News: The Good, the Bad, and the Neutral

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Okay awesome readers – here are updates!



Thanks to you, RISE OF THE WOLF hit #6 on the New York Times Bestselling List for the week of February 14th. YOU all did this, so thank you!







The Bad:

It’s still six months until the release of my next book, THE SCOURGE. Many of you know that when it comes to book stuff, I have almost no patience, so you must know that this wait is killing me! Honestly, I’m so excited to see what you all think of this one. However, I should have some fun stuff to talk about soon with this one. Until then…we wait.


The Neutral:9780545284141_p0_v2_s260x420

So…that FALSE PRINCE movie. You know, the one where the option contract keeps getting extended for another six months. Well, they’re extending it another six months. That’s the bad news, but at least Paramount continues to move forward, so this is officially – neutral! There is one exciting change on its progress, but I can’t talk about it yet. Just know that I will tell you when I can and that it’s something you’ll all like.


  1. I really can’t wait to read more of your books!!!!! I also can’t wait to hear more news on the false prince movie 🙂 fingers crossed. I really hope the Rise Of The Wolf will soon go to #1. My friends and I really like it so this is also fingers crossed.

    • Thank you, Charley!

    • I am excited to read Scourge!!! I wish the movie releases soon…

      • Thank you!

        • Hi I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the ascendant trilogy and pls keep us posted about the movie I can’t believe another 6 months!!

          • Thank you, Harry. Fingers crossed for the movie!

        • its 2017 is it in production

  2. Not ANOTHER 6 months!!!

  3. At least they r considering, hopefully all this waiting pulls off! The only thing keeping my fingers from breaking from crossing so much is hope 😉

  4. Every one write paramount letters and annoy them until they do it. Also 1st coment!

    • Also you got to read The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle. (Lucky) It sounds, looks good and you like it=A must read!

      • It’s creepy and beautiful and exciting, and wonderfully written! Definitely worth checking out, if that’s the kind of book that attracts you!

    • Ha! I’m not sure that will do much good. The best thing you can do is to recommend my books to new readers so that its popularity continues spreading! But thank you!

      • I’ve been doing that! I recommended it to all of my friends

  5. I’m so glad Rise of the Wolf got on the bestseller list! I’m so excited for Scourge! Can’t wait for the movie!
    – Loreley

  6. Awesome you’re on the best seller list. You so deserve it. Fingers crossed on the movie. I’d love to see The False Prince as a movie.

  7. Congratulations on the best seller list, so well deserved. Like you said on the movie, I guess things are still moving, even if slowly. I’ll just have to wait patiently, and keep my fingers crossed too.

  8. OMG,your books are AMAZING! I am middle schooler, and I love the mark of the thief series so far! I can’t wait to see what happens next, so keep up the good work!

    • Thanks very much! Though I’ll warn you – it only gets worse for Nic in the third book! 😉

  9. OH. MY. GODS. Rise of the Wolf and Mark of the Thief were such amazing books! I can’t wait for the next one! Keep up the good work!

    -A 7th grader

  10. OH. MY. GODS. These books are amazing! As I middle schooler, I don’t read much, but I just couldn’t put these ones down! keep up the good work!

  11. YES! I can’t wait for The Scourge! So close…but so far!

    Right now, I’m reading A Night Divided (finally!) and it’s AWESOME! and while i’m anxious to get more information on The False Prince movie, I’m just glad that their moving forward and not letting go of the project. The False Prince becoming a movie would be so cool!


    • I figure as long as it’s moving forward, that’s got to be a good thing! Thank you K.A.C.!

  12. I love your book! You have inspired my friends and I to start writing our own books. I told them about the book, and they have all loved it! We will continue to spread the word!

  13. I’m so pumped to start reading the rise of the wolf series. You’re literally my favourite author and i can’t wait until i can get my hands on my own copy.
    And, a bit of a guilty admission, as I’ve started work on my acting resume (Pulling together what i’ve done in the past, along with researching classes and opportunities here in P.R, along with worldwide if I’m lucky enough), My main goal is to have some involvement with the False Prince movie, if and when it is made. And every time the date gets extended, a part of me is groaning at the anticipation, while the rest of me is cheering at a wider opportunity. I’m a horrible human being, i know. But I’m a passionately horrible human being, if that’s considered an upside.

    • Thanks very much, Megan, that’s very kind. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your involvement on the False Prince movie!

  14. How many 6 months do they need? XD R u gonna write another “False Prince” book? I would LOVE that!

    • I guess at least one more six months, then hopefully they’ll know more. No plans right now for another False Prince book, though who knows what the future will bring?

  15. Hi! I haven’t commented in a while, but I have been reading your “For Writers” section. I have a great idea for a fantasy novel and am about 15,000 words into it. I know it is a long shot, especially for a teen, but I was wondering how you got your first book published. Did you need an agent? What company did you publish through? And how much time did it take? I have a while and am willing to take all of the time needed to finish my draft and get it published, but it would be nice to know how a real author with big dreams like me became so successful.

    • Hi Kate. It’d take pages to answer this question enough to be really helpful, but I can give you some thoughts to consider.
      1) Finish your novel. You’ve got a good start, but finish. And when it’s finished, edit it until you really can’t make it any better.
      2) The decision of whether to get an agent depends on your goals. If you want to be published with one of the big houses (the ones you’ve heard of), then yes, you need an agent. There is a lot of info online about how to get one. It’s difficult, but they’re always looking for the next big thing. Hopefully that’s you!
      3) I’m published with Scholastic. Your agent will look at your manuscript and help you determine the right publishing house for you.
      4) It took me a very long time to find an agent, because I was a pretty bad writer when I started out. Some find an agent with their first few queries. Some take years to find one. But when your writing is good enough, you will find one.
      5) It’s important with writing not to take shortcuts, and it sounds like you’re willing to take the needed time to get your writing where it needs to be. Keep your focus on your goals and don’t accept any half-measure that is temporarily satisfying, but which takes you on a path away from the things you really want. If you have big dreams, only make choices that can make your dreams a reality. And never give up.

      Good luck!

      • Thank you so much!

  16. As soon as I saw the heading “News: The good, the bad, and the neutral” I kind of freaked out that that bad was that Paramount decided to cancel a False Prince movie. And by freaked out I mean I had a heart attack. Thank god that’s not the case.
    I’m not surprised The Rise of The Wolf got on the bestselling book. It was so good that it was bound to happen. Now just another six months for both the release of The Scrouge and movie news.

    • Sorry you had a heart attack. But you recovered enough to write this, so that’s a relief! And yes, another six months…. 😉

  17. s..s..six months? Haha
    Just hope they won’t lose another precious book 🙂

  18. It’s been a long time since I last visited your blog Miss Jen hehe… Why another six months for the decision whether they are making the movie or not. But still, we must look forward that it will be a sweet yes from them by then hehe… Just like what Conner said to Sage, “Patience Sage. Patience is the mark of the ruler.” We must also learn how to wait hehe… Or maybe they will tell you the good news about the movie when you release “The Scourge”. They will surprise you!!! 🙂

    By the way Miss Jen, congrats to your second book of the Praetor War Series “The Rise of the Wolf” for the achievement! Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Lemuel – I think the ongoing delays is they want a screenplay that they feel really confident about. The False Prince is a complicated story in terms of keeping everything balanced, so they want to do it right rather than put out only an average script. So yes, fingers still crossed…patiently!

      • Yes you are right about that Miss Jen. Planning is always the hardest part in making a really good movie. But I know it will be totally worth the wait when the False Prince movie comes out hehe…

  19. At least they didn’t say they dont want to continue!

  20. I just finished rise of the wolf last night and I was wondering if Nic really did die? It has been bugging me all day long.

  21. I’m looking forward to reading RISE OF THE WOLF and THE SCOURGE!! I LOVED MARK OF THE THIEF!! I also can’t wait to get more info on THE FALSE PRINCE movie!!!! Gahh They need to hurry up already!

    • I totally agree! But thank you!

      • I read your series False Prince 2 times already and I love them so much! I am writing some books but I got stumped at a part what do you do when your stuck when writing a book?

        • Thanks, Emilia. Think of writing like going through a maze. Every choice you make either keeps you moving forward or takes you to a dead end. Weak choices = dead ends. So if you’re stuck, it’s because somewhere earlier in the story – a paragraph before, or a page before, or many pages before – you made a choice that limited your story options. So go back to that weak choice, make a stronger choice and you should be flowing again.

  22. give us info about you

  23. we want to know how you spend time and write books.

    • west is my name not rest.

    • west is my name not rest. But how do you spend free time away from writing.

    • Hmm, not sure exactly what you mean. How I spend my free time? I write during the day while my kids are at school, and in my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my family, watching movies, and eating chocolate.

  24. The moment I read the first page of the False Prince I was hooked. I couldn’t stop reading it, and I didn’t know it was a series at the time. I was super excited when I found out! And now there might be a movie?!! Wow. I am super, super excited and hope Paramount decides to make it. I also kind of want to audition even though I’ve only been in, like, one play when I was seven. I was a frog.😂

    • Well, a frog is a start, right? If Paramount moves forward on the movie, I’ll post audition information here on my blog.

    • Oh my gosh me too!! I am going crazy waiting to see when the auditions are!!!

  25. Hey Jennifer, have you set on a name for the next book in the false prince series? I really enjoyed the first one!

    • The False Prince (Ascendance Trilogy) is complete, so all of the books have been named. Did you mean another book series of mine?

  26. I introduced my little sister to the False Prince, and she loved it more than I did! She almost freaked out when she heard it was going to be a movie.

  27. Honestly, I’ve only read the Ascendance Trilogy, but because of that you are my favorite author, so I’m planning on reading other books by you. 😀

  28. I was wondering if you were ever going to make a fourth book the ascendence trilogy. Like were jaron and Imogen have children or something because that would be really cool.

    • I might one day make more books in the series, Lia, but right now I’m focused on other projects. If that ever changes though, and I do add to the ascendance books, I’ll announce it first on my blog. Thanks for asking!

  29. Hi! I was just wondering what is the average word count in your books? I am writing a book right now, and wanted to make sure that it wasn’t going to be one of those thirty minute reads that you typically get assigned to read in kindergarten.

    Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Bri. My books are usually between 78,000 and 83,000 words. One way you can estimate word counts of books already in print is to count the words on a page and then multiply that by the total number of pages in the book. Good luck on yours!

  30. I hope it’s okay to mention someone else’s book. I was talking to my 13-year old granddaughter who told me her favorite book was the Divergent series and was I familiar with it. I told her I was not really into dystopian universes, although I had read all of the series several years ago when it was “all the rage”, and that I knew of a series that I felt was much better, had more realistic characters, more interesting plot lines, and showcased qualities that I personally felt were more in tune with my own — honor, integrity, intelligence, self-confidence, and imagination. I sent her The False Prince and can’t wait to hear back from her on her opinion.

    • That’s cool, Lauri, thank you – though I do think Divergent is a great series too!

  31. I was so lucky to came across your books on one of my locals bookstores (I’m from Ecuador, so it’s not so easy). I’m enjoying “The False Prince” so much that I already had from amazon “The Runaway King” and I’m expecting to arrive soon “The Shadow Throne”. I just wanted to say thank you for writing and I can’t wait to read more of your books. What would you recommend when I’m done with this trilogy? I was thinking “The Mark Thief” maybe? Greetings and good luck with the movie (Oh, Sage!)

    • Hi Gaby! Thank you for choosing my books to read! I hope you will enjoy them all!

  32. I just don’t understand the ending of Rise of the Wolf, sorry, didn’t say it. I don’t want to ruin it for other people who haven’t read it yet, but it just doesn’t make sense to me. You never told us that he never did die. Sorry, don’t want to say his name. But I just can’t stop thinking about how it didn’t happen. Is it like a different character saying this stuff as if they were in his point of view? Oh! I’m guessing it’s in another’s character’s point of view just in one big book together of book one and book two, just not as much, because worse things were happening to the one who did or didn’t die.

    • The “he” you are talking about is definitely in a lot of trouble at the end of the second book. The question is, can he hang on until book 3 starts? And if so, then what? Fingers crossed for “his” safety, right? 😉

  33. So I was just wondering, and I’m only asking again, not trying to get on your nerves, cause I lost my page to the website, but when do you think that Amazon has your books from after you release it? I’m sorry I’m asking you again, I know you’re very busy! Another question, do you release the summery of your books earlier

  34. So sorry, lost the webpage to the website! But would you recommend Jane Eyre? Just asking, is it appropriate or not? Don’t want to waste my money on a really stupid book.

  35. Not that it seems like a stupid book. Just read the summary and can’t tell if it like going to be an appropriate book. It does seem like it could get a bit inappropriate.

  36. You books, especially The Ascendance Trilogy, are by far my favorites out of all the books I have ever read, and I have read a lot of books. I can’t even remember how many times I have read and re-read The Ascendance Trilogy, and hearing that there is even the slightest chance for a movie is thrilling beyond words. I can’t wait to see the movie if they ever get around to actually doing it. *glares at Paramount* HURRY UP ALREADY!! US FANGIRLS/FANBOYS NEED A MOVIE!!

    • Hee-hee – thanks, Aisha! I hope it happens too, but you’re right – sometimes this process is sooooo slow.

      • Another 6 months? Agh!! I can’t wait any longer! Anyway, I’ve been reading more of your books! I have the whole Ascendance Trilogy, Mark of the Thief, and A Night Divided. I looooove all of them!!!

        • Wow – thank you, Rachel! You can always try The Scourge coming out in only another three months! 😉

          • I can’t wait to see if the movie will come out! my friends and I just read and finished The False Prince and we want to get together and watch the movie. we have our fingers crossed!!

          • That would be fun! My fingers are crossed too!

  37. Is there going to be a movie? It’s been more then six months now and I really hope that they make one… The false prince definitively deserves a movie!

    • The screenplay is still being revised, which can be a very slow process in Hollywood. I’ll have an official update next week, but that pretty much sums it up.

  38. Do we have to wait another 6 months (say no)

    • Well um…4.5 months – five months tops! 😐

      • Ok thanks😊

  39. Hey! Ive been following the news about the False Prince since 2013 and I would go see this movie a thousand times. This is the most recent post Ive seen about the book, and it has been six months since Feburary. Is there a link to a newer update?

  40. I literally just found out there was a possible movie. Now I am super excited and can’t wait for its release. I hope the movie turns out as great as the book is. I also hope there is no need for further delays.

    • Thanks, Isabella – fingers crossed!

    • I completely agree and can not wait to see the characters be released in film. I love your books and have read them more than once. You have inspired me to keep working on my goals so that one day I could bring them to life.

  41. I want to say thank you for bringing me into the world of reading. As a kid I hated reading but after reading The False Prince I was open to read more books. I love to read but the best books are still always yours. Thank you so much

    • Thank you very much. I consider that the highest of compliments.

  42. They have to make the movie!!! Those are some of my favorite books!

  43. Hi! I just want to know when when will the movie release for the for “The False Prince” ?

    • The next update will probably be in a couple of weeks, though the news might be “nothing new.” Watch this blog mid-February and let’s keep our fingers crossed!

  44. I really hope they make a movie of the false prince your book where AMAZING! I loved reading them

    • Thank you, Franny! (Although since this post, the situation has changed. Paramount will not be adapting the book for a movie, but hopefully another studio will pick it up in the future.)

  45. I hope The False Prince becomes a movie!!!! I love Jaron so much-he is so witty and has an awesome attitude. Truth be told, I’ve been trying to learn the knuckle roll, so far there’s a little progress😂. Thanks for writing such awesome books!

  46. Sorry- I just wanted to know if you are planning on writing any more books.

  47. Okay, I’m just saying that I think Thomas Brodie-Sangster would play a great Sage/Jaron…

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