Where Am I? Wrap up and Winner!

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I have to say how very impressed I am with the quality of your responses for this contest! 17 of you got full points – every single one correct! And another 10 missed only one guess. There were many other entrants not far behind, and even when your guess was incorrect, you still named a place that could have been it. Great job!

In order, here are the locations:

  1. Decatur, (DeKalb County) Georgia
  2. Nashville, Tennessee
  3. Columbus, South Carolina
  4. Salt Lake City, Utah
  5. San Francisco, California
  6. Bridal Veil Falls, Provo, Utah
  7. St. Louis, Missouri
  8. Chicago, Illinois
  9. New York City, New York
  10. Crook County, Wyoming


With 17 winners, I decided to draw two winners at random. I wish I could give all of you a galley copy, but I don’t even have that many. There will be more giveaways over the next few months as well, and perhaps this spring, we’ll play the same game for my fall historical release, RESISTANCE (more on that soon)!

The winners are:   ORIANNA  and KAYLIE.


By the way, this is where I am now! I’ll be shocked if anyone guesses it, but it’s just so beautiful I had to post a picture!


  1. Congratulations to all the winners. I am excited to join the next giveaways. 🙂 Thanks Ms Jen.

  2. Wow, what a game! Congrats to the winners and I’m so glad to have been able to play.

  3. Thanks for the little scavenger hunt! It was super fun, and I can’t wait for The Traitors Game to come out!! I have no idea where that is and I’m not even going to try to guess.

    (P.S. I changed my Email, before it was my parents but I got my own so I changed it to my new one but I’m still the same person.) 🙂

    • Are you in Utah, at home? (Okay I’m am going to try and guess.)

  4. Wow that is a lovely and peaceful place Miss Jen! Btw congrats to the winners…

  5. Thank You so much for creating this scavenger hunt!!!! I’m sure all of us enjoyed it, even if we didn’t win. I’d love to do something like this again, it’s like traveling the country without paying for gas or plane tickets. XD. Out of curiosity, how many did I get right?

  6. Hi, thank you so much for the contest! It was a lot of fun. I was curious though where exactly the third picture was taken, the one in Columbus, South Carolina? I think that was the only one i got wrong and knowing where it was will satisfy my curiosity. Thanks!

    • Hi again! I was just curious if you had seen my question? I was just wondering where exactly the third photo was taken? Thanks!

      • Hi Emma – the photo was taken in Anacortes, Washington. I was at a writer’s retreat, but as you can see by the beauty of the area, I got a lot more sight-seeing done than writing!

  7. Congrats to the winners! Thank you Mrs. Nielsen for this fun contest. Looking forward to the upcoming games/contests.

  8. Ah, well, congrats to Orianna and Kaylie! I suppose I’ll just have to wait until THE TRAITOR’S GAME is in stores–and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for the next challenge (and more news about this next book–another historical fiction sounds awesome!).

    Oh, and this is probably wrong, but I’m guessing this picture is from the Flaming Gorge Reservoir in Daggett County, UT.

    • Good guess, but I’m not there (though that is a beautiful place!)

  9. Thanks for running such a great contest! Congratulations to the winners!

  10. I think your so where in California or Canada

  11. I’m shocked that I won! Thank you for hosting, Jennifer. I can’t wait to read another one of your masterpieces!

    • You’re welcome, and congratulations! I’ll put that in the mail early next week!

  12. Are you in TN? Maybe Greeneville? Thanks again for hosting the giveaway, I really enjoyed it.😊

  13. This was so fun thanks for letting me play. When will the book actually come out?

  14. Hi!I dont know whether my guess is correct or wrong but i give you some options.
    1.Coconino National Forest
    2.somewhere in texas
    3.somewhere in california
    4.Tamarack Lake and

  15. Are we allowed to put more than one guess? At first glance, I thought Yellowstone or the Grand Teton area and then after looking more closely, maybe somewhere along the Ohio River?

    Looking forward to discovering the correct answer!

  16. Some of those beginning locations were tough! 😉
    The contest was so much fun, thanks for hosting it and congrats to the winners!

  17. AH! I just received and finished reading the book! Thank you for letting me read it so early. It truly was a magnificent read; there’s no denying that you’re a talented author.

  18. I agree! It was AMAZING! I have no doubt that everyone who liked false prince will like this one. Can’t wait for the sequel 😉

  19. Wow. A contest was held when I wasn’t present. I got to be more regular in visiting your blog Mrs.Neilson. I will try my best to keep an eye out for the next challenge. But congratulations to the winners!

    • Yes, for sure! I’ll hold some giveaways again within a few weeks, so be sure to watch the site!

  20. I know I’ve already commented,but are you in KY?

  21. Is that somewhere in New Zealand?

  22. Somewhere in NZ? I mean the place you are at is beautiful.

  23. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!

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