Happy New Year 2018!

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Yes, I’m a little late, but I had a deadline for edits on TRAITOR’S GAME 2. I turned them in last night, celebrated by sneaking a slice of my daughter’s homemade chocolate cake, and now another day begins!


I want to share fun news, reminder news, and event news. First, the fun:


THE TRAITOR’S GAME has been listed on “Most Anticipated YA” lists for 2018 by Barnes & NobleHypable, Bustle, and the Stuck in YA Books blog. I sincerely hope you will love this book as much as I do!


Now, as a reminder, I will send a gift pack to anyone who pre-orders a copy of THE TRAITOR’S GAME. Instructions and what’s included are HERE. If you know you’re going to buy a copy anyway, why not do it now?

And…event news. I don’t have a complete list for where I’ll be in the coming months, and these are subject to change, but it’s a start! If you live near any of these, please put it on your calendar!



Feb 27             Bountiful Library                    Bountiful, Utah           7:00 pm



Mar 1              Hicklebees                               San Jose, CA              TBD


Mar 8              A Likely Story                        Sykesville, MD           TBD


Mar 9              Politics and Prose                    Washington DC          TBD


Mar 10            Tucson Book Festival             Tucson, AZ                 TBD


Mar 12            Brookline Booksmith              Brookline, MA            TBD


Mar 17            Boise Battle of Books             Boise, ID                     TBD


Apr 3-6           Texas Library Assoc.              Dallas, TX                   Date and Time TBD


Apr 14             Teenage BootCamp                 Provo, UT                   All day


Apr 21             No. Texas Book Festival         Argyle, TX                  TBD


May 4-5          Storymakers Conference         Provo, UT                   All day


And if I’m not coming near you, but you still want signed copies of any of my books, you can order them through The King’s English, my local indie bookstore. In the notes at checkout, put who you would like the book signed to, and the store and I will do the rest!






  1. This is so exciting! I would be so happy if you could make it to Florida! There are a handful of events, I am aware of, taking place in March:

    Southwest Florida Reading Festival

    UCF Book Festival

    Jax Book Fest 2018

    Book Fair and Writers Festival

    2018 AWP Conference and Bookfair

    And I’m sure there are more! I’ll also try talking to someone at the library I volunteer at!

    Have a great day! ❤ I love your work!

    • These are all probably booked by now for authors; however, I will keep them in mind for pitches next year or later in the year. I’ve not been to Florida often and only once for a public event so I’d love to come back!

  2. You should come to Kentucky! I’m part of an advisory group at my library; I could suggest an authors day, or something😊

  3. This is soooo cool! I’m really excited! I will see if I can get my book signed!

    P.S I hope your daughter had a happy birthday

  4. Is there any news on the new False Prince movie deal? I understand things can go slow, but is it still a stand still?

    • There may be some progress inching forward, but there’s nothing really to report, only some possibilities with promise. Fingers crossed!

  5. Happy New year!!!! I can’t wait for the Traitor’s Game to come out!!

    • Thank you, Jamie – I’m excited too! I hope you’ll love it!

  6. Boise, Idaho is the right state, but so far away. It would be awesome if you came to Spokane or Coeur d’ Alene sometime. Might have to go to Boise anyway. Sounds like you’ll be very busy this year! Good Luck!

    • I would love that! Hopefully one day I’ll get an invitation there!

  7. I just finished reading “A Night Divided” for my language arts enrichment class a few minuets ago, and i absolutely LOVED it. i know it came out a while ago, and i read the Ascendants Trilogy (which are my FAVORITE books) but i was unaware that you wrote this book! But i have one problem: What does Gerta do when she gets to the other side? please reply soon- its URGENT- because if i don’t know, i want be able to sleep tonight! (haha im just kidding. Kinda.) so thx!!!! 🙂
    – Taliah Shrago

    • Hi Taliah! Thanks for asking! On the other side, Gerta’s father and Dominic already have an apartment, but the family all crams into it along with Anna’s family and Mrs. Mueller until everyone gets settled. It’s actually Gerta who has the hardest time adjusting to life in the west – she’s just not used to so much freedom and so many options. But that all changes the day that Dominic first takes her to a library. She sees all the books and realizes she can read any of them, or all of them and get as much information about anything that she wants. And that’s when she knows she is where she wants to be.

      • Hi Jennifer Neilsen!
        Thank you so much for responding. You made me so happy and exited when I saw your comment back to me! I told my friends at school, and they were so exited too! I’m going to read what you said to my Language Arts class, because they also wanted to know what happens next!
        Again, Thank you so so very much, you have no idea how exiting it was for me to have one of my favorite authors write to me!!!

        • Well, you have no idea how exciting it is for me to hear from awesome fans – thanks, Taliah!

  8. Hi Jennifer Nielsen! I love your books! They are so amazing!! I’m am so excited for the Traitor’s Game! You are amazing!

  9. Hi Jennifer Nielsen! I love your books! They are amazing! I am currently rereading all of your books! It is so much fun to read them! I also love to write. You inspire me every day! Thank you!

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