Dream Cast Pt 2, The Ladies

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Just as with the last post, here are some girls who might just be perfect for the roles of Imogen and Amarinda. This is only for fun, of course, but leave your votes in the comment section! If you want to nominate another face to go up here, let me know!

Odeya Rush (Life of Timothy Green)                                                                        Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit)

Odeya-Rush                    Kate Krauss (Friday Night Lights)images


                                                                                 India Eisley (Secret Life of the

  Annasophia Robb (Soul Surfer)                                                                                         American Teenager)


Maddie Hasson (Twisted)



Ryan Newman (Zoom)                                                                                               Chloë Grace Moretz (Hugo)



Georgie Henley (Chronicles of Narnia)                                                                Abigail Breslin (Ender’s Game)


Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars)                                                                            Stella Hudgens (Single, With Parents)




  1. I can kinda see Georgie Henley being Imogen!!!!

    • I like, so agree with you Lauren, Georgie Henley would be a perfect Imogen. And i don’t think she’ll be busy with the Chroncles of Narnia.
      Lucy Hale, or odeya Rush to be Amarinda.
      Odeya Rush looks like she has Amarinda’s attitude though.

    • chloe mortez for amarinda! girl who plays prim for Imogen!

      • willow shields for Imogen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ryan Newman as Amirinda!!!!

  2. I agree, Lauren, I can totally see Georgie as Imogen and maybe Maddie Hasson as Amarinda!

  3. Jennifer you are my favorite author and I hope to see more books come out soon!! I LOVE the Ascendence Trilogy, and was wondering about how long it would be until the Shadow Throne came out. I’m not sure about the cast, but maybe Odeya Rush for Arimanda. Hope you’re making progress with you’re books

    – Kaya

    • Thanks Kaya. The Shadow Throne will be released on March 1, 2014.

      • Thanks for replying!! I heard that you were researching for a new series. Is this true? I was also wondering what books you would recommend to read while I wait for the shadow throne! Thanks!

        • Kaya, yes I’m doing research on Ancient Rome for a new series that will take place there. It’s hard to recommend books since I’m not sure how old you are or what else you like reading, but here are a few I really enjoy:

          “One for the Murphys” by Lynda Hunt
          “Artemis Fowl” by Eoin Colfer
          “Cinder” by Marissa Meyer
          “Seven Wonders” by Peter Lerangis
          “The Unwanteds” by Lisa McMann

          • Just checked out The Unwanteds and Seven Wonder from the library and reserved the rest. They seem like great books!

          • ryan newman really is perfect for imogen

          • ryan newman really good for Imogen

          • i think emma watson would be really good for Amerind

          • i think emma watson would be really good for Amerinda

  4. I don’t really like any of these picks but if I had to pick someone to play Conner I would pick Hugh Laurie.

    • Yes, I can totally see it he would be the perfect Connor!

  5. Opps, sorry. Messed up on the one before. So sorry. Well anyways.. I say Georgie Henley for Imogen. And Odeya Rush for Arimanda.

  6. I am not as hyped on a movie as much as I would, because I really don’t like it when books become movies.
    I like the False Prince as it is and I worry that a movie could destroy it. Well if the movie does go, I’m sure they won’t do as bad as Twilight- ANYWAYS! Good luck on your next series Jenn, I mean the one in 2015…………. that is a long time .-.

  7. Hailee Steinfeld or India Eisley as Imogen
    I had a problem here. So many could be perfect for her! But I finally decided…
    1) Odeya Rush
    2) Ryan Newman
    3)Georgie Henley

    • Odeya Rush for imogen all the way!

  8. Amarinda

  9. Katie Krauss or Maddie Hasson as Amarinda
    Hailee Steinfield or India Eisleyas Imogen

  10. Georgie Henley Imogen

  11. either Odeya Rush or Lucy Hale for Amarinda

  12. Hailee Steinfeld as Imogen, for sure. Krauss would make a great Amarinda, but I think if Rush dyed her hair blonde, she would be perfect for the part of Amarinda

    • I agree with you, I think that Hailee Steinfeld would be great as Imogen. She looks EXACTLY as how I pictured Imogen! 😀

  13. Imogen is not supposed to look like Barbie’s little sister. Her face should be interesting and expressive.I think Georgie Henley would be perfect for the role. She’s expressive enough to pull off all the looks she gives Sage to communicate…and she’s pretty close to how I pictured her.
    I think India Eisley would be great as Amarinda.

  14. Georgie Henley for Imogen and Odeya rush as amirinda!

  15. Hailee Steinfeld as Imogen and Odeya Rush as Amarinda

  16. how old is Imogen? around 14?

    • Yep, around 14 in book 1. She’s 15 by sometime in Book 2.

      • I would love to play Imogen I’m tall enough to be a 14/15 year old I’m taller than all my other 14/15 year old friends I’m 5ft 5 & 1/2 inches I might hit another growth spurt though soooo 🙂

        • That would be awesome, right? Luckily for you, if the movie happens, it will still be some time before they get to casting, so you have time to get older!

          • Awesome! I can’t wait to audition!

  17. First, I’d just like to mention that I LOVE this series; I just finished reading The Runaway King about 15 minutes ago and I couldn’t put it down the entire time. It was wonderful 😀

    From these choices, I’d pick Hailee Steinfeld for Imogen and either Ryan Newman or Georgie Henley for Amarinda.

  18. Ryan, India, or Hailee for Imogen.

    • Or maybe Stella for Imogen. I’m not sure. Who would you choose, Jennifer?

      • I’ll put in my vote at the end, but it’s fun to see what everyone else thinks first!

  19. Georgie Henley–Amarinda
    India Eisley–Imogen

    • YESSSSSSS!!!

    • I agree with this. Georgie is not a good Imogen in my mind but she would make a great Amarinda. India is exactly how I pictured Imogen.

  20. Imogen – Georgie Henely or Hailee Steinfeld
    Amarinda – Odeya Rush

  21. I usually prefer for my favorite books not to be made into a movie because if the movie’s cast and the movie itself turns out bad, it might affect m image of the characters and they’ll have a big chance of turning hideous the next time I read the books again! But since I better “help” out as much as I can so that the movie won’t turn bad and spoil the mind-blowing AWESOME series reputation, in my point of view, Imogen should be Hailey Steinfield, with that expression of hers and Amarinda to be Odeya Rush because of her brown curly hair so like the one in my mind. Well, I think I wrote a little bit too much but I really hope you’ll read my opinion and thank you if you do!

  22. Hailee Steinfeld as Imogen and Maddie Hasson as Amarinda.

  23. Ryan Newman as Imogen no one looks like Princess Amerinda

    It’s not because I want to be her it’s because none of them (even the one I picked for Imogen) have the picture I have in mind for them. Sorry Jen if you picked all of those, they just don’t fit.

    Your biggest fan and new friend (I hope)

  24. I also agree with Russie. You need to have the correct cast for favorite books or else it might look bad. Take Percy Jackson for instance, in the movie Annabeth has brown hair, but in the book she has blond. You need to pick the right cast, with the right hair color:) ha ha! no, serious, and you need to have a good script writer, that’s one good thing done about the movie, now they just need a good actress, hmmm.
    I just hope the cast is good. Percy Jackson was a little disappointing. Hope The False Prince works out. I can’t wait for the movie, if it comes out, can’t wait for Wednesday, and can’t wait for March 2014!!!!
    Your loving fan and friend
    P.S. You need to give me some writing lessons, even though I could never be as you are:). I read your tips and I tried to make my first chapter better, but it still needs some work. Well we both should get back to writing…

  25. India for Imogen

    Geogia for Amrinda

    • Yessss!!

  26. India Easley looks the most like Imogen in my oppinion

    • Yaaaaass!!

  27. I left a post already, but personally, I can’t see Imogen as a blond-haired-knows-shes-beautiful type, more original and mysterious, but is pretty. Where as Amarinda should be a knows-shes-beautiful-and-doesn’t-hide-it type, that’s how I can not see AnnaSophia Robb playing Imogen.

  28. i think that Odeya Rush would make a good Imogen and Lucy Hale as Amarinda, thanks for replying to my other comment so fast your great i still can’t wait til the shadow thone, it seems so far away. jazzy ^_^

  29. Abigail Breslin as Amarinda and Hailee Steinfeld as Imogen.

    I also really like the names of the characters in The Ascendance Trilogy. 🙂

  30. India Eisley as Imogen (Odeya Rush or Hailee Steinfeld might work but I like India better)

    Emma Watson as Amarinda (I know she’s not in the choices but she is perfect in my opinion)

  31. India Eisley- Imogen
    Odeya Rush- Amarinda

  32. Odeya Rush as Amarinda, yes <3 Bless you.

    && I would love to audition for Imogen, if this becomes a movie and they come hear where I live.. c:

    • Susan, if this goes forward as a movie and auditions are opened up, I will post that information here on my website. It would be awesome if you could audition!

  33. plse make the film exactly like the book

    don’t make it different please


    • I don’t have any control over what happens in the film, but I also hope it’ll be true to the book. Fingers crossed!

  34. The Ascendance series so far are my favorite books ever! I love reading these books every day. I read The False Prince last year and The Runaway King also. Best books ever! I personally was called Imogen by my friend and he was Sage. We are now best friends. I have the personality of Imogen and would love to audition. I have been in many plays and productions before. I just want the opportunity to audition so badly! I have read each book three times so far. I think about them every day! Your writing has inspired me to write more often. Once again I would like to state that I would love to Imogen! She reminds me of myself! I hope you read this! Thanks for your time! Please consider me!

    • Cassie, if a movie is made, I won’t have any choice in who they decide to cast, but I will try to post audition information. If you’re so much like Imogen, I hope you will have the chance to try out! Thanks for reading!

  35. I don’t know who should be Imogen but I know that Emma Watson would be a great Amarinda. She does have the looks of how I thought of her but that just mine opinion 🙂

    Again, I’m a HUGE Fan and I can’t for the third book and this movie to come out. My fingers are crossed. 🙂

  36. Im thinking someone kate krauss will make a decent amarinda but taller, more brown tint in hair, and a bit more mature looking. For imogen, it states in book one she isnt really beautiful so someone more average looking or pretty but not beautiful. I like ryan newman for imogen though. 🙂

  37. I love your books soooooooooooo much. I think India Eisley should be Imogen. She looks exactly like what I imagined her to look like. I would love it if could help me think of a great story idea I am a totally unaccomplished writer who loves your style.

    • Gabi, everyone gets story ideas in different ways. All you have to do is figure out what inspires you – often that’s the hardest part, is just knowing your inspirations. Try this to get a story idea. Next time you’re in a public place, pick out a stranger. Give them a name and then ask yourself what their secret is. Then ask yourself, what could go wrong for that person *right now*. See if that prompts anything. Good luck!

      • I am freaking out you replied thank you sooooo much for that advice I plan on starting soon!(BTW I also commented on the false prince audio page please check it out!

  38. I think Stella Hudgens for Imogen. She has the right hair and her face is like what I pictured Imogen looking like. For Amarinda I would say Ryan Newman or Kate Krauss.

  39. Love love love all the girls but personally, I think Georgie Henley would be the perfect Amarinda. She could be sweet, but she could also be sneaky and have a mind of her own. Plus she already knows how to be a Princess. I also think Hailee Steinfeld would be an amazing Imogen. She has that look that could be a servant and could be looked over, but someone like Sage would see her beauty. All in all I would love to play either one of them. I am sassy and sarcastic but also caring. I am almost 15 and I have blondeish brown hair and light brown eyes. What part do you think I would fit best? (Love your writing style so much! it suprizes me every time and that’s pretty hard to do. You are wonderful!!)

    • If a movie is made, I hope you’ll get the chance to audition. That would be very cool.

  40. Amarinda I was thinking would be someone like Victoria Justice. Someone with very pretty and sharp features.
    As for Imogen I absolutely strongly feel like Isabelle Fuhrman would be perfect! She is cute and simple and I think that describes Imogen!

  41. I agree with Alexa, Victoria Justice would be good for Amarinda. If Katy Krauss had brown hair then she’d be good for Amarinda, too. Imogen could be Stella Hudgens or Hailee Steinfeld.

    I hope that if the movie is made, they pick actors/actresses that look good for the character. I also dislike it when the movie is almost nothing like the book. Like in ‘Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief’ a lot of the actors weren’t good. I mean the main girl Annabeth was supposed to have blonde hair and gray eyes. Alexandra Daddario played her and she looked nothing like Annabeth. Alexandra had red hair and stuff. I love the Percy Jackson series. The movie however,I’m sorry to whoever directed it but overall, it was terrible.

    Anyways, if they make a movie for this series then I hope they pick good actors and make a good script. Good luck on The Shadow Throne Mrs.Neilson! 🙂

  42. Dont want to sound like a jerk but All Ladys are amazing Actresses but I think that the age in the book should be the age of the role

    Mrs.Neielson your book is going to be the next Hunger Games and maybe Hopeful yong Actresses and Acators sould have a chance and I think Im as hopeful as you this is made a movie and think that maybe the whole triology is going to a movie.


  43. India Eisley is about exactly how I imagined Imogen to be. It’d be perfect.

    And Georgie Henley is perfect for Amarinda.

    I can’t wait for the movie! And I still got to read the shadow throne.. I’m starting it sometime this week!

  44. Hi Jennifer! I would like to start off this comment with saying that the ascendency trilogy is such a good series and I actually read the false prince about……. A year and I half ago and at that time I didn’t even no there would be a second book let alone a third! You have inspired me soooo much and I’m currently waiting for my mom to take me to the nearest Barnes and noble which is an hour away

    • Thanks so much, Genesis – I hope you get the chance to read the rest of the books soon!

  45. I think:
    Imogen: Ryan Newan
    Amarinda: Maddie Hasson

  46. Okay, this is probably going to sound insane, but I am an actor and have been acting since I was 4 ish. I’m thirteen fourteen soon, and live in Utah! 🙂 I would absolutely love to be Imogene! 🙂 I read all your books a GAZILLION times! (Jennifer, u can thank Mrs. Aimee Anderson for that) I would love more than anything to learn how our when I could audition. Heck, I would create the movie myself if it ment I got to pay Imogene! 🙂 Read more about my career on my blog! aubzcreative.blogspot.com!!!!!! 🙂 love Ya Jen!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Sorry I got the wrong blog it’s actually aubreylake2001.blogspot.com! Haha 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Aubrey –

      I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the books so much! I probably won’t know whether the movie will be made until February, but if the studio decides to go ahead, I’ll announce on my blog how to do auditions. I certainly hope you’ll get the chance to try for the part of Imogen! Say hello to Aimee for me!

  47. They aren’t exactly as I had pictured them, but out of the options I would definitely say India Eisley for Imogen and Lucy Hale for Amarinda.

  48. I love the books! I was wondering where it would be filmed and when? Do you know whose designing costumes?

    • Sorry – until Paramount makes a final decision on whether or not to make the movie, none of the other decisions will be made. I’ll know more at the end of February!

      • Ok. Thanks!

  49. i think maddie hasson for amarinda and ryan newman as imogen.

    • for imogen

    • She’ll do a great job with 1 of the female characters.

  50. Amarinda- Chloë Grace Moretz
    Imogen- Georgie Henley

  51. For some reason i think Odeya Rush would make a good Imogen.

    • So do I. Odeya just seems like Imogen.

  52. The girls are on this list as well
    The False Prince cast:
    Sage/Jared: dylan matzke 1999
    Josh feldman 1999
    Tobias: will shadley 1999
    Roden: skyler gisondo 1996
    Spencer list 1998
    Lamanter: chase ellison 1993
    Colin ford 1996
    Jared’s brother : nathan kress 1992
    Cody linsey 1989
    Imogen: georgie henley 1995
    Jadin gould 1998
    Cassidy hinckle 1997
    Aremanda: Sierra McCormick 1997
    Ryan Newman 1998
    Sarah highland 1990
    Paris smith 1998

  53. I fell in love with the series years ago, and my class read the False Prince aloud this year, which I reread. It was just as amazing as the first time I read it! I can’t wait until you come to my school on Feb. 23 and 24! You are an awesome author, Jennifer Nielsen! I can’t wait to read the new book that comes out that day. My homeroom teacher got an advanced copy, and I was jealous.

  54. Lucy Hale (Amarinda)
    Georgie Henley (Imorgan)

  55. Odeya Rush as Imogen and Lucy Hale for Amarinda.

  56. KAtie Krauss for Amarinda and Me for Imogen!!!!!!

  57. I pictured Raffey Cassidy as Imogene and I think she’ll fit the part!! She did a wonderful job in Tomorrowland!!
    I think I’ll make a good Imogene. I think I look like her and Imogene is one of my favorite characters in the series.
    Raffey would make a great Imogene, I also think I’ll do a great job playing her. Raffey definitely needs to be on this list!!

  58. Raffey Cassidy and Maxkenzie Foy need to be on here!!
    I LOVED the Ascendence Triology I read the first book to my mom and she really liked it!!! I just started reading the second book, it’s really good so far!!!
    I think that I would make a good Imogene, I even act like her. My favorite part is when Imogene visited Sage in the dungeon after he was whipped because of a gold rock that he has and fed him bread and water!! She’s 1 of my favorite characters in the book!!
    The False Prince is an amazing book and I hope I get to finish the series this year.
    My other favorite book is The Music of Dolphins by Karen Hesse, I hope they make a movie out of this one it would be a great movie. I waited for years for it to come out,I hope Karen Hesse sells the film rights to it!!
    The False Prince is 1 of my all time favorite books, it’s really good!! There some funny moments that were pretty funny. I hope they make the movie exactly like the book, ( they did the same
    Thing for The Hobbit and it’s a 3 part movie of the book). Sage reminded me of Arthur in Arthur and the Invisibles except he’s 10 years old in that movie.
    I’m writing a fantasy series that I hope to finish and publish it!! The Dreamcatchers Series is fantasy and there are going to be 5 books
    into the series.
    The 1st book is about Bethany and she lives in like the future. There are shape shifters from
    another world and they can turn into there worst nightmare. Her younger sister and best friend were the latest victims. She follows them and comes across a spot in the forest and she went through a colorful portal. She meets Neira ( a Starcatcher), 2 Water Elf Nymphs, an Ice Griffin Hawk , and several other kids. She even meets a boy named Arthur who escaped from the Dreamcatchers and together they follow the map that was given to her by Neira that would then to his younger brother Max and Bethany’s sister Ally and close friend Alex.
    I’m still working on the books, how can a book be published?
    I hope I get the chance to audition for Imogene when u find out more about the movie!!

    • Thanks, Mila. Any news I receive on the movie (and possible auditions) will be announced first here on my website, maybe next February!

  59. I think Hailee Steinfeld would portray a great Imogen. She did an amazing job as Juliet and she would be perfect for this role <3

  60. Oh man, I can’t decide!! I know exactly who should play Bevin Conner though. Benedict Cumberbatch all the way.

  61. I definitely think that Kate Krauss should be Imogene! She has the natural look that Imogene should have! Plus she’s very pretty! I also think Georgie Henley works pretty well for the role as well. She is an amazing actress!

  62. Out of Imogene and Amarinda I narrowed it down to these actresses:
    Amarinda: Odeya Rush, Kate Krauss, Annasophia Robb, Maddie Hasen, Ryan Newman, Chloe Grace Mooretz, Abigail Breslin, and Lucy Hale
    Imogen: Hailee Steinfeld, India Eisley, Georgie Henley, and Stella Hudgens
    The first time I pictured Amarinda, I saw a wavy blond haired girl with blue eyes and a pointed chin. I later learned that both her eyes and hair were brown. She should be very beautiful.
    For Imogen, She doesn’t have to be the most beautiful, but she has pale skin, gray eyes, and dark brown hair.
    So then the result was this:
    Amarinda: Odeya Rush
    Imogen: Georgie Henley (with dark hair)

  63. I think that the last person will be the best Imogen. I’d personally LOVE to play Amarinda, so tell me when the auditions are when they start making the movie!😊(cause it better be soon!!!)

    • If Paramount green lights the movie, I will for sure ask about auditions and post whatever information I get on my website. Fingers crossed!

  64. I think I should be Imogen. (Wow I’m modest) I think I fit the role well, as in looks and I act like her in real life.

  65. Hmm.. I think Kate Krauss blended with Stella Hudgens(Stella’s hair and skin tone, Kate’s face) would be closest to how I’d imagined Amarinda.
    Imogen, in my mind, is a lot like Georgie Henley, but with straight, black hair.

  66. Chole for Amerinda and Ryan for Imogene.

  67. Hello, Jennifer!
    I have read the Ascendance Trilogy sooooo many times, and I LOVED them! I tell my friends to read them because their greatness MUST be shared! I would love to have the chance to audition for Imogen! It would mean the world to me! Any updates on the movie progress? (Do you think they will consider fans for the cast?)

    • The movie is in hold mode for now, Aubrey, so I’m not sure if or when it will move forward. However, I will make any announcements on this blog first and I hope you will get the chance to audition!

  68. Thank you so much for the information Jennifer! have you considered a 4th book? I think it would be a great addition to the trilogy! Possibly something with their kids?

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