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Nightdivided_XLGI’m posting this quote a little early this week because it’s going to be a crazy few days ahead!

In this scene, Gerta has mysteriously received a drawn picture of a building and becomes convinced it is from her father, who is surely sending her a message to find the building and use it to escape the east. However, when she shows it to her brother, Fritz, he is less certain. Anna, mentioned below, is a friend of Gerta’s.



“How do you know the picture is from Papa?” In frustration, Fritz turned from me and ran a hand through his hair. “How do you know it’s not some test from the Stasi to get us here and then have a legitimate reason to arrest us?”

“They don’t play games like that!”

“They do, Gerta. They do that all the time! If they believe our family has some sort of rebellious streak, do you really think they’ll sit back and wait for us to commit a crime when they could just trap us now? Or maybe Anna’s family drew this picture to lure us here so they can turn us in to the Stasi.”

“Anna’s family wouldn’t—”

“Yes they would, and if you want to stay naïve about how dangerous this tunneling idea is, then you have no business even thinking about it! Our friends could betray us, family members could betray us. Some stranger on the street could report us and we’d never know who it was. There is nobody we can trust!”



It’s about two weeks until the release of A NIGHT DIVIDED (August 25th) – and I’m so excited for you to read it! You can find a copy at your local bookstore, online, the library, or at your Scholastic Book Fair. I hope you’ll check it out!


  1. Fritz must be the one who thinks through thinks often. I hope they don’t get turned into the Stasi!
    – Loreley

  2. I was volunteering at an elementary-leveled private school my mom teaches at this summer. They asked me to design curriculum for The False prince to replace “The Time Bike” because all the kids got so bored with it!

    You now have another school using your book as bonafide teaching-worthy, reading-analyzation-full, distraction-proof LESON MATERIAL! I’m not used to books I like actually being used for lessons. When I was in fifth grade, we got stuck with “Bridge to Teribithia” with Mr. Wimp and Miss Quirky-Perfection (I was not fond of that book). Now False Prince is being put on reading lists for teachers as well as one of my other favorite books of all time. It’s not fair!

    • That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing with me (and good luck on designing the curriculum!)

  3. The provided historical pictures and map prior to the story prepare the readers for the somber yet hopeful mood of the book and many of the quotes at each chapter s beginning will stay with you. A Night Divided is a book that should be read by every historical fiction fan and every social studies classroom.

    • Warmest thanks, Norris. For now, I’ll be happy for any historical fiction fan and one social studies classroom to read it, but I do hope this book will find as wide an audience as possible! I’m glad you enjoyed it though!

  4. I’ve been looking for some quotes from your book. ive read your book and it was amazing absolutely enjoyed but i lost what are some of your quotes?

    • Hi Alexis. One way you might be able to find the quotes you’re looking for is to look the book up on Amazon – then you can search inside the book. Or you can check for quotes on Goodreads.

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