! I won’t forget to get in touch

  84. I read the whole series, and it was the BEST SERIES EVER! I hope u write a fourth book. U could use Veldergrath somehow, because he just kind of left, and never came back. I really REALLY hope a movie comes out soon.
    Sage-Braeden Lemasters
    Tobias-Conner Jessup
    Roden-Garret Backstrom
    Amarinda-Odeya Rush

    • Thanks so much, Aubrey! No news yet on the movie, but if so, you made some good selections!

  85. I finally got my sister to read the False Prince yesterday for her book report!! She said she liked it so far

    • Fantastic! Hopefully she’ll continue liking it through to the end! Thanks, Aubrey.

  86. -Braeden Lemasters- in that pic is exactly what I imagine in the books,
    -Thomas Sangster
    -Conner Jessup
    -India Eisley
    -Georgie Henley- But all in those pics,
    not sure what they look like now… Love the books Jennifer great inspiration for young teens 😀

  87. oh, and again for Amarinda,
    either Georgie Henley or Maddie Hasson. 😀

  88. Sage- Braeden Lemasters
    Tobias-Conner Jessup
    Roden-Liam James
    Imogen- I’m not sure but maybe India Eisley
    Amarinda-Maddie Hasson
    I think they should do all three books. not just the false prince that would be sad.I am soooo excited! I REALLY hope this becomes a movie! I honestly have to confess, I LOVE harry potter but i love this trilogy more!!!

  89. For the role Amarinda, I think Odeya Rush would be the best choice. She did great as Fiona in The Giver. I have no doubt that she would be great in The False Prince.

  90. I changed the actors around but here is what I suggest:
    Braeden lemasters
    Or Charlie Rowe

    Liam James

    Hailee Steinfeld

    Georgie Henley

    Braeden lemasters
    Or Joel Courtney
    I thought about for 2 days! So I hoped I helped! I love your books!

  91. I changed the actors around but here is what I suggest:
    Braeden lemasters
    Or Charlie Rowe

    Liam James

    Hailee Steinfeld

    Georgie Henley

    Braeden lemasters
    Or Joel Courtney

    I thought about for 2 days! So I hoped I helped! I love your books! And I just keep re-reading all 3 books because I never get sick of them!!

  92. Here is my vote:
    Sage —– Joel Courtney
    Tobais — Charlie Rowe
    Roden —- Conner Jessup
    Imogen — Hailee Steinfeld
    Amarinda – Georgie Henley or Odeya Rush

  93. IMOGEN should be Bailee Madison!!!

  94. I defiantly think
    Joel Courtney for Sage
    Dylan Everett for Tobias
    Thomas Sangster or Charlie Rowe for Roden
    and I would be Amarinda or Imogen

  95. I can’t keep track of actors- especially young ones,but I think whoever plays Luke in the Percy Jackson series should play Roden if the trilogy ever becomes a movie.


  96. I definitely think Thomas Brodie Sangster should play Tobias!
    As for Imogen, I’ve wanted to play her since I read the first book (I know, I know, me and the rest of the world :)) I love to act, and she’s my favorite character.
    Have you heard of NaNoWriMo? I’ve done it for three years now.
    -A HUGE fan

    • Thank you, and congrats on the NaNoWriMo – that’s a fantastic accomplishment!

  97. Sage- Logan Lerman

    Tobias- Thomas Sangster

    Roden- Garret Backstrom

    Imogen- India Eisley

    Amerinda- Georgie Henley

  98. sage- dylan everett
    tobias-thomas sangster
    roden-garret backstrom
    amarinda-Georgie Henley

  99. Since I can’t find the information anywhere else I guess I’ll just ask here.
    If and when they do make a movie will you post audition information here?
    That’s probably a silly question but I recently remembered this was going to be a movie and got worried that it jad moved on since you came to my local library actually, wow that was two years ago!
    I love your work! Still tje best stuff out there! Thank you for working so hard!

    • Sigh. I can speak English. Sorry about that.

    • Hi Ambri – yes, if the movie is made, I will post anything I can find here on my website. The next update will probably be in late August (though the update might be “no news to report”). Thanks much!

  100. Oh my goodness I just finished the books and they are fantastic! It would be so great if they were made into movies. Are there any updates on that?

    • Thank you, Jocelyn! No news yet, but I should hear something this month and I’ll report it here on my blog. Be aware though, that the update might be, “No news yet.” Fingers crossed!

  101. Absolutely LOVE these books so I would be really picky about the cast. So hard to decide..

    Sage: This is a really hard one….probably either Braeden Lemasters or Dylan Everett
    Tobias: Skander Keynes (I know he’s not on the list but…)
    Roden: Garret Backstrom
    Imogen: It would be my DREAM to play Imogen but if not then Gerogie Henley all the way! Second choice would be Hailee Steinfield
    Amarinda: 1.Emma Watson would be great or 2.Georgie Henley
    AND (just for fun)…
    Conner: Eion Bailey or Hugh Jackman 🙂
    Craegan: Ive always pictured Chris Pratt
    Mott: I have NO clue! He might be the hardest one. Perhaps Denzel Washington…

    Thanks! So fun! Cant wait to see what happens! 🙂

  102. Oooh Dwayne Johnson would be a good Mott too! 😉

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