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For the next week ONLY (7/25-7/31), you can get THE FALSE PRINCE audio recording for free, along with Mark Twain’s THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER. Here’s how to get yours:


Go here:

There is also a sample of the audio that you can listen to from the website above. The reading is performed by Charlie McWade, who does a really amazing job! It also has a bonus scene from Book 1 that you will not find anywhere else!

The audio will download onto your computer via Overdrive Media Software, which is both Mac and PC compatible), or to your smart phone with the Overdrive App. Directions about how to get that software are at the above link, and both the software and the app are free.

If you like this program, please tell your friends so that it continues to grow in popularity. This is an amazing way to discover new books you might have been interested in reading (er, listening to), as well as classics that you’ve probably heard of your whole life!

There are six more great books that will be offered over the rest of summer too, so keep checking back with that site!

Now go get your FREE download of THE FALSE PRINCE!!!



  1. I love free things, and I love The False Prince…. 😀 It’s a double wammie!

  2. OMG. I can’t wait I love audio books.
    I checked it out I don’t like the voice it says it in though

  3. I’ going to get it. RIGHT. NOW.

  4. And now it won’t let me. 🙂 I don’t have one of the things I need, I think. Or maybe I’ll try again later.

    • Sorry Tori. The free offer on it expired – that might be the problem.


    • Thanks Trekelle – but don’t die…The Shadow Throne is coming out soon!

  6. I have currently read the False Prince 6 times and the Runaway King 3 times.They are so mind-exploding! I marvel at how good you write because whenever I do, I never get interested enough in my own writing to write the end–there’re about a dozen or more stories at home with no end! Also, I feel so jittery about the Shadow Throne;I even have a few guesses at what’s going to happen! I’m afraid that when I do read the book, I would do something embarrassing in class like leaping right out of my seat in excitement! I’m known for being overexcited, and I think one day books might be the death of me–I’ll probably have a heartattack if I read a too-exciting book.
    Now I’ve been wondering about this for weeks: is the person who’s answering these questions really you, Jennifer, or is this your assistant? It seems to me that authors are so busy and that it would seem almost impossible to find time to answer a dozen people’s questions and comments! Thanks, and good luck on your next series!

    • Thanks Russie! I hope you’ll enjoy The Shadow Throne too when you get a chance to read it. And to answer your question, I, Jennifer, am the one who answers the posts on this blog. Yes, authors are busy but so is everyone and I figure if someone takes the trouble to find my blog and post a question, they deserve my response. Best wishes –

  7. Ms. Nielsen,
    We love the books sooooooooooooooooo much We got my whole class excited about your books! AS you might know (if you read the email) we are the people who started the false prince fan club. (It was the Gabi half of this comment) Why we are writing this comment is because we are both really sad that you stopped giving the false prince audio for free. Please reply( it would make our night).
    FRom your adoring fans,
    Gabi and Ezra

    • Gabi and Ezra, I am totally honored that you would share your enthusiasm with your class, and for the fan club. I wish the audio book were still free – unfortunately that isn’t and never was my decision. The publisher handles that. But I appreciate you commenting here!

  8. Hi I love your books it’s the first book I’ve ever loved. When is the third book coming out though

    • Thanks, Isaac! Book 3, The Shadow Throne, will be released on February 25, 2014. War is coming…

  9. I am such a huge fan big fan of your series and I cannot wait read the third book The Shadow Throne!! Ms. Nielsen Good luck with your work and I am hoping to read more of your books in the future…..

  10. I want to say thank you for this magnificent book, my Language arts teacher gave me a copy of the false prince after i got in trouble for reading in class and it has become my new favorite. Thank you for all you do in the reading industry!

    p.s. can’t wait until #3!

    • Thank you, Lauren! If you have to get in trouble in school, it probably should be because of reading, right?

  11. Your books are amazing! When ever someone asks me for a book recomendation, your books are the top of my list. I haven’t read the last one, but I am looking forward to it! Do you have any sieries you’re thinking about writing next? If so what will they be about? WHo is your favorite author?

    Thank you soooo much for writing this sieries. I have checked it out every time I see it, and can’t wait to read it again. Thank You!

    • Thanks, Savannah. I do have other books I’m working right now, but they are still…super secret! And I have lots of favorite authors, too many to name, really (especially since many of my friends are authors)!

  12. Hi Mrs.Nielsen!!
    I’m 13 and in 8th grade. Me and my while class have read the ascendance trilogy and we love it!!! I can’t stop re-reading it!! Its so exciting and I can’t find a moment to put it down. Like you feel like you are truly inside the story. You feel like everything like its real. Like when Sage or should I say Jaron hurt his leg I winced. And when Imogene died* I started crying. And when they were raided by the pirates my heart started racing. I love how your really get the reader involved in the story. Do have any other books that you wrote or are planning to write? Meanwhile, me and my class thank you sooo much for your already amazing books!!

    • Thank you, Sundus – that is a very kind note and I appreciate it. I’m so glad the books have captivated you that way. I actually am working on a new series right now – the first book is called MARK OF THE THIEF and will be released on Feb 24. In fact, there’s a giveaway going on right now that you can enter by Sunday. There’s more info on that here. I’m also working on a standalone book for next fall that is about a girl in Cold War East Germany who wants to escape the Berlin Wall and reunite her family.

      Thanks again!

  13. I literally just read your MARK OF THE THIEF book and honestly, it is amazing. I can’t get enough of your books.. when will the sequel come out?

  14. I literally have just read your MARK OF THE THIEF book, and let me tell you… it’s amazing! how do you write so well? I always have urges to write stories, but most of these are never completed, because I can’t find a way to start them.
    When will the sequel to the Mark of The Thief come out?
    How much books will there be in the series?
    Please reply quickly as I’m anxious to read the whole series

    • Thanks very much, Andrew. And while I appreciate your compliments on my writing, the truth is that I was a terrible writer for YEARS – writing stuff that wasn’t even kind of good enough to be published. But with every story, I got better and better until one day I was good enough to be published.

      It’s equally awesome that you’re a writer too. For starting the story, figure out a way to start your character right in the middle of some bit of action. And keep in mind that you can always rewrite the opening later on. Just keep writing, even if it’s not great or not exactly like you want it. Remember that when I started, I was probably a worse writer than you!

      There will be three books in the Mark of the Thief series. Book 2 comes out in early 2016 – I’m editing it right now!

  15. where can i find a audiobook of the false prince

  16. Hello, I’m a 6th grade student that attends sallisaw middle school . I made the Sequoia trip for this year. I came to your meet the author in Tulsa . I loved listening to you speak . I love your book the False Prince , and I am currently reading the Runaway King . I like writing stories and after you said how you know you have an author’s brain. I think I have a author’s brain. I was day dreaming in the car the other day and I didn’t even hear the train! You have really inspired me , I am currently working on a book myself called Antarctica Lost . I am on page 36 on my computer .

    PS. I have a dog that won’t fetch too!!

    – Love Natalie

    • Thanks very much, Natalie – I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m super glad that you can identify that writer’s brain with you. Keep working on your story, it has an awesome title! Give your dog a hug for me!

  17. Hi, Jennifer. I dont know you are real Jennifer who wrote trilogy the false prince or not, but I wanna tell you I love those books. I read the false prince many times, so do the runaway king. Whenever I read them again and again, I still love em, every tactical you use on those books are unexpected and interesting. Im looking forward to the next book. In my country, it’s so late to publish your book becausw it is translated into Indonesian language. I want to read them in original version but there is no bookstore sell it, I try to find on the internet and want to download freely, but there is no any website provide it.

    • I’m sure it is frustrating to wait for a book to be translated, but I hope the next book gets to Indonesia soon! (And yes, I am the Jennifer who wrote the trilogy) 🙂

  18. Hello Jennifer!! Thank you so much for your new series! I’ve gotten my friends at my new school to read the Ascendance trilogy as well, and they LOVED it!! I just finished that series for a third time, and I can’t wait to start Mark of the Thief. My friends and I are waiting for our school library to order the second two books of that series too. I can’t thank you enough for your awe-inspiring stories. I absolutely LOVE the emotional journey this series takes the reader on. I find the emotions expressed so real and relatable. You’ve inspired many of my own stories, and I can’t thank you enough!! <3 <3

    • Thanks very much, Sundus. My favorite part of your post is that you’re writing too – keep going! Keep creating!

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