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936706_469032213189517_32115900_nHey – quick FYI for northern Utah types! I’ll be at the Bountiful Library on Saturday, July 12, from 2-4 pm. I’ll talk and sign books. Bring your own or the library will have some for sale! This is probably the only public event I’ll have in Utah until MARK OF THE THIEF releases, so if you can make it, that would be fantastic!

For those outside of northern Utah, I’ll begin posting my public schedule as I know it. I hope I’m coming somewhere near you!


  1. YAY!!!!!! I wasn’t able to come to the last utah signing so…..YAY!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

    • Woot!

    • I would love to come to Vancouver, Anna! It’s such a beautiful city – I hope I’ll have the chance for that again one day soon!

      • I love the ascendance trilogy! I’d love it if you could ever come to St Augustine, Florida! I’m a young author and I admire your work. Please come.

        • I’ll be in Orlando and Southern Florida this year, and also in Charleston just a bit north of you. But as of yet, there are no public events scheduled. I would love to meet you too and have you tell me about your writing. Best of luck with it, though!

          • I was just thinking, would u ever consider writing a second trilogy to the ascendance trilogy?

          • Yep, if the right story came to me, then I’d definitely consider it! Certainly Jaron can’t stay out of trouble for that long!

    • I’ve read all your books and I would love it if you could come to Calgary Canada!!! You are an amazing author and I am looking forward to mark of the thief!!! Pls come to Calgary. I would love it SOOO much!!!!

      • Tiffany, I actually received an offer to come to Calgary this fall, but already had something booked for that week. I hope another opportunity presents itself soon!

        • Oh that’s too bad! Still good luck!

        • Oh! have you ever had an offer to cone to New York? I would love it if you would.

          • I don’t have anything scheduled for New York right now, though I love all the different places in the state. It would be awesome to come back there for a visit.

  2. Can u pls come to vancouver? Pretty pls??? I would be sooooo happy your like my favourite author.

  3. Hey Jennifer, are you going to come to AZ? If not that’s ok (I’m sure you’ve got a lot of places to be), but I’d love it if you could have a signing there!!!!! I’d freak out if I got to meet you!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

    • I do get to Arizona sometimes – hopefully I’ll get back there soon!

  4. Would you please come to Maine… maybe Portland or Westbrook or Scarbrough or Gorham or Windham or something for a book signing? Please?

    • Tori, Maine is on my “Must Visit Someday” list. If I’m ever invited, I would absolutely accept!

  5. Hey, thanks for coming! It was fun. (I liked the advice about constantly asking questions. I didn’t like the spoilers from audience members. πŸ™‚

    Sounds like some impressive stuff going on for you… congratulations.

  6. Hi!! I met you today at the Bountiful Library. I didn’t get a chance to ask you a question that’s been burning at the back of my brain, because I had to leave. I was wondering how you know when your first draft is ready for submission. I tend to get so hung up on every single detail. Is that a good thing?

    • Thanks for coming, MaKayla! If you’re writing something to submit to a publisher or agent, you want to make it as good as it can possibly be – no matter how many revisions it takes. It’s worth the effort if it increases your odds of getting published. My standard is that a draft is finished when I can’t make it better, only different. If an agent loves the voice or the story, they’ll still sign it even if there’s a typo or minor flaws, but at least while you’re trying to get published, don’t give the agent any reason to put the manuscript down. Good luck!

  7. First, I would like to say until I read the Ascendence Trilogy I didn’t like to read at all. So thank you so much for your quality work! I can’t wait for the False Prince movie and your new series! On the other hand, it would be awesome if you could visit Perrysburg, Ohio near Toledo. Again thank you for getting me hooked on reading! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much, Daniel! I hope I get an invite near there one day! Keep reading – that is fantastic!

  8. It was so cool to see you at the Bountiful Library! Your writing is amazing! I was fascinated by your stories and advice for writers. I started writing a new book today using the techniques you advised. I really cant wait for the movie of The False Prince! Thanks again.

    • Thanks so much, Benn! I’m so glad you came! best of luck to you on the new book – I hope the story comes together just as you want it to!

  9. Hi miss nielson! Is there any way that you can come to purcellville library in virginia? I really want to see you in person and there are some other of my friends who would love to meet you. Thank you!

    • If Purcellville Library or any area schools invited me, I would gladly come. I will be in DC this fall, but I don’t yet know if I’m doing any public events while there. It would be lovely to meet you too though, Rana.

  10. Also, πŸ™‚ , has there been ANY news on the movie of the False Prince? If so , please tell us about the auditions. Or can u send it to my email , because i may not see it. Thank you so much again!!

    • No news yet. I probably won’t know anything until the end of February, so put that on your calendar. Fingers crossed!

  11. I’m sad that I don’t live in Utah and won’t get the chance to attend this event. I would love to come to a signing! On a different note: When is Fink’s birthday? And what are his hair and eye colors? These questions may sound strange, but he is one of my many favorite characters and I would love to know more about him. πŸ™‚

    • Unfortunately, even Fink doesn’t know his own birthday, though perhaps in a future book he may have been given one from Jaron. He has ragged, dark blond hair – about the color of Jaron’s in book 1. And he has blue eyes. Fink is a great character!

      • Oh how sad! I do so hope that there are more future books concerning these characters. πŸ˜‰ Haha, I always imagined Fink as a little version of Jaron. Thank you for the info!

      • So, when’s Jarons birthday?
        And Imogen?

        I only started liking Fink in book 3. Do you think Jaron could rename him?
        Kaspian is cool.

        • Jaron’s birthday is May 7. Imogen’s is December 9.

          And while Kaspian is a nice name, I’m pretty sure Fink will keep his own name, at least for now!

          • What about Darius?

      • Xander
        Thyme, Basil, Mace, Tarragon ( ie. keeping with the herbs- SAGE )

        Would any of these suit Fink? He’s so awesome. Maybe they find out his true parents and his real name <3

  12. Did you visit Toronto before? I live in toronto And would love to meet you and get my copy of the false prince signed πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ seems like you have been to a lot of places thats pretty cool.

    • I was in Toronto a couple of years ago and loved it there. Hopefully I’ll get back there soon! Once I know my public signings for this upcoming school year, I’ll post it in Events!

  13. I had a question about the acendance triology series where did u think of the characters names. The names were so out of ordinary so i was wondering πŸ˜‰

    • Some were made up, such as Amarinda or Mott. Some came from baby name books, such as Imogen and Tobias. Jaron was a really amazing kid I actually knew once. Sage is the name I thought he’d choose for himself – it’s un-princelike and raw. Conner is because he is a conman.

      • thats really cool i was wondering how’d u think of such awesome names!

      • A real Jaron???! Do you still know hime! Oh my gosh!
        Does he look like the book Jaron at all?
        PS. I love all the names so cool

        • Hmmm, no the original Jaron would have a few physical similarities, but in my mind they are two very different people.

  14. Very creative there weren’t like other names thats why i was asking πŸ™‚

  15. Hi! I’m a HUGE fan of the Ascendence trilogy… I was wondering if you could visit anywhere near San Gabriel, California <3 Seriously. I NEED to meet you in person!! That would be a dream come true…
    I'm in love with Jaron/Sage. *sigh* Sorry Imogen. He’s mine. >:) (BUAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA)
    Please try to visit close to where I live!!! *sighs contentedly*
    Okay I’ll stop bothering you… It would be a dream if you replied to this! πŸ™‚

    • Izzie, there’s a chance I may be in the LA area sometime this year. I’ll post my public schedule online in Events when I know it. And Jaron would be honored to know he’s loved. πŸ˜‰


        • Hi Izzie, it looks like you have some competition cos I LOOOOOOOVE Jaron!


          Such an awesome series

  16. Hi! I couldn’t come to the event (sniff, sniff :() but was wondering if you have any advice for authors who want to get published

    • To get published, you need to write every day. Even if it’s awful and even if you’re not in the mood. You can research, outline, write, or revise, but do some of that every day! Good luck!

      • Thanks! Oh and BTW, when will you have movie news? (Not knowing is KILLING me)

        • Nothing new about the movie. I probably won’t know until the end of February, so hang tight until then!

  17. I truly hope that you come to Wisconsin because I’d loved to meet you (and we’re always forgotten)!

    I’ve been indulged in my own writing lately and have even been trying to find different resources ranging from Writing Websites to Writing Groups. My parents and teachers say I’m beyond my level and I would therefore like to push myself to the edge! I want to become better and I truly think that meeting one of my few favorite authors would be an amazing life event that would help me! To be honest, I’ve even been trying to find an author (of anything from books to a simple newspaper column)to accept me as a possible apprentice/student!

    Wish me luck and maybe one of those few things may actually come true! (You visiting or finding myself a good place to advance my skills)

    • Eliza, the best way to get me to Wisconsin is to either get your school librarian to invite me for an author visit or to get the nearest bookstore to ask my publisher to bring me there on tour. I would love to visit there one day!

      And that’s awesome that you want to push yourself on writing – it sounds like you must have a lot of talent! As far as things you can do for your own writing, take a favorite book and read it again the way a writer reads it. Figure out what makes the different scenes work, how the author uses emotion and language and arcs plots. The better you understand why that book works, the more you will know what to put into your own writing.

      Good luck!

      • hey Eliza u sound like a really cool person. i bet we would be friends if we new each other. too bad u live all the way in Wisconsin i live in Vancouver, canada.

  18. I would love if you could come to Northern Kentucky! I live around Alexandria and have read every book in the ascendance trilogy three times! My school is making us read to kill a Mockingbird but as soon as I’m done with that ill probably read the ascendance trilogy again. I just can’t get enough, I love it! I’m so excited and really hopes it becomes a movie! πŸ™‚

    • Amber, Kentucky is a beautiful state and it would be awesome to come back there! The best way to get me there is to convince your school librarian to invite me. I will be touring for MARK OF THE THIEF this spring, though I won’t know exactly where for a few more months. Fingers crossed it’s somewhere near Alexandria!

  19. can u give us some details about MARK OF THE THIEF? pls? pretty pls?

  20. i would die if u came to west virginia or even DC i’m realy hoping u can make it some day(β€’β€Ώβ€’)

    • Well, I am coming to DC near the end of Novemeber! πŸ˜‰ And maybe to Virginia next spring, though I have no current plans to be in West Virginia!

  21. I hope you come somewhere near me too!!!

  22. Make sure to come to Texas too!

    • Maybe Austin or Dallas, and maybe South Texas. Both are tentative, but I’ll post here if there are any public events!

  23. What about Vancouver?

  24. Hi! I found a picture that won’t how up here but it says “Keep calm and think like Jaron” πŸ™‚ Just wanted to share that πŸ™‚
    PS. are you sure you don’t have movie news?

    • Thanks, Tori! And sorry, no movie news yet. Probably not until February! Fingers crossed!

  25. Heyo! You should come to Mississippi, or maybe Georgia. Chicago is cool too!

    • I will be in Chicago in February, and I’d love to come to Mississippi and/or Georgia! Hopefully one day!

  26. will you come to kansas

    • I would definitely come to Kansas! I just need the invitation of a bookstore, library, or school!

  27. cool i should ask my librarian i might see you there

  28. Hi! Sorry to bother you, again, but I just wanted to say how much I love your series on Jaron/Sage! I haven’t read your other books, yet! I try writing, but I’m so terrible! Even my language arts teacher gives me a 2.5 out of four, when I think I’ve done half descent… But your books are so great and you are like one of my heroes! I hope I can meet you one day! There is always space for amazing people like you in rainy Portland Oregon! I would love to get some writing advice from you! There are so many little stories I’ve written, I never know how to keep a flow going! After a few pages it just all goes down hill… Thanks for being so inspiring!

    • That’s fantastic you’re a writer too, Aviva! When I first started, I wasn’t any good either – truly! I had good ideas, but the writing just wasn’t there. All of that comes with practice, so keep going! If you struggle with the flow, then try giving your character another problem – that should keep the pacing and energy going. And I would love to come to Portland one day. If I do, then I hope I will get to meet you too!

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