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  1. i wolud like to be in your move

  2. You came to my school today and you have given me good ideas about starting to write and when you said that when ideas come to you grab it and I happened to be at my computer and I am deciding to write a fiction but still realistic story about my life and I already typed 2 whole pages and its easier for me to put these ideas down because I can write as I grow up but add a few fake things to give it excitement so I think it will turn out good and its weird because I am not a writer so if you have any suggestions because I am open for suggestions

    • Congratulations on starting to write! My suggestion is simply to keep thinking about your characters and really let them come alive for you. The better you know them, the more you will know where you want your story to go. Good luck!

  3. Im reading this book and this book is amazing it is really good it makes u think what is sage going to do next because he is really unpredictable and it just gets u excited and it lives up to its potential.

  4. Hi I am in Love with the false prince series they are so good! I can’t wait for the movie to come out. I was wondering though how old are Jaron and Imogen sapost to be in the books.

    • Thanks, Katelyn. Jaron is nearly 15 at the start of The False Prince and 16 by the last chapter of The Shadow Throne. Imogen is just a few months older than him.

  5. This book is so amazing and so trilling.Jennifer, I wish you could make the next book of The Shadow Throne.Is there a movie in The False Prince.

    • Thanks, Jackson! I may one day decide to write a fourth book in the series, but for right now I’m hard at work on other projects! A screenplay is being written for The False Prince movie – but no word yet on whether it will actually be made. Keep your fingers crossed!

  6. Jennifer how do you write books like the Ascendance trilogy??

  7. I love this book I can’t wait to read and watch the other books

  8. my teacher is reading this to my class and when she says false prince my class goes crazy how do you come up with such great ideas your a great writer

    • Thank you, Tabitha! I’m so glad your class likes the story! I get ideas just by thinking about the characters and what I could do to make their lives even harder. 😉

  9. I want to say thank you this book series was amazing i was just flabbergasted by the first book once more i say thank you i loved this book series

    • Thank you, MarkAnthony!

      • I love the false prince series and I am begging you to right more plz

        • I’m always thinking about that possibility. Perhaps one day, Evan…

  10. I hope you can write more its the best book I have ever read please write more you are great I have read every book keep up the good work I would like to know when you write another one please email me if you can thanks for making reading fun

    • Thank you very much, Gavin! I’m glad you’ve loved these books – keep on reading!

  11. I love your books so much and i dont like to read books.

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