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For last week’s quote and giveaway, we have a winner! Congrats:

Carina Olsen

MarkOfTheThiefLGThis week’s giveaway is for student age readers only. To win, post on your fave social media site that this week is the paperback release of MARK OF THE THIEF. Then leave me a comment below to tell me where you posted it. That’s all! The winner of a paperback of MARK OF THE THIEF or a galley of RISE OF THE WOLF will be announced next Tuesday.

Here is quote #2 from RISE OF THE WOLF, releasing on Jan 26. This scene involves leaders of Rome called Praetors. The Praetors are loyal to the Goddess Diana in her quest to destroy the empire.

This scene is Nic’s first interaction with the Praetors, in which he discovers that while they don’t have magic, they can have a very dangerous effect on him…

“With Radulf focused on those directly in front of him, two men RISEOFWOLF_XLGgrabbed me by the arms. One put a knife to my throat while the other picked up my legs. I squirmed and tried to get a hand free enough to do magic. With the energy contained inside me, I knew I could drop these two men to the ground faster than hard rain.

But something had happened. The instant one Praetor’s hand grabbed my wrist, the magic drained out of me. It was gone, all of it. I tried sending out anything I could, just as a test, but nothing was there.”


  1. Quote 2!I take part in the last giveaway but I didn’t win.This time I will win for sure.I cant wait for the releasing day of Rise Of The Wolf.I wish I can get signed book from you!!!I also read quote 2 from the Book 2 Of Mark Of The Thief and it was amazing and thrilling.

    I post on FACEBOOK about this week paperback release of Mark Of The Thief.

    I wish I will be the lucky one who will win the giveaway.

  2. Forgot to tell you, my facebook username is JEEVAN KATHIRESAN

  3. Eeee 😀 I just wanted to say thank you so much for picking me as the winner. <3 I'm so thrilled 😀 Have DMed you back 🙂 And yay for awesome quote this week too. <3 Love it.

  4. Hi. I don’t have a Facebook page, so I put it on my mom’s.

  5. This week’s quote is so well written. I wish I could read Rise of the Wolf right now!!
    I posted on my Facebook timeline. So excited!!


  6. I posted about the paperback release on twitter. Is there going to be a giveaway on every post about a Rise of the Wolf quote? (Please say yes)

  7. Great job to the winners of the last giveaway!
    Awesome! I’m soooooooo excited for the Rise of the Wolf! The quotes make the wait harder… gahhhhh I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!
    I posted it on Google+.
    Thanks for doing this!

  8. I posted on my blog for the giveaway. The quote is intriguing: I hope Nic will be okay!
    I can’t wait to read Rise of the Wolf!
    – Loreley

  9. Hi Ms. Jen!!!
    I posted it on my twitter account.

  10. Would Radulf’s last name by any chance be Calva because he is Nicolas’s grandfather?

    • Names in Ancient Rome were complicated. A foreigner (like Radulf) would take on a new name once he became a citizen. So after becoming a citizen, Radulf’s full name became Flavius Radulf Avitus. Flavius (praenomen) would be roughly the same as your first name. However, only very close friends or family would call someone by their praenomen. At the time Nic meets Radulf, he would never address him as Flavius, nor would anyone around Radulf. Radulf (Nomen) would be more like a general family name. Think of it like a name for a tribe. Then Avitus (Cognomen) would be a family name shared by blood relatives, sort of like your last name.

      To further complicate things, Nic kept his name (Nicolas) but added in Calva to make it sound more Roman. He never says what his name was while in Gaul. Probably, he doesn’t even know it, though his mother would know it. If Nic ever becomes a Roman citizen, he would be expected to add a Cognomen to his name and would probably be known as Nicolas Calva Avitus.

  11. So fun! I already have an ARC of Rise of the Wolf (I finished it the other day, but I’m still chewing over it – so much crazy stuff going on!), but I’m entering to win a copy of Mark of the Thief. I just can’t resist the allure of a shiny new paperback! 🙂 I tweeted about it here. Thanks so much for these amazing giveaway opportunities!

    I posted about the release on twitter:


  13. Yay-another great quote! I tweeted about the release on Twitter here. Congrats on the paperback release!

  14. I just read the reply about the Roman names thing and that’s so cool! Nic must be boiling, though, having to share his surname with Radulf.

  15. I would love to read Mark of the Thief! I’ve read the False Prince Trilogy, and I loved it!

    I posted about Rise of the Wolf on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Samhain4000/status/684419512444272641

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