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April already? Wow…

I have some information on the rest of my spring touring. If you’re in or around VANCOUVER or TORONTO (Canada), HOUSTON, CINCINNATI, or LEXINGTON, I’m coming to you!

Here’s how to find me:

Monday 4/15 Kidsbooks in South Surrey, Canada 7 pm

Tuesday 4/16 West Point Grey Unified Church with Kidsbooks, Vancouver, Canada 7 pm

Wednesday 4/17 Chapters Indigo Peterborough, Ontario, Canada 7 pm

Thursday 4/18 Chapters Queensway, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada 7 pm

Saturday 4/20 Teen Book Con, Houston, TX, Alief Taylor High School, 9-5 pm

Tuesday 5/7 Joseph Beth Bookstore, Cincinnati, OH

Wednesday 5/8 Joseph Beth Bookstore, Lexington, KY


And I promised you some other stuff too. First, how awesome is this picture (courtesy Kati O’Quinn, teacher extraordinaire!)

Kati O'Quinn

Also, this amazing pair of shoes. If anyone knows where I might find them, let me know!


And finally, a teacher sent me this note left on his desk shortly after the release of THE RUNAWAY KING. This student had not been a reader, until the Ascendence trilogy. The best part of my job is getting to be part of building a love of reading in students. I absolutely LOVE this note!

For Nick


  1. Love the photos! I wish one your book stores was around in Florida keeping my fingers crosssed thank you for writting awesome books!

    • Me too, Amy. Florida is one of my favorite states and I’d love to come there!

      • awww man… I cant come to the contest in Houston. Will you be going anywhere other than the high school?

        • I may be at some schools in the area, but I don’t think I’ll be at any bookstores. I’ll post it on my page if that changes though. Sorry –

  2. Hi! I love your books, and I hope you continue writing! I finished both The False Prince and the Runaway King, and they’re the best books I’ve read in a long time. I hope you can come to Washington, D.C. or Maryland sometime! I would love to meet you in person!

  3. I just wanted to add that I love the imagery and tone in both books. It makes me feel like I’m in the story along with Jaron! I also love how complex and developed the plot, setting, and characters are. Basically, I CAN’T WAIT for the conclusion. 🙂

    • Thank you Tina! I’m glad you’re enjoying the series, and I think you’ll love the conclusion. And I would LOVE to come to the DC area one day – I’ve always wanted to visit there.

  4. Will you be going to any libraries ?

  5. Oh I forgot to ask, are you planning on developing a movie for the books. I loved the runaway king and false prince. I cant wait for the third book to arrive.

    • Zack – A screenplay is being written for The False Prince, but it’s still too early to know if it will be made into a movie. Keep your fingers crossed – I am too!

  6. Ooops I forgot the question mark after my first sentence.

    • Zack, I don’t have a final schedule yet, but I’ll post it here if I have any other public events. Thanks for asking!

  7. Sorry, I’m just really keen to meet you in person, Since I don’t normally read books but I’ve read every single one of yours

    • Thank you, Zack. I’m not sure when we’ll know on a movie – it’s different for every book that gets adapted. A lot of books that get to this stage never get made, some are made many years after publication, and some start into production right away.

  8. When will we be able to tell if there will be a movie.

  9. Hi Ms.Nielsen!
    I have to say, your books are awesome. I especially like the Ascendance series. I love how you capture all the details with your word choice and how the plot isn’t cliche and really takes you places. I didn’t really see the plot line, it was suspenseful and made it to my favorite book list. I was wondering what inspires you to write such amazing books. As a student, I have to write a lot and sometimes run out of ideas.


    • Thank you Heather. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series and really appreciate your feedback on why you’ve enjoyed it. I understand how it can be as a student when you’re required to do a lot of writing – that sometimes you put the pen to the paper and nothing happens. Try asking a lot of “What if” questions. And once you have a What If that sounds interesting, start looking at ways to make it harder for your characters. The more you get used to doing this, the more you’ll find ideas coming to you. Good luck!

      • Thanks! I’m actually writing a story for a competition right now. I’ll keep your advice in mind when I’m constructing it and in the future. Thanks for writing awesome books!


  10. So excited to hear that you’ll be in Cincinnati! Any chance you’d have time for a school visit that day?

    • Jenna – I probably will be to a few schools, but the bookstore is scheduling that, not me. You could certainly call them and see if there’s any chance of having me come your way, but it’ll be their decision.

      • What will the third book be called.

  11. I CANT WAIT!!! do your children know

  12. I really love how you vividly created Sage in your books. He’s one of my all-time favorite charcters. What inspired you to put those humble charcteristics in him and create him that way?

    • Thanks for the kind words, Heather. When Sage came to my mind, he came complete. All of his characteristics are simply who he was when we “met.” The way to understand him is that for every strong trait he has, he also has its opposite. So he is quite arrogant…and humble. Brave and fearful. Warm and cold. And so on.

      Thanks for reading!

  13. Are you going to be at the TeenBookCon all day? It goes from 9-5, but not all the authors are staying that long, so I wouldn’t want to go at the wrong time and miss you! 🙂

    • Thanks for asking, Lynette! I plan to be there the bulk of the day. As far as a specific schedule, all I have now is what’s on the website: http://www.teenbookcon.org/Schedule.html#panels

      • Thank you SO much, Jennifer! I’m really hoping I can make it! One more question… do you know (I couldn’t find anything on the website) about the rules regarding books to sign? Do we have to buy them there, or are we allowed to bring our own copies?

        • Lynette, I don’t know of any rules, but if the bookstore allows people to bring their personal copies (and I think they probably should), I’m happy to sign them!

  14. Hi again! I just wanted to say that the False Prince is seriously great! I like to draw, and the imagery in the books made me want to illustrate the characters. I hope you can come to D.C. someday. Maybe you can come to the National Book Festival sometime! By the way, how would you describe the relationship between Jaron and Amarinda? I love the dynamic between them, but I can’t find the right words to describe it.

    • Thanks Tina – I would love to come to DC one day for sure!

      Okay, Jaron and Amarinda…I’m not sure how much of the series you’ve read and of course you haven’t read the third. I would say it’s “evolving.” She loved his brother and just like that she’s suddenly expected to just give her emotions to someone else. I’d think she resents that but she knows what her role is in the kingdom. And Jaron knows part of returning to the crown is accepting marriage to her, but I’m not sure that’s really what his heart wants either. So they have a long way to go if they are going to eventually come together.

      And that’s awesome you can draw and do it so well. That is a gift I wish I had.

  15. Hey guys, i just wanted to ask if you had a mailing address because I’ve already drawn Sage/Jaron, Roden and Tobias? By the way i lovee the way Roden joined Jaron again. I think you have done an AMAZING JOB with your books.

  16. Hi Jennifer, I wanted to let you know I just finished The False Prince and my mom has ordered The Runaway King. I found Book 1 in the school library one day and it caught my interest. I bought it with a few dollars I had in my pocket from that day. When I came home I opened the book and could not put it down. My mom couldn’t figure out why I started reading so much lately (which she loved.. haha) and I told her it was this AMAZING book. I never have been able to keep interest in reading until this book and I love it!! Thank you for making such an amazing series and can’t wait til’ Book 2 gets here!! -Sophomore, 16

    • Eric – Thank you so much for sharing this with me! I hope you’ll enjoy Runaway King just as much, and I couldn’t be more honored that my book held your interest so well!

  17. When will your third book come out? I can’t wait!

    • Elena – Book 3 will be released next spring. A long time, I know, but the wait will be worth it!

  18. Hi. I just wanted to say that The False Prince (and The Runaway King) are the best books ever written. My teacher read them at read aloud time because one of my classmates loved it. The first sentence got me totally captivated! Ok, not exactly the first, more like the third. I came in for reading time late .:-( But it was really good anyways! When my teacher read the part about Sage being Jaron, I spent the rest of the weekend drawing Sage and Jaron (and have not stopped yet). I can roll a coin over my knuckles, too, and am trying to figure out how to steal a watch without the person noticing. The book is the best book ever written (did I already say that? ) and I can’t wait for book 3. When my teacher said she thought it would be published in 2014, I nearly started screaming, and once, she closed the book and every body yelled “no!” at the same time and since I was near a bookshelf I shook it (I really didn’t mean to knock the book down!) The False Prince is really good.
    From, Tori
    Ps. Do you know what month book3 will be out yet?

    • Thank you so much, Tori. I love hearing that you’ve enjoyed the books this much! Awesome that you’ve been doing artwork related to the story, and double awesome that you can roll a coin. Book 3 will probably be out around the end of February or early March 2014. I should be able to reveal the title and cover soon here on this blog!

      • i want to know what day in march it will come out i am just 12 and i want the third book of false prince please tell me thank you -chase

        • Chase, the tentative release date is March 1, but it may become available a week or two before that. Happy early, early birthday!

          • thank you and i love your books if i knew your book were this good i would read all of them and i am a huge fan false prince i finished and i am almost done with the runaway king crazy twist at the end with Roden wow 🙂

      • It’s great that you can reveal the title soon. Because every time I see one of the books I end up talking about them for 10 or 15 minutes especially because I need to know what book 3 is called. I can’t wait!

  19. can you come to the VA to Hamilton Holmes middle school please 🙂

    • Chase, I think I may be in Virginia next spring, though I didn’t see your school on the tentative list for my visits. If your school is interested, please have your librarian contact me (jen@jennielsen.com) and maybe we can work something out!

  20. thank you i will ask her tommarow i love your books

  21. I like that picture up at the top with the three kids reading 🙂 I wish my friends liked reading as much as I do. :/ Reading is practically my LIFE! It’s great because you can make up the whole thing in your head; What the people look like, what the backdrop looks like. It’s just a lot of fun to read. 🙂 I have one public-schooler friend that likes reading. She is still in the middle of the false prince. She has been for a while. But I am home sschooled so I have more time to read. I have read about 4 or 5 books since she started that one 😛

    • Just keep reading – you’ll have other things in common with your friends for other times. In the end, your reading will pay off in pure brilliant!

  22. PS. when will you release the name of the third book?

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