HORIZON Giveaway 3

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Thanks to all who entered last week’s giveaway. The week 2 winner is:

*** Michelle Miranda ***

If you’re just joining me for the summer, each week I’ll do a random drawing for a book from the HORIZON series. Book 1 was written by Scott Westerfeld, and my book 2, DEADZONE, will be released on Sept 12, 2017.


To enter this week….

Because there are only two months left, it’s Social Media Week. Will you share the following news on your favorite social media site (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc)? One entry per share, so you can really rack up the entries this week.

This is the Twitter-sized tweet (or make your own but tag me in @nielsenwriter): If you haven’t read HORIZON by @ScottWesterfeld, do it now, because DEADZONE by @nielsenwriter is coming 9/12/17.http://horizon.scholastic.com

For any other site, write what you want and either tag me into the post, send me a link, or put in comments where you’ve posted.

Pictures are here too, if you want them:


  1. Hope you check Google Plus as well 😅

  2. Can I use Pinterest? Or no? I follow you on Pinterest, so I could send proof in a Pinterest message.

    If that’s not allowed, then that’s okay too. I just don’t have any other social media 🙂

    • Yup, Pinterest definitely counts!

      • All-righty, I saved it on Pinterest! I actually had to download the Deadzone cover because I couldn’t find anyone else who shared it as a pin 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday Jen! I hope you spent it well!

    • Thank you, Evangeline – it was a great day!

      • p.s I don’t know if you realized but…
        1, You were born on the great Nikola Tesla’s birthday (that is awesome!!)
        and 2, Under booksand mark of the theif trilogy, The wrath of the storm still says coming soon.

        Just wanted you to know

        • Well, I didn’t realize either of those things, but way cool on #1 and it’ll go onto the to-do list for #2. Thanks for pointing that out!

      • Happy Birthday!

  4. I posted on Facebook, but I didn’t know how to tag you 🙂

  5. Hi Ms. Jen,

    Happy birthday! Have a blessed and wonderful year ahead. Will jon this contest 😉

  6. I couldn’t tag you in my post on facebook, but I did share about your new book today, Saturday! Can’t wait to read it! Just finished The Scourge and l loved it! Big fan of your books!!!

  7. This is kind of an odd question, but were you a geek when you were a kid?

    • Definitely a geek. In hindsight, I can see that I was always creating stories in my mind and was always drawn to quirky pop culture or themes I could explore in my imagination. But at the time, I just knew I was different than most of my peers and had more fun in the “geek” world than theirs.

      • You have no clue how much that sounds like me. Where day-dreaming in class is my favorite topic, I am a TOTAL geek. Hard core geek right here. I never knew we were so similar. Was Jaron ever one of those stories?

        • Not Jaron specifically, though his personality was undoubtedly one of many that floated through my imagination when I should’ve been listening better. 😉

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