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Thanks to all who entered last week’s giveaway. The week 3 winner is:

*** Karen McMurphy ***

If you’re just joining me for the summer, each week I’ll do a random drawing for a book from the HORIZON series. Book 1 was written by Scott Westerfeld, and my book 2, DEADZONE, will be released on Sept 12, 2017.


It’s week 4. Two weeks ago, I told you about Molly, the leader of the crash survivors. Now meet Yoshi, the rebel. He’s being shipped back to his father in Japan where he’s already in a ton of trouble for having stolen (borrowed?) a 17th Century sword from the country. Yoshi has no interest in teamwork or making friends. He only wants to get out of…wherever it is they are. But the team definitely needs him, and that sword.






So the question of the week is, if you could only bring one weapon with you into a survival situation, what would it be and why? (Keep in mind, guns need bullets, arrows can break, and metal can rust.) Put your answer in the comments below!



Remember, you can enter from anywhere in the world, but I can only ship these books to a US address.

Also, if you haven’t read the first book yet, it’s awesome! Read it now, so you’ll be set to read DEADZONE this September!



  1. Probably a sword for the reason that:
    a) can be used as an upclose method of hunting
    b) defense
    c) can act as a knife
    d) can heat the flat end and use it to seal a wound (I believe it can do that, right?)
    e) one piece (unlike arrows, which you can lose easily)

  2. I would take a knife which can be used to scrape shavings or spark flint to help start a fire. It can also be used for hunting, signaling planes, and even digging.

  3. I would bring a knife. Very versatile, can use as weapon or to prepare food.

  4. Not very original, I guess, but my first thought was a knife, too.

  5. I would bring an axe. These days axes can be made of steel, which would help create fires if I could locate some flint. It acts as a knife, helpful for hunting food, preparing it, and defending myself from predators. However, axes can chop through wood, which gives the added bonus of easy firewood and shelter made from trees.

  6. I would bring a bow, because I like bows and you can shoot things before they even get close enough to hurt you. Metal arrows are preferred, if those exist, because then they wouldn’t be so easy to break.

  7. A Sword. What can I say, I’ve always though they were the coolest, even though I have no clue how to use one ;), yet. But if I’m stranded for a while I could figure it out. Swords are longer so they are harder to lose, can be used to prop things up in an emergency, and can cut more than a knife. I’ve read part of the first book so I think it would also be useful for climbing trees and anchoring yourself to the ground. You can whittle arrows and a bow if you have a good enough sword. And as for rusting, If you keep it well clean it shouldn’t rust. Breaking it when swung too hard or at something too strong would be my biggest worry. But hopefully by then you have your homemade bow, and you’d have useful sword shards afterwards.
    Overall I’ve read too many adventures stories not to think swords are amazing.

  8. Swiss Army Knife! It is a multi-tool that has no limits!!

  9. I would bring a knife because it’s very versatile (cut through things, help prep food, weapon, first aid, etc) and because I’d have the best chance of being able to successfully use it (I don’t have much experience with guns or bows and likely wouldn’t be very accurate).

  10. I would bring a hatchet made of steel, because you can start a fire, and you can throw a hatchet to kill animals from a little bit of a distance. Also you can use a hatchet to cut wood for a shelter, campfire and more. It is a easy to use tool. It’s small and takes up little space. You can use it to cut open things easy. And climb by curing into the rock.

  11. I would bring some long, double-blade knives. I feel like I would have more control over a knife than a sword. They would be good for defense and cutting up food and other material. They could also be used to anchor yourself if you’re climbing.

  12. First of all I have to say that my answer would vary depending on the situation and how much money I had to spend on the weapon. But I thought a lot about your question, and I would choose a knife made out of diamond.
    1. It wouldn’t rust
    2. Since diamond is the hardest material that there is, it wouldn’t break
    3. It would be easier to carry than a sword
    4. I could use it to hunt
    5. ( I’m not sure if this would work), but I could try to use it a magnifying glass to make fire

  13. My brother asks me this kind of question ALL THE TIME, seriously I even made a pinterest board “Packing for an Adventure”. But he usually means fantasy, not sci-fi. Either way a hewing spear with a black finish on the head for no rust, I hate rust (a helpful tip from my brother). It can act as a spear, to keep the crazy creatures as far as possible, and you can take the head off using it as a knife which is definitely essential for any survival situation.

  14. Either a sword or a knife. So I could cut through things and make fires easier. I think it would be really useful in the wild.

  15. Um, my weapon of choice would be a bodyguard. He can protect me from all the scary, carry the heavy stuff, and if all else fails, I have an alternate source of food. 😉

  16. If I could only bring one weapon with me, it would be a machete, because it was specifically made for survival circumstances. It would be durable, and very useful for cutting through vegetation. I could use it to help build a shelter, hunt or fish, to start a fire, and for necessary defense.

  17. I believe that the weapon that would be beneficial both to me and my team mates and can also be used during dangerous situation is either a matches or a lighter.

  18. Hello! I would likely bring along a dagger (or perhaps a set of daggers)! Daggers are handy for not only up-front combat, but also for throwing at distant rivals! Thus allowing me to defend myself and my teammates no matter the location of our enemy. 🙂 It could also be of use when it comes to fishing;I would just use a vine to tie at the end of the dagger, wrap the opposite end of the vine around my wrist, and then toss it into the water! (I have put way too much thought into this and may seem too optimistic 😂 oh well!).

    Anyways! I hope you- and anyone else who reads this- have a wonderful day! 🙂

  19. I’d have to say my mind, because when your mind is your greatest weapon, everything else becomes available to you and you persuade any situation to turn in your favor.

  20. I would bring a knife because it is probably the most versatile. It can be used for hunting, to prepare food, to cut through brush, etc.

  21. I think a sword would be a good option. Either that or a bow an arrows. With a bow and arrows you wouldn’t have to be as close to defend yourself and you could retrieve your arrows which wouldn’t work with a gun.

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