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markofthief_XLGLast week’s giveaway was for teachers or other educators only. Several of you shared your ideas for encouraging students to read, and I enjoyed them so much! What I wouldn’t have given as a student to have any of you at the head of my classroom! This series of books is dedicated to three of the finest teachers I ever had. You do make a difference. The winner of an ARC of RISE OF THE WOLF or paperback of MARK OF THE THIEF is:

Rebecca W.

The giveaway this week is again for everyone. To try to win, tell me about one of your favorite teachers! I’ll announce the giveaway next Tuesday.


This week’s quote takes us into one of my favorite parts of RISE OF THE WOLF. To save someone important to him, Nic has committed to a very dangerous chariot race, on terms that have infuriated Radulf.

Radulf’s argument shifted. “And you are risking all of that on a chariot race? You’ve only done practices, which are nothing to the real thing, and certainly nothing compared to the Ludi Romani. The Praetors will choose the finest racer in the empire, one who has probably sent a thousand other charioteers to their deaths in the circus.”

“I’m a good driver!” I countered.

“The circus spits out good drivers with every bend of the track! You could not have offered him a worse deal.”

“Train me,” I said. “We have four days. So train me to race.”

“It won’t be nearly enough time.”

“But it’s all I have.” I was reduced to begging now, which I hated, but I’d be even more pathetic if I denied that I needed his help. “Radulf, I understand better than anyone what happens if I lose. So help me now.”


RISE OF THE WOLF will be released on January 26th – coming soon! If you haven’t read book 1, MARK OF THE THIEF, yet – it’s now available in paperback. Ask for it at your favorite bookstore!


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  2. Growing up I attended Cranbury Elementary School in Norwalk, CT. I was the boy in the classroom with endless energy which I did not always harness in a productive way. Teachers had a difficulty engaging me in lessons. I truly never felt part of a classroom community until I reached fourth grade. My teacher, Mrs. Dielman, will forever be etched into my mind as one of my greatest influences. Prior teachers never took the time to get to know my learning style, but that all changed in her classroom. She designed lessons that kept me engaged and interested. She talked to me respectful, yet sternly, and we devised a plan to help with my endless energy. I vividly recall our butterfly unit and observing the life cycle of a butterfly, as well as reading many books on the topic. The day we released the butterfly outside our classroom was unforgettable. She was also one of the first teachers that allowed my voice to be heard in the process of choosing books.

    That was a pivotal moment in my young educational career. I discovered that learning could be an adventure and how important it is to build relationships with students.

  3. I hope Nic wins the chariot race! Hopefully, Radulf will train Nic so he’ll become better.
    My favorite teacher so far is Ms. Sparks. She introduced new books for me to read, including The False Prince. She helped me become a stronger reader.
    Can’t wait to read Rise of the Wolf and Scourge! I’m excited for the cover release of Scourge, too.
    Good luck, everyone!
    – Loreley

  4. I would love to win a copy of Mark of the Thief

    I’ve had a couple of teachers I absolutely loved! But the one I absolutely loved was my Danish teacher from the middle of 7th grade to 9th grade. I had just changed school because my last class was horrible, I was bullied and the teachers weren’t very helpful. The opposite in fact. Some of them even hit students. I had a ‘break’ of 3 months trying to find another school. I was also bullied in the new class, but not as much as before. My teacher helped me a lot though. I also had some problems at home. She helped me, took me aside to talk. She even created a cosy room just for me and her, where we could go and talk if I had the need. She helped me get a school psychology, and when I didn’t want to go any longer because I didn’t like him, she talked with me even more. I still talk to her now and then, even though it’s 13 years since. She means a lot to me today and was such a great teacher!

  5. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Pain She taught me last year in Grade 6 and she’s did everything for me. She is so inspiring and I always love her quotes on the wall. She’s always said that she doesn’t care about the answer, she cares how you figure it out. She is a caring, loving person and I wish she could teach me every day.

    Anyways, I’m wondering what who Nic wants to save. I think the Praetors took his Mom and he is probably doing the race to get to the Praetors? Idk but I’m waiting for what’s going to happen!

  6. I was always a book lover and everyone around me knew it. As a young child my parents encouraged me to read so I would speak and write well, but once they saw it became an obsession I was scolded for it. In fact, my entire life my teachers would constantly tell me to put my book away when I read during lunch or in between periods.
    I became more insistent and just to defy them I read more than I ever had before, and ignored my studies. What saved me was actually a teacher I had last year, Ms. Elma. When my parents addressed her about my issue she told them she would speak to me privately.
    So she sat with me and asked me: Rashida, your parents say you have a habit of reading all the time. Is this true?
    She had been an excellent teacher, and I think I learned more with her than I had in Ela all through my elementary years so I was ashamed that she had to see this side of me. I mumbled a yes.
    Her countenance softened instead of getting the apprehensive look I always got. She said, and I remember this very acutely: I have a habit of reading as well, so I can relate. But we need to fix this problem. Why don’t you think of the book as a sweet (she knew I had a sweet tooth), and when you finish your studies you can treat yourself.
    I was a small incident, something I’ve never told some of my closest friends. But it really changed me for the better, and it helped me realize that there is always, always a solution. I may not have lost my love for reading, but it makes the books I read that much more enjoyable now that I “treat” myself to it.

    • What a great teacher! And yes, books are sweet! (That’s probably not how Ms. Elma meant it, huh?) 😉

  7. My favorite teacher was my 9th grade Pre-Ap English teacher, Mrs. Merservy. She loved her job and her students so much, and sometimes just knowing that if I held on a little longer I’d get to spend my last 53 minutes of school in her class was all that got me through the day. She was kind and funny, but could be strict if she needed to be. We all had combined feelings of friendship and total respect towards her. Every class was fun. There were always fun and creative projects to do. Acting out Romeo and Juliet outside with props was awesome. She even somehow made “A Tale of Two Cities” make sense to all of us. At the end of the year the class (of 18) split into two groups and we each made an amazing video project with an original script, and the only requirement being that we had to include at least one character from each book we’d read in class that year. My favorite thing about her was that she understood my overwhelming shyness. There were several times during the year that I entered her room crying my eyes out. Unlike my other teachers she didn’t directly say anything to me, she would just discreteely place a sticky note on my desk when she got up to go to the front of the room, usually saying “If you want to go to the bathroom or whatever you need,you can go and you will be exept from the warm-up :)” And when I’d get back there’d another note with some candy on top reading, “Hope you feel better soon…” Her kindness and understanding really helped me to come out of my shell more and more through out the year, and I really appreciate that.

    (Also, sorry for writing so much, haha…)

    • That’s fantastic, Jennifer. Every school should have at least one teacher like this.

  8. I would love to win a copy! My new group of 6th graders just met Jaron for the first time as we started The False Prince. My students last year absolutely loved reading the trilogy and writing business letters to you. Thank you again. I have Mark of the Thief and A Night Divided on my shelf ready to read next!

    My favorite teacher had to be in college. I detested her at first. She was nothing like what I wanted in a teacher and kept marking up my papers with red ink. It wasn’t grammatical markings, it was more suggestions and questions. In high school, I was a straight A student and grew accustomed to simply getting an A and maybe a pat on the back. All of these red marks completely put my world in a tailspin. I remember scheduling a conference with her after class to discuss some of this “red ink” when she asked me if I was in her class to learn and grow or if I thought I knew it all. WOAH. What a slap in the face!

    I went back to my dorm and had a long battle with myself and the red marked essay. As much as I hated it, I trudged through it, and I actually enjoyed editing and toying with the suggestions. I walked back to class and turned in my essay with my own red markings attached to my updated version. I actually earned that A- because she took the time to push me. I ended up taking four of her other literature classes in college and still keep in touch with her.

    Sometimes it takes a teacher willing to stand up to the bullheaded brats like me. 🙂

    • I had a teacher like that once – hated him at the time but in the end, he made me so much better.

  9. My favorite teacher from a couple years back was my English teacher named Mrs Kathryn!
    She was the mos helpful and joyful person who always encouraged us to read many books- and she’s the one who made me read the false prince and I finished the series on my own! She’s the one who lead me to find out about you and your books and she had a feeling I would like your book a lot in knowledge that I usually hate books and don’t read any. We share the same love in your books and that’s one great thing we like to talk about together. She’s one of my favorite teachers 🙂 ❤️

  10. Thanks so much for doing this! My sister has been talking nonstop about your books. I don’t usually read much, but I loved The Ascendance Trilogy, and I am super excited to read The Mark of the Thief and The Rise of the Wolf.
    I would have to say my favorite teacher would be my mom. Well, she is one of my only teachers, too. I’ve been homeschooled my whole life. Through the years she has bestowed great knowledge upon me,and I am forever thankful for her patience through all my craziness. I have to agree with the your dedication at the beginning of “The False Prince”, because I have learned many great things – by example – from my mom.
    Thanks again!

  11. mrs Nelson I am a nine year old girl who loves pigs!!!I want to get a present for my sister for her birthday.she loves books!!me well not as much as she does.Anyway all my siblings love the acendance trilogy.And all my siblings are signing up for it.I hope i get it!you are a great book writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • And my favorite teacher is my mom,because i am homeschooled.And my Dad teaches at Oaks Christin.

    • Thank you, Kaiya!

  12. Hi! I am so happy that you are having these contests.I am currently reading the Shadow Throne and inside the book I am writing comments about the book in the margin. I think it is called annotating. All my siblings and I are obsessed with the Ascendance Trilogy. I just found out about your new series and I can’t wait to read it! I am home schooled so my mom is my favorite teacher because she puts up with my chaos around the house every millisecond of my life.And again, thanks for having these contests. -sincerely, Elias

  13. I’ve had some really amazing teachers over the past few years, as I’ve taken online AP classes (I’m homeschooled). It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’m going to say it’s probably either last year’s Environmental Science teacher, or this year’s English Lit teacher. They’re very passionate about both their subjects and their students, and they really go the extra mile for us.
    My Environment Science teacher used to be so good about responding to emails or questions through the site website that I could send her a question on Sunday afternoon and still get a detailed, helpful response within a few hours.
    For Christmas, my English teacher sent every one of her students a Christmas letter and a large piece of chocolate in the shape of their initial. She’s a very caring, loving teacher who shows us over and over again that she doesn’t just care about our writing: she cares about us.

    • Gah! I want some chocolate in the shape of my first initial! Well actually, I just want chocolate. Very cool, Jaina!

  14. This isn’t a teacher from regular school but last year I took extra classes at a tutoring school and this was my favourite teacher there. The teacher’s name was Ms. Wong (she also had the same first name as me which was super cool). She taught me English and one of my favourite things about her was she would always explain our mistakes from our homework during class or she would white us a note on our homework, telling us what we did wrong. I guess that really helped me because I started to do really well on homework and the tests.
    She was also really generous because before a holiday or celebration, she’ll give the class a treat, like candy. But before the Christmas holidays, she handmade a Christmas themed paperclip for each student along with a candy cane. I still have mine now and I think she was very dedicated to make one for each one of her students because I wouldn’t have the courage to do that.
    Lastly, at the end of our school year, the tutoring school gave trophies to the top one or two students in each class and I happened to be one of them since Ms. Wong has taught me so well. She gave me a smiley faced balloon and some paper stars like she did with all of her first place winners. I’ve went to that school for a few years and never ever had a teacher decided to do something so nice to her students.
    Sadly, that was the last year I went to those classes and Ms. Wong wouldn’t teach there the next year because she’ll be too busy because of university. But she’s a teacher I know I’ll remember.

  15. I am so excited to read the new book! I am loving the False Prince. My favorite teacher is my mom because she teaches me well. She is patient and spends a lot of time helping me understand. She sacrifices a lot so I can learn.

    • That’s fantastic, Tobey, thank you! And if you want to read Rise of the Wolf, make sure you’ve read Mark of the Thief first! But I’m glad you’re enjoying The False Prince!

  16. I am a book worm and I spend all the time reading and writing.I’m very quiet as mouse and extremely timid and sensitive also. In my elementary school days,I won’t talk a single word to anyone and be quiet and shy as possible. For easy word, I am solitary like a wolf or a leper.My classmates always bullied me.Teachers don’t ever care me.But I am the best student in the school.I always get first place in examinations and that place is reserved for me for many year.I get A’s in every subject.But no one liked me.Some also say me a waste like a trash.At one time I hated to go to school.But the nightmare has change like the seasons.My wintry,dead,freezing,pale heart was melted by my science teacher.She also was my school’s library teacher.She grabbed the palette and painted my heart with sunny thoughts and colorful rainbows.My passive behavior change to activeness.She understand my talent,passion and characteristic and treat me a her son. Soon I become a librarian and I get the key of library.My life become brighter as the sun and soon I become shinning student of the school.Everyone stop bullying me and treat me well.Reading become my obsession and my talents such as painting,writing,drawing grow until become a well grown tree.In my whole life,I loved the teacher very much and I will never forget her until my death.Even after my death,my soul always loved and thank her until it vanish.

    • She sounds like an amazing teacher. Also Jeevan, you are a writer.

  17. I’ve had heaps of great teachers over the years, but if I had to pick one, I’d pick Miss Gohns, who is my French teacher. Every Thursday, french is the first lesson and she always makes hot chocolate for everyone which is great on winter days! And once a term we either have a french breakfast, with baguettes and croissants, or she makes crepes in the class 🙂 At the end of the year our class went to Cafe Versailles for dinner which was sort of like a class trip!
    Aside from the food, she is a wonderful french teacher, who has lots of knowledge and is so helpful to us. I learn more french with her in one term than I did in a year in my old school! Merci Miss Gohns 🙂

  18. Thank you,JENNIFER NIELSEN.I’m sorry because I forgot her name.Her name is MRS.JOTHI

  19. My favorite teacher was my freshman English teacher, her name was Ms. Capofare ( though she later remarried she will be forever Ms. Capofare to me.)

    At first i found her to be very intimidating. I myself at the time was a shy freshman who was quite nervous by her expectations.
    She helped me grow in my writing. Soon my English class became my most anticipated class instead of my most dreaded.

    Even after graduating about 5-7 years ago i do my best to stop by the high school where she teaches with a box of her favorite treats.

    I gained a love for the English language as well as a friend.

  20. Hi! Do you think they will be movie news next month? In August you said paramount asked for a six-month delay. 🙂 I cant wait anymore ahhahaha

    • I know, Hal – it’s such a crazy business! In February, Paramount will come back with one of three decisions: To green light the movie, meaning it will be made; to drop the contract, meaning it will not be made; or to delay for another six months. I’ll be waiting or their decision right along with you, and whatever it is, I will announce it first here on my blog. Thanks for asking!

  21. My favorite teacher was way back in Gr. 3/4. She is really nice, understanding and everything a teacher needs to be. My most memorable time in that class was story time. After every lunch break she would sit everyone down and read a book for an hour. Then she started reading a book called Waggit’s Tale. I fell in love with the book that I started emailing the author about the book. After the first book she got the second book and started reading the book. Meanwhile the author finished the third book. He said I was his #1 fan and he mailed a copy to my teacher just because of that.

  22. Ah – I can’t wait for Rise of the Wolf! Thanks for the chance!

    My favorite teacher was my kindergarten teacher. She made learning fun and cool, and made everyone want to go to school. Every Friday, she would bring in a huge box of doughnut holes to share with the class. To motivate the class to participate during class, she would give out fake money, and once a month, she would hold a “shop” to exchange the money for prizes. That didn’t only teach us simple math, but it also taught us how to handle, manage, and save money. One time, she even set up a “movie theater” up in the classroom for us, but the catch was that we had to “buy” our own seats and refreshments using the fake money we earned. Also, she really encouraged reading. In fact, she was one of the people who got me into reading. We had color-coded reading bins based on our level, and everyday at the end of class, we had SSR (Silent Sustained Reading) in which we would grab a book, find a bean bag, and quietly read. By this time, most of us would be hungry, since it would be the end of the day, so she would come around and hand out snacks to us. In addition to reading in class, our teacher also got us library cards, so every Monday, we would take a trip in her big van and head to our local library. There, we would borrow books, and return them on Friday. She is by far one of my favorite teachers. 🙂


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