And our Canadian winner is…

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Congratulations, Sandra Furlotte – you are the winner of THE TRAITOR’S GAME arc!

To all those who entered, thank you for your comments about the other wonderful books soon to be released from Scholastic Canada – I hope you’ll give them all a try!

But honestly, I hope you’ll give TRAITOR’S GAME a try first (đŸ˜‰)! This book will be released on Feb 28, 2018, but if you know you’re going to want a copy anyway, why not go ahead and pre-order now? Seems like a fine start to the New Year’s, to me! I’ll even make it simple for you.

If you have a local indie bookstore, please buy your copy there. But if you’re online, here are some other options:





  1. Congratulations, Sandra! You’ll love it!

  2. Hi!
    I’ve read all of your books and I just wanted to say how much I’ve loved The False Prince series! Sage is probably my all time favorite character out of any book I’ve ever read! Thank you so much for putting so much effort into the books! Sage is my inspiration! I love his wit, stupidity, cleverness, awesomeness, sarcasm, comebacks, and well, his whole character! Thanks so much!
    – Your biggest fan EVER!
    P.S. I’ve told all of my friends to read your books and every single one of them have loved your books!!!!!

    • Hi Meira, Yes, Sage is all of those things! Thank you so much for recommending my books – that is the greatest way of spreading the word!

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    My daughter is currently reading the False Prince series for the third time – in a row! She is only 9 but she is the fastest reader ever and absolutely adores your books. Now she would love to read other books by you, but she does not read English yet. Therefore, we are wondering if you have any plans for having your other books translated into French?

    Thank you so much.
    Carlotta and Yvonne from Canada

    • Bonjour Yvonne,

      The best way to get a French translation of my books is to create a demand. If she recommends the existing titles to others, that will help, or if she writes the publisher directly and asks for a certain book in French, that will help too. I would love to see more books done in French, but the publisher needs to know there are readers wanting them. Please tell your daughter hello from me!

      Amicalement, Jennifer

      • Thank you for taking the time to answer, Jennifer! We will contact the publisher to ask for translations.
        My daughter told already all her friends about your books and several of them started reading them. They all love them!
        Thanks again, Yvonne

  4. Hello from Austin, Tx! I am such a fan of you and your books. I would agree with Meira–Sage is amazing. I am thirteen years old, and I’ve written my first fantasy novel; I even named one of the two male characters in my book after him as a tribute to you. Thank you for creating such great stories. I love the plot twist at the end of False Prince. You nailed it!
    Looking forward to reading your newest book!
    Lorena K.

    • Warmest thanks, Lorena – that is a high compliment indeed! Best wishes for the success fo your novel.

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