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I was supposed to get this posted on Sunday, I know, and I’m sorry. Gah – I’m a little behind (but Mark of the Thief 3 is coming along well!).


Okay, so the winners of RISE OF THE WOLF galleys are…drumroll please…




Cady Anderson

Matthew Blake

Hunter Bland

Mary Love

Pam Perkins


Congratulations to all winners!  If you didn’t win, but do want a copy, RISE OF THE WOLF is available now for pre-order. If you still need to get caught up on the series, then MARK OF THE THIEF is available now in hardback, or will be released in paperback on December 29th.

If you’re on social media, watch this blog in one week for giveaways of MARK OF THE THIEF paperbacks. I’ll be giving one or more away every Tuesday until the release of RISE OF THE WOLF.


  1. Congrats to all the winners!!! Your winter holidays probably just got a whole lot better 🙂 Thanks for hosting this giveaway Mrs.Nielsen.

  2. Congratulations to all the winners! Can’t wait for the other giveaway!
    Happy Holidays!
    – Loreley

  3. Congratulation to winners! 😀

  4. Yippeeee! My 2015 is now made. No way can I wait until Christmas to read it either! So excited right now. 😀

  5. Congrats to the winners.. lucky fans !

  6. Congrats to the lucky winners. And goodness: Mark of the Thief 3 is already baking in the oven!

  7. The winners are so lucky! Congratulations! Also do you know when I can place a hold on a copy from a library?

    • Thanks Ellen. You’ll have to ask your library about when and how their hold system works. Good luck!

  8. Congrats!!! My BFF is starting to read “A Night Divided” recommended by me and my friends. I can’t believe she’s reading it!!! I sure hope she loves it!

  9. Hmmm… Instead of a Bulla/Necklace it is a ring. Could this possibly be a signet or seal?

    • You’ve got the right idea, Luke, but the scale is a bit off. It’s an arm band, like the gladiators used to wear in the arena.

  10. I understand if you cannot answer this but, I noticed that there is a griffin on the bulla connected to Caela the griffin. Also, there is a wolf on the armband. Does each magical object have a connection to a magical creature? Is there an actual wolf in Rise of the Wolf?

    • The object on the cover is the Malice of Mars, and yes it has a connection to a wolf. There is also an animals associated with a Jupiter Stone, though i’m not sure if that will be pictured on the book’s cover!

  11. This is super random and irrelevant but have you ever heard of akinator? if not it’s basically a browser game and it asks you questions and guesses whoever you’re thinking about and everybody goes crazy because it can pretty much guess anyone. Well I really thought I had a “character” in mind that he wouldn’t guess and that was Jaron. You should try going to the browser and having him guess Jaron… You just have to google Akinator and I think it’s the first one. you won’t believe who it can guess haha. Sorry for wasting you’re time but I just found it funny that he guess him

    • Holy cow – I hadn’t heard of this site, but I totally tried it and it worked! That was awesome – thanks Dakota Rose!

  12. Oh my gosh! I am so excited! I haven’t checked the blog in a while, but what a delightful surprise when I checked today!

    • I sent you an email about it, Cady, but I think it must’ve gone into your junk mail. Send me your mailing addy (to jen@jennielsen.com) along with the name of whoever you want signed into the book (your name, someone else’s name, or signature only), and I’ll get it right out to you! Congrats!

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