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For those who ask, an ARC (Advanced Review Copy) is a paperback printed early to use for reviewers, booksellers, and for GIVEAWAYS!

Giveaways of MARK OF THE THIEF will begin near the end of the year. Watch this blog for details.

If you like Jaron, I can’t wait for you to meet Nic. He’s a slave in the mines of Ancient Rome. When he stumbles upon some long lost magic, he steals it and runs away. That’s when everything begins to go wrong, as Nic is pulled into a secret war to control the fall of an empire.

MARK OF THE THIEF will release in the US on Feb 24, 2015!




  1. Love the Harry Potter books in the background!

    • Definitely, William – gotta have Harry Potter nearby when writing! πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Mrs. Nielsen! I love the ascendance trilogy and was wondering when the Mark of the Theif is coming out. Thanks!

    • Thanks for asking, Bella – I’ll edit that into the main post! MARK OF THE THIEF will release on Feb 24, 2015!

  3. Crossing my fingers that I’m one of the receivers of the giveaways.

  4. Downloaded an ARC from Edelweiss. Can’t wait to read it!

    • Wow, I didn’t even know it was available! Yay- I can’t wait to hear what you think!

  5. The cover looks absolutely amazing!!! I’ve read all your books!! (Both series) especially loved the ascendance trilogy! And now I just can’t wait for this book!!!

    • I hope you’ll love it just as much as the Ascendance Trilogy!

  6. I cannot thank you enough from getting me out of my slump! I’ve been reading book after book but none appealed to me as much as False Prince. I am in love with Sage, which makes me feel slightly creepy (I am much older, unfortunately).

    In most books, I’m always thinking “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!” But with False Prince, it was almost always, “Wow, I would’ve never thought to do that.” Thank you so much for infusing your book with such creativity and brilliance and love and warmth and laughter and every other good thing I can’t think of right now.

    I started and finished the book today, and am about to jump straight to the next. And to bring some relevance to this post (I apologize for just leaving this comment here), I am thrilled to find that there is more than this trilogy under your name! Now, I’m off to tell the world to read this book! Again, thank you!!

    • Warmest thanks, Srita. If you’re out of the book’s target age – that’s okay, me too! πŸ˜‰ I just appreciate you reading, am honored if it got you out of a reading slump, and can’t thank you enough for spreading the word.

      As a note, MARK OF THE THIEF begins a new series, one in Ancient Rome with an escaped Roman slave and some stolen magic. But there are two more books in the Ascendance series: THE RUNAWAY KING and THE SHADOW THRONE. Both of those are already out.

      Thank you again!

      • Hi Jennifer, I live in South Africa and I love all your books. I cant wait to read the Mark of the Thief. It comes out in the US a day before my birthday so that would be the best birthday present ever. Just one problem,, when will it be published in South Africa? or would I need to order it? Please advise how I can get a book. I am looking so forward to your new series. Many thanks, Kirsten

        • Thank you, Kirsten! I don’t know where you typically buy your books. I do know that Amazon UK lists it as releasing on Feb 24th, same as in the US. Happy early birthday wishes!

      • Hi I wanted to know if mark of the thief is a continuation of the shadow throne because I read the shadow throne the run away king and the false prince and I loved the I was in a weird zone when I didn’t like any types of books then I saw the false prince so I read the first page and I already loved it I recomended it to many poeple and this might not mean a lot to you but to me you are one of the best authors I know and trust me that’s a lot I love your work and your ideas tell your kids that this is coming from a fan but I think that they are super lucky to have you as a mom since you are so creative and you must have the best bed time stories ever!

        • When I am reading your books I don’t want to stop I read till super late and my mo. Always have to come tell me to go to bed many times and I just can’t put it down because the way you right keeps me excited and I want to keep reading since there is always something love your righting and it’s a good thing you talk to your fans so you know what kind of things people are in to and how much they love your writing and hopfully that keeps you going

          • If you have to get in trouble for reading, well, that’s not the worst thing, right? Keep reading, and I’ll keep writing!

        • Thanks so much, Cameron. Mark of the Thief is a different series from The False Prince, but I hope you’ll like it just as much! And I will tell my kids they’re lucky (though it’s their Dad who really rocks the bedtime stories)! πŸ˜‰

  7. I am pretty sure that my daughter and I are our biggest fans! We are so excited for your new series to come out! Congratulations!!!

  8. Is that your workroom in your house? What a nice collection of books Miss Jen. Also recognized the Harry Potter books in your shelf hehe…
    I am excited for the release of your new books next year. Btw, I still haven’t received the mail yet Miss Jen but hoping that it will come soon. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, Lemuel, that’s where I do a lot of my writing. And nothing in the mail YET? Hmm, if it doesn’t come within another week let me know and I’ll resend.

      • No Miss Jen, I will wait for the mail maybe for another two weeks (I am embarrassed that you will send another one)… I think its not that delayed. Maybe there’s a problem in the post office. But again Miss Jen thank you so much πŸ™‚

        • Okay, well I hope it gets there soon!

          • yeah totally agreed πŸ™‚

      • Can anyone please tell me the resolution to :the mark of the thief

  9. AIYEE! I CAN’T WAIT FOR MARK OF THE THIEF πŸ™‚ Where/when can we sign up for an ARC for MARK OF THE THIEF? (unless it’s already over *sniffs*)?
    Thank you so much for taking your time to answer your fans and to spend so much of your week to sincerely write the best stories in the world. πŸ™‚
    Will MARK OF THE THIEF have any major plot twists like in THE FALSE PRINCE? Because truthfully, plot twists just make my eyes pop out (in a good way). πŸ˜€
    OH and is it okay if I get a signed bookmark too? Do I need to pay you? πŸ™‚
    I really hope TFP gets turned into a movie, and hopefully MOTT does too (did you make that abbreviation on purpose? πŸ˜‰ )!
    Sorry for all the questions! Please answer if you get the chance; I know you’re a busy person!
    To the best author ever,

    • Izzie,

      Okay, ignoring the first sentence! πŸ˜‰

      MARK OF THE THIEF should have its own surprises – they’re different from the ones in The False Prince, but I hope you’ll like them.

      If you’d like me to send you a bookmark, send me your address to jen at jennielsen dot com.

      The MotT abbreviation made me laugh when I first noticed it – that’s a total accident. And pretty awesome too!

      Thanks, Izzie!

  10. OOPS ignore my first question! Somehow I managed to read all of the blog post BUT the first sentence. πŸ˜›

  11. hey! I’m back AGAIN. One question, is there going to be a pre order on MARK OF THE THIEF? I want to get my hands on it as soon as possible! And also, Have you gotten any details on whether there might be a movie on TFP? (the False Prince)… I’m so excited to hear more about your work! NEVER STOP WRITING!!

    • Hey Dakota! You can probably order MARK OF THE THIEF wherever you buy books, then you can get it on release day. And I don’t think I could stop writing even if I tried!

  12. The students and teachers at my school love, love, the ascendance trilogy and we cannot wait until Mark of the Thief comes out in February!!! I will be watching for the ARC giveaway! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Lura! I hope you, and your fellow students and teachers will all enjoy MARK OF THE THIEF just as much!

  13. I saw this post and my eyes flew open. I can’t wait till this comes out! Brilliant covers too πŸ˜€

  14. I can’t wait! (but I have to). Too bad I can’t get a chance to have an ARC since I’m in the Philippine πŸ˜›

    • I’ll open the giveaway contests to outside the US (including Philippines), just not for another month or two!

  15. yay! can’t wait I have a question If The mark of the thief will come out on February 25 in the us when will it come to Canada because I am from Canada so i really need to know. πŸ™‚

    • I think it should release sometime between Feb 25 or March 1!

      • thank you πŸ™‚

  16. Jennifer, thank you so much for hosting giveaways and getting some of us arcs!!!!! You are an amazing author and I just want you to know that I am SO HAPPY AND GRATEFUL that throughout your busy schedule you always find time to write back to us fans πŸ™‚ And I’m SO SO SO EXCITED FOR MARK OF THE THEIF!!!!!!!!! I already told you this once, but I’m fangirling over Nic already and wondering what he’ll be like, making theories…. I’m kind’ve dying over here πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ I love the Ascendance Trilogy so much (I still re-read and listen to the books whenever I don’t know what to read or am in the mood if you know what I mean), and hope I can get an ARC of the Mark of the Thief! Sorry this is so long!

  17. Thank you thank you thank you! Youre my favorite author o all time, quick question, PLEASE MAKE NIC LIKE JARON, jaron is amazing, all his trocks and secrets! And question 2, you really think that you cant make another book please!!! (Ascendance trilogy) I cant stop rereading it because i want moreeee! AND I KNOW others do to.

    • Thanks for such nice words, Jon. Nic will have his similarities to Jaron, but some of his own traits too. I hope you’ll like him! And no promises about a fourth Ascendance book. I know what I’d write if I did do another book, but I’d need Jaron to come knocking at my imagination first! πŸ˜‰

      • Cool! Cant wait for the book then! Anyways, is that a movie version of tfp I see? My tablet is kindof bad so I cant tell!

        • I won’t know until February whether they’re going to make a movie. Fingers crossed though!

  18. Four months one day, then!

  19. I love how in the ascendance trilogy you made such a big deal about how Jaron was left handed, especially because it’s true that left handed people are usually more rebellious and clever. I was just wondering, are you right or left handed?

    • I’m a lefty (go lefties!), though that’s not why Jaron has that trait. I chose it because it’s more rare, so it’d be a necessary test of his identity. But that opened up other possibilities in the story which I really loved, such as he would attack in a sword fight from a different angle than most opponents would be used to defending.

  20. That’s cool. I’m kind of ambidextrous because I was born left handed, but taught to use my right. But I still prefer the left for most tasks. Just recently I started using my left hand for writing again, and it is way more comfortable haha. It comes in handy to use both hands though, because you can just use which ever one is most convenient at the time haha. Anyway, I love the ascendance trilogy so much! I’m looking forward to reading other books of yours soon, and also looking forward to February :D. You’re and amazing author, and good luck with writing and the (hopefully) movie and everything else πŸ™‚

  21. Hello Mrs. Nielsen, I was jsut wondering if you have any tips for writers, i.e. How to develop a good plot or how to create good backs stories for your characters. Hope all is well, thank you for everything.

    • Aidan, that’s probably a bigger question than I can answer in this comment, but you can check out my tips for writers here: I hope they will help a little bit. For the rest, just keep writing! Like practicing the piano, with every story you write, you will get better!

  22. When and if a movie is made for the false prince, do you think they would be looking for people that are about the same age as the characters in the book (Jaron, Tobias, Roden, Imogen), or actors that are a little older?

    • Hmm, I dunno, Ana. I know it’s very common for movies to use older actors than in the books, but not always. If the movie is made, that’ll be the decision of the movie’s casting director. If you’re interested in auditioning though, I hope you’ll get a chance!

  23. Hello Mrs. Nielsen!

    I just wanted to say that I can’t wait for your new series to come out! Althouhg I fell in love with Sage, I’m sure my heart will develop a sweet spot for Nic! πŸ˜‰

    I am wondering though if you’ll ever come to Canada for a book signing event, or something in that area. It would be great to meet you as well as get my books signed by one of my favorite authors! πŸ™‚

    Thank you!

    • Irina, I definitely hope you’ll like Nic too! And I would LOVE to come to Canada! The best way to get me there is to contact your local bookstore and ask for them to request me for a visit!

      • Ohh, well, now all I need is a little courage, ahaha!

  24. “If you like Jaron, I can’t wait for you to meet Nic.” You slay me. SLAY ME.

    *moony eyes over pretty ARCs*

    • I’ll be giving away ARCs beginning in another month or so. I hope you’ll have the chance to enter!

  25. I was just wondering if there was any special reason that you chose for Jaron to have green eyes?

  26. Is there any specific reason you chose for Jaron to have green eyes?

  27. I won’t be entering the giveaway (I got my ARC on Friday–eek!) but good luck to everyone! I’m sure Mark of The Thief will be amazing.

  28. Where do you get all of this inspiration? I’m already dreaming about this book! When will it come out? I can’t wait to read it! Will Nik and Jaron be in the same world? Would they cross paths? Please hurry!

    • Savannah, Nic is Ancient Rome, so Jaron is a good thousand years ahead of him in time. Probably not much crossing of paths!

      • Oh. I probably should have thought that comment out first. Who inspires all of your work? Is there a person who you base your characters off of?

        • Hmm, who inspires my work? I dunno. Maybe my editor with her deadlines! πŸ˜‰ I don’t actually think it’s a person who gets me writing. The inspiration and creating of characters always come from inside me.


    you are honestly my favourite author (and that’s saying a lot cause I like A LOT of books) because I love your ideas and your way of writing!!! I always use your guide to write stories myself and hope tang one day I will become like you!!! I look up to you a lot!!!! I wish that in the future I could get a chance to see you face to face, but I love all the way in Alberta, Canada!

    Anyways I recommended the “The False Prince” to many of my friends and they are hooked! They all read all three books in a row and couldn’t stop just as I couldn’t when I first read them!

    I look up to you so much and I love you sooooo much! I really really really hope that I can get an ARC!!!!!

    Thanks for all your hard work and giving time for all your fans and replying to all of them!!!

    (Sorry I wrote so much! I honestly love you!!!!)

    • Oops! I had some errors! Hehe! I hope you can understand what I was trying to say!!!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Saira, and for recommending my books to your friends – that is a huge compliment. I’ll do ARC giveaways for MAKR OF THE THIEF in another few weeks, so I’ll cross my fingers for you to win! Good luck as well on your writing – never give up!

  30. Quick question: is there a particular reason as to why you chose to place TFP and MotT in ancient times?

    • Izzie – No reason for those choices! Those are just the settings that came to me with the story. I’ll release A NIGHT DIVIDED next fall, which is set in 1960’s East Germany, and I”m working on one now which is a contemporary. So I just follow the story!

  31. So TMotT is in Ancient Rome and it has magic, so will the book contain any of the Roman Gods?

    • The Roman Gods definitely play a role in this story, yes.

      • Yes! *Fist Pump* Which god plays the biggest role in the story? Do you have a favorite god?

        • Diana, the Goddess of the hunt, will play the largest role. Mars, her brother with whom she does not get along, also has an important contribution to the series. And Venus matters a lot too. I don’t necessarily have any favorites though.

  32. This is coming in way late, but I must thank you for taking the time to respond to my artwork a while back. It’s stuff like this that makes you one of my favorite authors.

    • Ah, thanks much! I genuinely loved your art.

      • Thanks. Also, The Shadow Throne was nominated for the goodreads choice awards. Congrats

  33. OMG mrs neilson your imagination for writing books just keeps on going and going and going. i cannot wait for the mark of the theifs!!!!!!!!!!! PS any news on the false prince movie?!?! (puts palms together, closes her eyes, and whispers/shouts: please say yes, please say yes, please say YES)

    • I hope you’re going to love MARK OF THE THIEF, Rana! No news yet on the movie – probably no sooner than the end of February, but my fingers are crossed!

  34. Hi Jennifer!

    I just found out today about the two upcoming releases and was delighted to know one is set in Rome (love the myths!) and another during the Cold War (recently got interested in the history)! So I am definitely looking forward to them. Needless to say I will participate in the ARC giveaways. I do hope it’s open to people overseas? I’m from Singapore!

    The False Prince was like serendipity! I stumbled upon in and grew to love it quick. Thank you for the Ascendance Trilogy!

    • Thank you, liza And yes, the giveaways will be international. I’m very glad you enjoyed The False Prince!

  35. The Shadow Throne has advanced to the semi-final rounds.

  36. So I was rereading TFP series (perhaps for the 1124th time), and I was wondering… What exactly would a medieval curse from Sage sound like?

    • Ha! It probably wouldn’t sound much different than a curse word today, only with more “thee” and “thy” words attached. Sorta like, “Thy breath stinketh like pigs’ feeteth!” πŸ˜‰

  37. Hi Mrs. Nielsen! This may have been mentioned in the Asendance Trilogy before, but exactly how old are Jaron and Imogen in the Shadow Throne? Thanks! BTW I can’t wait for the Mark of the Thief to come out!

    • Jaron is nearly 15 in Book 1, so he’d be 15 by the start of Runaway King. The events in that book are only a few weeks long, but then there’s almost six months before the start of book three. There’s a couple of months in that book, and then he says a little over a year passes before the final chapter. So he’d be nearly 17 at the end of Shadow Throne. Imogen is very close to his same age.

  38. Also, if they do decide to do a movie on The False Prince and if some of us want to audition for the parts (Jaron, Mott, Imogen etc.) will you post the information about casting on your blog? Thanks again! πŸ™‚

    • If Paramount decides to make the movie, I will definitely post any casting information on my blog. You will see it here before it goes up anywhere else.

      • ‘Speaking of which, have they considered doing a TV show instead of a movie? TFP seems more like something that would be a TV show with the constant suspense and tension and twists and turns.

        • That’s an option they could choose, Ysabel, and you make a good point that it might work well as a TV show!

          • Either way, if a movie or TV show is made, it’ll be epic.

          • I hope so!

  39. My 4th grader just finished your Ascendance Trilogy, and enjoyed it a lot! He had to read False Prince for the chance to be on the school’s Reading Bowl Team. He then asked for the Runaway King, and The Shadow Throne for his birthday in October.
    He cannot wait for your new book to be released.

    • That is so cool, Wendy! It’s awesome when any book grabs a young reader’s attention – it’s bonus when that’s one of my books. Thanks for sharing this with me, and I wish him lots of luck in the Reading Bowl!

  40. The Shadow Throne has made it to the final rounds.

  41. OHMYGOODNESS!! I absolutely LOVED The Ascendance Trilogy, and CAN’T WAIT to read this!! Imogen is one of my dream roles, and Jaron is my favorite male book character other than Rudy from The Book Thief. Thanks for writing another book!!

    • Thank you, Sophia. I hope you’ll enjoy Mark of the Thief too!

  42. The books in the Ascendance Trilogy are my favorite books ever!!! I recommended them to all of my friends, and they loved them too! You are an extremely talented, fantastic writer, and we can’t wait for The Mark of the Thief!

  43. That sounds like it’s going to be an amazing book. Have a good day.

  44. that sounds amazing.

  45. I love your books and I’m just a kid

    • Your my new favorite author

    • What do you mean “just a kid” Tim? You’re exactly who I write for! Thanks for being a reader!

      • I just can’t wait for your next book I hope I can get a copy

  46. It’s a honor to be talking to you

  47. Sorry forgot the m in Tim but Jennifer any chance you will be stopping by Lockhart Texas for auto graphs on book and giving away your new books?

    • Hmm, I don’t know my spring touring schedule yet, but I know I’ll be in Austin on March 6-7. Maybe you should talk to your school librarian and see if she’s interested in bringing me to your school that weekend!

  48. How would she reach you though

    • Through my email: jen at jennielsen dot com

      • If You come will I be able to meet you and when will your mark of thiefs come out because when I get one i gonna stay up all night and read it……btw are you handing any books out

        • Mark of the Thief will be released by then, but as for any details, of whether your school is interested in having me come, and how long I’ll be there, will have to come from your librarian. It would be fun, though (and yes, I’d definitely have to say hello to you and your friend)!

  49. Also if you come can you find me and my friend me and him were the first ones to read your books and we both enjoyed them very much

  50. And we only have school on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday that’s it so any chance you could come at any of those days what time could you be there because I really want to meet you

  51. If you would contact my librarian please go to clear fork elementary and look up our librarian Mrs Schnauts

  52. Hey Jennifer would it cost you any money if you came to our public library called the Eugene Clark library in Lockhart Texas

    • I might be able to work that out while I’m in Austin. You could ask the librarian there to email me for details.

  53. they would be happy to but they just need to ask about money

    • Tim, if they’re interested, just have them email me. That’d be the best way to work out details like that.

  54. GUESS WHAT our school is having another book order things and mark of the thief is in there I’m gonna get it but could you send people books?

    • That’s very cool Tim (and thank you!) I wish I could send books out, but I don’t have any here to send right now, unfortunately!

  55. Don’t you have like a bunch of books and if you did you could send it to my family restaurant china palace in Lockhart and I just hoped that I could save 5 dollars and get a hard back book and on this blog can you write me a summary of the book

  56. Can you help me buy a book?

  57. Like don’t you have books on your shelf like your the author and the creator can’t you get like copy for me

    • Wish I could, Tim, but I don’t have any extra copies. My best suggestion is that you check with your local library to borrow a copy of anything you’d like to read. Good luck!

  58. Can you ask your publisher for a book? Plus my public library doesn’t have any good books for me to read

    • Sorry, Tim. It just doesn’t work that way. I hope your library gets in some better books soon, though!

  59. Agh man I thouht you could help me out here well it’s life sorry for wasting your time for this whole conversation

    Sincerely your big fan Tim

    • You didn’t waste my time, Tim. I admire your tenacity – that will pay off well in your life!

  60. Later if you can ever get a book please send it to China palace in Lockhart Texas please your best and fan Tim btw your still my favorite Author keep up the good work

  61. Reminder that if you get a copy please send it to me please please please please please and could you sign it

    Finally Tim signing out

  62. Hey Jennifer it seems like you don’t like your fans like your not even giving them books

    • Wish I could, George. Unfortunately, I have to buy the books just like my readers, and if I gave them away to everyone who asked, I’d be broke! However, this is not a test of my appreciation of my fans, just a reality of life.

  63. Hey jennifer my teacher is very nice and he said he would go to one of your convensions because i could not make it so when will you be close to lockhart and what time and what place he will be there with one of my copies

    • He is a nice teacher then! I don’t yet know where I’ll be for public events (hopefully I’ll know soon). Ask your teacher to email me at and I’ll let him know my plans.

  64. Hey I’m reading a series of unfortunate events have you rea the seires of you haven’t. You should it’s by lemony snicket

    • I haven’t read all the books, but I’ve read a few. It’s a great series, definitely!

  65. I got your mark of the third book but didn’t get a good intro because when it’s dear time it’s the time to read the teacher puts on music and it makes me go to sleep so I couldn’t read a lot but I got halfway through chapter 2 so this guy named sal has a lot of slaves but he hates nic the most so nic tries to run away but sal just had a space tell him he found a loot that might be Julius cearsers. So he tries to run away but the general comes and blocks the exit.then the general tells his slave to go to the mine and retrieve the loot but he was like no I’m to big and it’s cursed down there and he sees nic in the crevice and says you need a slave like him to go down there then sal was really mad but couldn’t do anything right now so the General asked him a ton of questions and then that’s how long I got

  66. OMG I LOVE THIS BOOK IM ON LIKE PAGE 78 ITS AMAZING AURELIA IS LIKE A IMOGENE OF NIC AND LIKE SAGE is this a series with how many other books if there are other books is like to request one send it to Lockhart china palace please

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying it, Tim – though I have to say, I’m still editing the second book. It’s an open document in my Word program right now. But I’m thrilled you’re enjoying book 1!

  67. How many books will you have in this seires and can I request when it comes out but I don’t get it why does Aurelia live underground don’t tell me though only like page 120

    • There will be three books in the series, and you should be able to find copies wherever you got book one (probably through your school, I’d guess?) Aurelia lives underground because she feels it’s safer there.

  68. Remember when I said I wanted a mark of the thief boo you said you gave them to the people who requested one so can I

    • Hmm I think you misunderstood. I can send you a bookmark or something, but not books. Those have to be won in a contest!

  69. Ah but when you have a contest can you put me in and if I win can you send it to me and I’d love a bookmark

  70. Jennifer in the third book or the last part of the second could I be a new main character like a really good one such as like a brother to nic like when I was born I was immediately sold

    • Ah Tim, by now you know how mean I am to my characters! The problem is, you’re too nice of a kid for what I’d do to you in my books. BUT, if you want to put yourself in a role, try writing that part of the story yourself – with you in it exactly the way you want to be. I bet you could do a great job!

  71. Change my character to like radulfs son or nics brother that was immediately sold for a slave and I’m a powerful warrior that either turns on nic or stays with him like roden and can I get that bookmark

    • Yep, I’m mailing you a bookmark, and that would be a cool character!

  72. Where you mailing it? And could I get three one for me my librarian and my friend all big fans and please sign them.the one you already sent I’ll take so can you please get me 3 more

    • It went into the mail today, Tim. I did send an extra for your friend, but unfortunately not your librarian. I sent you a few temporary tattoos for Mark of the Thief also!

  73. Can you send more please I told my librarian that you would bring one please

  74. I don’t need the tattoos though and I just finished mark of the thief


    • Many thanks, Tim. You read it fast! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  76. Jennifer. I don’t want the tattoos but need 2 or 1 more btw what’s the next book called and when will you be don’t with the book and can I order two books

    • The 2nd book doesn’t have a final title yet. I hope I’ll get to announce it soon!

  77. Thanks I’m improving my reading skills but I’m pretty good but am I a character. You should do like if nic defeats radula he finds king Jaron and is his best friend

    • It’s a cool idea, Tim, but unfortunately, I never make characters from real people. I like the real people too much for that!

  78. Jennifer when did you send the bookmarks because I didn’t get them yet

    • Hmm, give it another few days and hopefully it will arrive early next week.

  79. Jennifer go to seven reflection and do what does your name mean and if you search up Jennifer it’s kinda like you

    This is mine

    You like to control everyone within your influence, to shape things to your own liking. If positive, you develop high spirituality, as you have a God’s protection. You are sensitive, affectionate, imaginative and cooperative, spiritually aware and prone to self-sacrifice. You can keep secrets and are a good diplomat. You may have healing and psychic powers.You are intuitive and might be interested in the arts, drama or science.
    You find the best contentment in life when you own your own home and provide well for your family and loved ones. You have a great sense of responsibility and duty. You are comforting, appreciative and affectionate. Your obligation in life is to hold justice and truth, and if you follow the Law, you can find the great happiness and satisfaction.

  80. My friend jesael finished mark of the thief and he loved it as much as me so I will buy two books and have they figured out the title yet

  81. Jennifer I got the bookmarks thank you for them.Also two things I didn’t expect them to be false princes. And you really didn’t need to send me that many tattoos but very much thank you

    • You’re welcome, Tim. I figure you can share the tattoos with your friends or family. Glad they arrived okay!

  82. I loved The Mark of the Thief and the False Prince series. You have the best twists in them and i love it. When is the second book coming out?

    • Thank you very much, Elle! I’m glad you enjoyed Mark of the Thief, but I’m afraid it’ll be another year before the second book comes out. I hope it’ll be worth the wait though – Nic will head to the chariot races!

  83. Jennifer at school I went to go give my bookmark to my librarian but she was like no you frame it or something because she wanted me to keep it then I went to lunch and she told me guess what came in to me in my box it was a bookmark so thank you

  84. Jennifer do you have contact with Brandon mull or do you know anyway to talk to him online please

  85. Ok thanks for the effort☺️

  86. Jennifer I’m just now starting the rock riordon series the lost hero and if you haven’t read it you should very cool

  87. Oh my goodness. I just finished the Mark of the Thief. I am DYING. It was SO GOOD!!! I was wondering if there was a possibility of me getting a signed bookmark? that would be a dream come true. I love the ascendance trilogy. me and all of my friends have a mental-crush on Jaron. And soon it will be Nic! when is the second book in the trilogy coming out? I want to know so I can get the first hold at my local library haha. thank you so much for the hours of suspense and entertainment!

    • Megan, if you’d like to email me from this page here: and send me a mailing address, I can send you a bookmark.

      The second book will probably come out next February, and it should be epic! Nic will be competing in the chariot races!

  88. hi Jennifer i would like to know if there is going to be a sequel to mark of the thief 1?

    • Yes there will. It’s being edited right now, and should be released next February.

  89. Jennifer any news about your new book?

    • I’ve just received some advanced copies for A NIGHT DIVIDED, and I hope to be able to send them out in giveaways in another month or so. They are gorgeous! Thanks for asking, Tim!

  90. Give always like send them if you could send one please.

  91. Sorry if you coudlnt read my last comment it said. Could you please send one new book to me please mrs Nielsen

    • Tim, I should be having my next giveaway in May. I hope you’ll have a chance to enter for some book giveaways then!

  92. Is it like raffles or do I need to go to the place your going to giveaway?Because if I need to go somewhere i can’t I don’t have time i help work at my family’s restursnt

  93. So I just enter? When will it begin

  94. I just enter and do I have to put in a address

    • If you win, I’ll email you for an address. But since you’ve already told me about your family’s restaurant, I can send it there.

  95. Could you enter for me though

    • I can’t, Tim. Watch the blog in early May and I’ll have instructions posted for how to enter the contest.

  96. Hello Mrs. Nielson,
    I just wanted to say I’m a huge fan of the Ascendance Trilogy and now Mark of the Thief! Would there be any way for me to get the second book with your signature (if I mailed it to you)? Also, would you be happening to come to New York any time soon?

    • Thank you, Lily Moon. I don’t currently have any plans to be in the New York area, but who knows what next year will bring? If you want a signed book, there are three ways to get it:
      A) Sticker. This is the cheapest. You can give me your address and I’ll send you a sticker to put into your book.
      B) Mail me a book. I can give you my mailing address and you can send me any books you want signed along with a SASE. I’ll sign them and return them. This is probably the most expensive because you have to cover mailing costs both ways.
      C) King’s English. This is my local bookstore. When the release for RISE OF THE WOLF gets close, you can buy the book online from them and ask them to have me sign it to you. Then when I have, they’ll mail it out to you. This is the medium priced option.

      Or hey – just convince your school librarian to invite me there for a visit. Then everything gets easier, no?

  97. i would like to know the timeline of mark of the thief for my report for school but i cant find it on the internet. if you could tell me this information i would greatly appreciate it.

    • Nick, are you asking for the time period in which Mark of the Thief takes place? If so, then it’s 276 AD. If you’re asking for a timeline of the major events of the story in the order in which they happen, then you’ll just have to go through each chapter of the book and write down the major event of that chapter. For your sake, I sorta hope the question you were asking is the first one. Good luck! πŸ˜‰

      • yes it was the first one and thank you for your help. πŸ™‚

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