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I’ve been asked a bunch of questions lately, and I feel like I’ve been saying a lot of the same stuff (sorry – that gets boring, I know). So if you have a question, the answer just might be here…

1. Will there be a False Prince movie?

Things are still moving forward, and the screenplay is still being written for Paramount Pictures. It takes time to make it as awesome as I know it’ll be, but no solid news yet! For those interested in seeing a movie get made, the best thing you can do is to help build enthusiasm for this series. When the fan base grows, the studio’s interest in making a movie grows as well!

2. When will Book 3 be released? What’s the title? Can you give us any hints?

Ah, the title of Book 3 is literally the biggest secret I have right now (which shows you how lame my secrets are). That title should be announced soon though. The book will probably be released sometime next spring, though I don’t have an exact date yet. As to some hints, if you’ve finished THE RUNAWAY KING, you have a pretty good idea of where book 3 will go. So you already have your best hint.

3. In Book 3, will the king choose Imogen or Amarinda? Will anyone important die? Will I see more of my favorite characters?

Probably. But maybe not. Those questions (and more) will definitely be answered in the third book. Or not.

4. Will there be any more books in the series?

Only three books are planned at this stage. I’m always open to writing more in this world, but I also have a great new series planned to follow this one and I’m really excited to share that story too!

5. Hmm, what’s that new series? Is it any good?

The new series is called THE PRAETOR WAR, and it’s a magical alternate history of ancient Rome where an escaped slave becomes caught up in a plot to overthrow the empire. Sounds uneventful, I know, but I’ll throw in some gladiator battles, chariot races, and treks through the sewers to spice things up.

6. When will your INFINITY RING book be released?

The title isn’t final, but I should have that and the cover to announce soon. The book will be released on December 1. The other books so far are excellent, so stay caught up on those so you’re ready for Book 6 this winter!

7. Milk or Dark Chocolate?

Dark. Definitely, dark chocolate.

8. Will you come to my school/town/bookstore/event?

Maybe (see #7 above). See my Visits page for more information about where to begin.

Okay readers, anything else?


  1. Oh, I would LOVE a movie! I will drum up all the excitement possible and pray, or hunt down Hollywoodites and make them hurry and write that screenplay, because a movie of the False Prince would pretty much Make My Life. Your next series sounds great, too! Huzzah for good stories and books!

    • Thanks Danielle! If everyone had your enthusiasm, it’d probably be made already, right?

      • Oh, yes. But everyone DOES have the enthusiasm… some of them just don’t know it yet. :)Others probably just don’t know how to hunt down Hollywood writers. Remedy both those situations, and BAM! Movie made, and like I’ve said before, you’ve Made My Life. You, me, and the whole world will then = extremely happy campers.

        • Thanks Danielle!

          • Hi! So, so, so happy that I have a way to contact you and about the movie. I read the whole trilogy over the summer, and I absolutely loved it! I think you should do a crossover with Angie Sage, the author of the Septimus Heap series. I would love for Jaron and Septimus to meet!

          • Hmmm, Jaron and Septimus, huh? I wonder how they’d get along? It’d be an interesting crossover story for sure!

          • Love the books we’re reading them in my ELA class and we are almost done with the first one so excited.

          • Thanks very much, Grace! I’m glad you’re enjoying them!

          • Jennifer i am begging you, can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE X300000 make a forth book in the false prince series. I just finished the shadow throne and im balling my eyes out because the sreies enden please please please make another book

          • Hmm, well I will promise to think about it. 😉 In the meantime, thanks very much for reading my books!

      • Ms.nielsen I would also think a movie is good if you plan adutions I do not mind being in the movie.

        • Thanks Hassan! If they do auditions, I will post it on my website. Keep your fingers crossed!

          • Hi Jenifer a nielson who was your favorite author as a kid and illistrator

          • Jody, When I was much younger, I really loved the illustrator for Dr. Seuss’ books. I still do, actually. As an older kid, my favorite book was “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton. Do you have a favorite author and illustrator?

          • Mrs.Nielson if they do have auditions do you now where they will be please say Cincinnati Ohio

          • Hassan – I won’t get to choose where the auditions happen or anything they decide to do with the movie. All I can do is let readers know what the movie makers decide to do. That would be cool though!

      • Will there be a book 4 to the palace prince because I LOOOOOVVVVEEEEEEE that series and it’s such a unique idea to write a story about an orphan boy who becomes king and lead cart by to war and wins.Its just so exiting and I’ve read through all three books and I HOPE u can make a 4th book

        (Please reply)

        • Shirley, there are no current plans for me to write a fourth book in the Ascendance series. I might one day change my mind, but right now my attention is elsewhere. Perhaps one day though! Thanks for asking!

          • Please? I really can’t live without a fourth book. Or a short story about stuff that happens in the future. In fact, I don’t even need a story! Just please tell us what happens next!!! Please! I’m begging you!

          • 😉

          • I loved ur books….I really loved the character sage…u added lots of humour. more funs and
            tricks.last minute plans and strategies were realllllly superb…ur book is beyond legendary.I just loved it.

          • Thank you very much. I’m glad that you loved the book!

      • Please make a 4th book.The first 3 were amazing and I’m sure you can make plenty more in this series.

      • I know this is from a long time ago but why was the false prince not made into a movie it mad me sad. I was also mad that you only made three books because at the very end of the 3rd book imogen and jaron get married and so does to is and the princess and roden finds his dad this would have made a great book. I wish you would make a 4th.

        • Hi Hailley! I totally get what you’re saying about wanting more books. Every time I went to write more of the series, Sage just wasn’t cooperating (go figure). And what I realized is that finally, his life is in a good place and he really didn’t want to get in any more trouble.

          However, in February, I’ll release THE TRAITOR’S GAME, which is specifically for fans of THE FALSE PRINCE. So I hope it’s one you’ll check out!

    • I love the false prince! and totally cant wait till The Shadow Throne is released! i have heard rumors that Jaron is going to die in the third book. Is it true?

      • Thanks, Roxanne! Yes, there is a rumor that Jaron will die in the final book. Whether he will or won’t….find out on February 25, 2014. War is coming…

        • I hope that Jaron does not die, and your books will definitely be something that will leave a pleasant legacy. Keep writing, I hope

          • I will keep writing as long as people keep reading! Fingers crossed for Jaron! 😉

          • What is the name of your new seiris?

          • The Traitor’s Game, which I think will be out next February or March (2018). I hope you’ll like it!

    • yes! I love these books! I read them all in 2 weeks and ever since Ive been wishing that a movie will soon be made! i can’t find anyone to ask to make it, but i really hope they do! if they make one it would make my life so much better and i would be buying it as soon as it came on disc! i just LOOOOOOVE this trilogy

      • I don’t care how slow the process is but I love that screenplay is being worked on! I hope the movie is as good as the books!

        • will there be a book 4?

          • There are no current plans for a fourth book, Abby, although this could change at any time. Thank you for asking.

    • Hi, I loved the false prince series! I was wondering if you were making a movie or writing another book.It was amazing how the book was written and it felt as if you were inside the story. Please, please, please make another book or make a movie.The series is my favorite!!

    • Need a 4th book!!

  2. Awesome that the screenplay is being written. Even if the progress is slow, that’s something.

    • Thanks Natalie!

      • Jennifer, I don’t mean to pressure you or anything, BUT PLEASE PUBLISH BOOK 3 ASAP. This is the best series I’ve ever read and I honestly can’t wait till it comes out!

        • Thanks Nicole! Book 3 (THE SHADOW THRONE) will be out on March 1, 2014. I wish it could come out sooner, but that’s the date!

  3. Hope the movie is as good as the book is!!!! I don’t care how slow, I can’t wait until for a movie for this book!

  4. Anything about casting?

    • Nope. It’s still too soon, unfortunately. But hopefully one day…

  5. I think your new series sounds really interesting! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for it. As well as for future news about a False Prince movie, because I think it could be great!

    • Thanks Stephanie! I think False Prince would make a great movie too, so my fingers are crossed!

  6. Im sure The series would be a fanastic movie and I know you will make sure its like the Book (; Your new series sounds Awewsome! I love History almost as much as Fiction sounds like a paradox but one of my other Favorite books of all time is Fanastay Combined with historical Figures So im very Excited to hear about the Book! As for question three… it will kill me to wait but it will just make reading it better! I just hope jaron tries not to get hurt oh wait theres a wa- never mind good thing Imogens around .

  7. Hi. My daughter Catherine and I got introduced to The False Prince through her libraries DCF club. We have both now read The False Prince and The Runaway King. Love them. Can’t wait to see what happens in the final book…….do we really have to wait a whole year? Movie plan is amazing news too. Thankyou.

    • Thanks so much, Hillarie! I know there’s still a bit of a wait, but it should be a cool book, so the wait will be worth it!

  8. Hello,

    I have read all of your books and I love them, they are currently my favorite books right now and that’s saying something because I read almost 4 books a week. I was just curious if you base your characters/events on real people/events. Also i’m really looking forward to the third book and your new series.


    • That’s a huge compliment then, Eric, and I appreciate it! I don’t base my characters on real people because as you know by now, I’m pretty cruel to my characters, and I couldn’t do that if they had come from people I really knew. Every so often, i get inspiration from small life events that figure into my stories, but never major plots. Thanks for asking!

  9. Ok first of all this is probably my favorite series! I can’t wait for the third book to come out, seriously it needs to come out RIGHT NOW!!! I have a few questions (more like A LOT of questions) about what’s going to happen in the third book but you’ll probably want to keep that a secret:) Oh. My. Gosh. A movie would be awesome! And if you need someone to play Imogen…..that would be really cool too;)

    • Thank you Elena! Yeah, I probably need to keep the third book a secret for now, but I will be asking for predictions in the coming months, just for fun.

      And thanks for the offer about Imogen. I have no control over who is cast, but I do love the idea of a book fan getting into the movie, for sure.

  10. Hi jennifer!
    i don’t know if you remember me but you visited my school and told me there was going to be a movie for the false prince but I was wondering were the auditions were? Thanks
    PS: remember? your inner extraordenary.

    • Angela – It’s too soon yet to know about auditions, or if the movie will even be made. Sorry it’s such a slow process. Hopefully I’ll have more information before too long! Thanks for asking.

  11. When do you think the 3rd book will be out because I can’t wait!

    • Probably next spring, Sami. A long time to wait, I know, but it’ll be worth it!

  12. Do you think Imogen and Jaron will end up together cause I really need to know.

    • Brenda, there is definitely an answer to that – thanks for asking!

      • I am just hoping that imogen gets choosen because they seem like a perfect pair for each over. Both seem to have each other charcteristics. They also remind me of Jaron’s mother and father.

  13. I also heard Jen’s new series comes out in 2015! >insert 5 minute fit< I think your the true wizard here Jennifer, an evil one! XD casting such a spell! Almost as good as Merlin……..

    • Thanks Cayla – Praetor War will be launched in 2015, but only so the third book of Ascendence can come out next year!

  14. I wish I was smoking hot guy! Because I would want to be Sage :3 but I’m a girl, so Imogen? Only because she has a thing with Sage! If you can’t be them, be with them- A wise banana once told me! Oh, quick question! If you were to marry ice cream and get life insurance on it, would you get money if the ice cream got eaten? 😉

  15. Hi Jennifer!
    I was just wondering if you knew were the audition were for the false prince? BTW I LOVE THE FALSE PRINCE! BEST BOOK EVER!

  16. Just finished reading The Runaway King…AMAZING. So psyched for the third book! Thank you for creating such a fantastic trilogy:)

    • Thanks Tony! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the boos so far! I hope you’ll like book 3 too!

  17. Hi Jennifer! I was just wondering who do you think makes a better match for Jaron, Imogen of Amarinda? Like, if he randomly met both of them on the street, with no prior obligation to marry Amarinda, who would be better?

    PS: also, I love all of the characters in the Ascendance trilogy and the books are my absolute favorites (well, maybe a time with Neal Schusterman’s Everlost), but I was wondering if you could delve into Amarinda’s character a bit more in Book 3. It seems like she has a lot of potential for becoming an amazing character, and just needs her chance to shine 🙂

    • Thanks for asking Tina! I definitely have opinions on who might be the better match for Jaron, and I’m guessing you have some thoughts on that too! 😉

      And I’m glad you’re interested in seeing a little more of Amarinda – hopefully she’ll get her chance in the third book!

  18. I read both books in this trilogy and I really want to know when the 3rd is coming out and where I can get it. I really want you to come have some book signings in Mississippi because I really want them signed.

    when I finished the 2nd book I was SO shocked 😀 Thank you for writing the best line of books in the world!

    PS. Please make Jaron live

    • PSS. If there are auditions for the false prince can you inform me? I would be perfect for Imogen

      • If things progress so there is a movie, I will post audition news on my website. That’ll probably still take some time though!

    • Dakota, Book 3 will be out next spring, and should be available in bookstores and online. I’d love to come to Mississippi sometime for a visit – let your librarian know (you never know!).

      PS No promises about whether Jaron lives, but I do promise to make the third book as exciting as the first two!

      • Awesome!
        I got my friend to read the False Prince and she loves it. 😀 I’m very exited about the 3rd. This has been the best line of books ever. That would be awesome if you came to Mississippi!

        PS. that makes me nervous how you say “No promises” HaHa. 🙂

        • Thanks Dakota! I always love hearing when someone recommends my books to someone who ends up enjoying them.

          And yeah, I’m going to have to stand by that “no promises” thing. Just sayin’ 😉

          • Haha. 🙂 I’m sure she has finished it by now. 😀

          • I can’t wait for the third! I’m going to lose it if I cant read it soon! It would be awesome if you made like a prequel trilogy and\or a sequel trilogy like Jaron’s family’s story or for the sequel you could have like what happens to Jaron when he is older.
            Sorry if it bothers you when fans bother you with ideas I just really like the idea 😀

          • Dakota, I actually think those are great ideas. I’ve got my plate pretty full with other writing commitments right now, but I’m always open to the idea of writing more in the series if there’s demand for it. Jaron is a great character to write, and I love the world. Thanks for the suggestion!

          • PS. My brother and I want to audition for the false prince. Imogen and Mott 🙂

          • If the movie progresses to that point, then I’ll post audition information here on my website. It’ll probably still be a while before we know anything, though… Keep your fingers crossed!

          • Cool! I will be looking everyday for new things!
            I got the idea of the sequel and the prequel thing from a line of books my brother read.
            🙂 😀 😛 🙂 😀 😛 🙂 😀 😛

  19. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the series, just finished runaway king( best book ever). I recommended your series to almost every one I know plus I did a book talk on them. I can’t for the next book!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you Natalie! Recommending the books to others is the highest of compliments!

  20. Hi Jennifer!
    I have a quick question.If all the characters were placed in present time at high school,what would they be like for eg, would Imogen be the cuter nerdy girl at school and Sage be the really cool dude?

    • Angela – I love questions like these, but I think readers are better equipped to answer them. I always think it’s interesting to see how the characters are perceived when they’re placed in other settings.

  21. I’d like to know how do you feel about your international fans? Here in Brazil I made a lot of my friends read the false prince. Now we are waiting the book two arrive here. It would be perfect if one day you decide to visit my country ^^

    • Felipe, I love my fans from everywhere in the world, and would love to come to Brazil! I hope as more people there learn about the books that I will get to come one day. Thank you for reading, and for sharing the books with your friends!

  22. Hello! I have read The False Prince, and it was very spectacular! Your books are so wonderful! Do you hopefully know what the third book of the series is called, because my teacher, and I are wondering so much?! I hope the third book will come out soon! It will be a gift if you replied to this!!! Thank you!!! 🙂 (your books are so awesome!)

    • Thank you Paul – I think I just replied to you on another post, but you should expect to see the third book next spring. A long time to wait, I know, but I think it’ll be worth it!

  23. Just finished listening to the Runaway King, and I am excited for the next book! I just have to say that I was so pleased by Jaron and Amarinda’s conversation at the end of the book. I think they’d be great together, but more than that (and I’m saying this without knowing what happens in the 3rd book) it seemed really mature and REAL, if you will – Jaron clearly has a connection to Imogen, but sometimes in life that’s not enough. Amarinda and Jaron seem like the more real/true possibility. Looking forward to finding out what happens!

    • Thanks Catherine. Their conversation was a hard one for me because I knew they’re both trying to do the right thing, and yet it’s not what either of them really want. And you’re correct – that is a reality of life sometimes.

  24. I can’t wait–and still have three chapters of THE RUNAWAY KING left. thanks so much for writing the ascendence trilogy (or at least starting it.) i got the 2nd book yesterday and am almost finished. the further i get the more you inspire me. Keep taking chances with your writing!
    (i know this has almost nothing to do with the article. sorry about that)

    • Jen – I appreciate your challenge for me to keep taking chances with my writing. That’s actually great timing for something that’s in my head today! And thank you very much for reading!

  25. Jennifer, I love how mysterious you are as to what your third book might hold! Keep us readers guessing and don’t give anything away. 🙂

    I do have one question (though it may not be the kind of questions you were looking to answer).

    What advice do you have for (very) new authors? Any tips on world building and the fantasy genre?

    Thank you so much! 🙂 Keep writing, you’re amazing at it!

    • Thank you, Katie. For beginning writers, I strongly recommend going back to your favorite books and studying them like textbooks. Figure out exactly what that author did that worked for you, for characters, with emotions, with the rise and fall of the plot, pacing, language, etc. You will learn more by doing that than from any writing book. The second thing I recommend is to find people you really trust to be honest with you and start showing them your writing. It’s really hard sometimes to do that – I still struggle with that – but if they are honest enough to tell you what you need to know, they will make your writing better.

      For world building, there are some wonderful worksheets online specific to the genre you’re writing in. You can google to find them and they’ll help you begin to define the rules. Another tip I recently heard and loved was to not rebuild anything that already works in our world. For example, unless it’s necessary for the plot, the sun can still rise in the east and set in the west. A new world will always disorient the reader a little anyway, so don’t make something unfamiliar if it’s not necessary.

      And on the mysteriousness with the third books, that’s only so readers don’t know that in the third book, Imogen [THIS COMMENT HAS EXCEEDED WORD COUNT]

      • THANK YOU so much, Jennifer! I really appreciate you taking the time to type out your advice. It’s very helpful and I’ve already begun to use it!

        And ha! You almost had me for a second. 🙂 You are awesome. Looking forward to the third book!

  26. Hi Jennifer! I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed both The False Prince and The Runaway King! They are amazing books and I look forward to reading Book 3! 🙂

  27. So where will you be having signings? I really want to get The False Prince and The Runaway King signed.
    Will there be any more book cons in Texas? My cousin lives there so maybe if there are, her and I can go to one. 😀

    • Dakota, I think I’m actually finished traveling until fall. Once I start to figure out that schedule and locations, I’ll start to announce them here on my blog. Hopefully one day I’ll get to somewhere near you!

  28. PS. Do you have any tips to start a book?

    • Dakota – I tend to like a story that begins in the middle of action, when your hero/heroine is confronting a problem that shows the reader who they are and leads into the main action. So for your story, ask yourself the question, “What is going wrong for my main character right now?” Start there, and good luck!

      • Wow. thank you I think I’ll use that in the next book I write!
        I’m writing one right now it’s not that good but it’s the best one I have written so far 😀

      • Wow! Thank you for that I think I’ll have to write another book soon and use that.
        The one I’m writing now isn’t very good but it’s the best I have written. 🙂
        I’ts called captured to escape. 😛

    • 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  29. I loooooooooooved the false prince. i reaaally hopee they make it into a movie. I haven’t read the second book yet but i’m waiting for that golden day……

  30. Hey, me and my friend wanna know how the movie thing is going. Is it a go?

    • Too early still to know. It’ll probably be several months yet before a decision is made. The screenplay has to go through a few more revisions and unfortunately, that’s just takes time. Keep your fingers crossed though!

  31. I was thinking of a great book title for the next book since all your book titles have awesome names but I came up with The Lost Hero or The last hero. I thought that this would be a great title because you seem to be having something with the prince and king thing so why not hero. Also Jaron is the lost prince of his kingdom. 🙂 8)

    • Those are very cool titles, Sammy. Where were you several months ago when I had to name this thing? 😉 The title of Book 3 should be announced soon! I hope you’ll like it.

  32. I really admire how you answer all of the posts! Thanks for being such a great author!

    • Thanks Abby – though I have to confess, I thought it would be sorta funny if I didn’t respond to this one comment. You’d have been like, “What? Really Jen?” 😉

      • lol I was just thinking that! And I would have found it very entertaining 🙂

  33. ms. nielsen could u give us hints or details about how book 3 in the ascendance trilogy is gonna go?

    • I’m afraid I can’t share many details yet. I can confirm that there is a plot and it will have characters in it. Also, I have included several words in the story, some of which include “the,” “it,” and “sword.” (Sorry, the last was a bit of a spoiler.)

      Actual details will be coming soon! When I can talk about them, I’ll release it here on my blog!

  34. And a 2 things one a movie would be amazing for the False Prince and 2 if they do make a movie for book 1 do you think they would make one fro the other 2 books as well

    • Will-I-Am; I think a movie would be amazing too, so keep your fingers crossed. I think the intention by the producers is to plan for all three movies to be made, though of course that depends on how the public responds to the first movie. It’s a crazy industry, so nothing is ever guaranteed, but I am hopeful!

  35. I can’t wait for your third book. but your other series sounds real awesome!! looking forward to it. and like everyone else, I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU VERY MUCH FOR A FOURTH BOOK!!! I WILL EVEN WRITE IT FOR YOU ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS PUBLISH IT!!!! also,I’m gonna hunt down the screen writers and force them to make your movie.

    • Thank you, Arya! I will always keep open the possibility for a fourth book, but if I don’t, I promise to make the next series well worth picking up. And thanks for the offer to write the book for me (though I think I might have to be the writer) and also to hunt down the screen writers. If you hope for a movie, the best thing you can do is help spread word about how much you liked the book. More readers = more interest from the studio!

    • I also second the fourth book thing!!!!!!! And if you don’t, PLEASE DON’T LEAVE A CLIFF HANGER!!! Also- you probably hate requests but, can you show us a bit of Jaron future? Like at the end of Harry Potter it told about who married who, kids, what happened in the world, ect… THAT WOULD BE AWESOME IF YOU DID THAT FOR JARON (and his future partner… ;D )

      • Bella – This is great input. Regardless of whether any books follow #3, there won’t be a cliff hanger at the end of this next one. And I think it’s a great idea to give readers a little glimpse of Jaron’s future….*if* he makes it. Just sayin’…

        • Now why would you kill him off? He does stupid things but…. That is not my biggest worry, unless of course- you tell me I need to be worried? (My attempt to drag hints out of you! Hey, a girl has to try, right?)

          • Yeah Bella, you can definitely try getting hints from me! As to whether you should worry – Jaron could never be *that* reckless, right?

  36. I have to do a report on an author. Your books have been my favorite books. I am almost done. One thing the teacher listed that I should have is birthdate and death dates. I know that you a death date but would you mind sharing your birthdate? Thanks Kaylee

    • Kaylee – Yes, luckily I don’t have a death date, because if I did, it would be really freaky to answer this question, right? 😉
      My birthday is July 10, 1971. Thanks for doing the report!

      • You are my favorite author! I first read The False Prince in my book club and I just learned about the series! I already have it planned out: my birthday is in a couple weeks, so I will ask for The False Prince and The Runaway King; then when the last book comes out in December, I will ask for it for Christmas!
        I am also a young writer, when I was in fourth grade, I wrote a 13 page story about a dragon named Fuggles!

        • Elle – That’s awesome you are a writer too! I love the name of your dragon and I hope you will have time this summer to continue with your writing. Thank you for making these books a part of your birthday (Happy Birthday, by the way), but I have a little unfortunate news – I do have a book coming in December, but it’s for INFINITY RING, a different series. The third book in the False Prince series son’t be out until very early spring, probably March 1.

          • Then I guess I’ll use my Christmas money and gift cards to buy it! Thanks for the info. 🙂

          • Terrific! Thanks Ellie!

  37. Hello Jennifer, I just recently finished your 2nd book in the series! I live in Britain so it made learning about medieval times much better when my teacher recommended it to me. It was a quite lovely book, and I was just wondering if you could make there be a strong female role in the final book. I know it’s quite annoying when fans suggest ideas especially when you already have something planned, but I happen to really enjoy Amarinda. She seems strong and persistent and a helper to Jaron. Both seem to have the clever feature to them. Keep up the hilarious comebacks ,insults, and attitude! They add so much color to the book.
    Truly amazed, Anastasiya

    • Thank you Anastasiya! I like Amarinda too and I already consider her to be a strong female in the story. But I hope you will enjoy how things work out in the third book. Plenty of comebacks, insults, and attitude to come as well!

  38. No thanks needed Jennifer,
    I should thank you for this lovely writing.

  39. These books are amazing! I will definitely drum up excitement!! I hope this is made into a movie! Tell us when casting is, it would be amazing to try out! Hahahaha… Wouldn’t that be crazy? A huge fan as a character!

    • Bella, I will definitely announce casting – if there is a movie, having a fan cast in a role would be awesome!

      • Sorry about that last question… I hadn’t read your 5,000 other answers to the same question before i asked. Sorry! By the way- you are amazing at fast responses! It is so cool that you care enough to talk to fans! Thanks!!

        • Bella – These comments do get really long for readers to plow through. Maybe I need to do more blog posts, eh?

          • Perhaps..

      • Dear Mrs. Nielson
        I understand that you have been asked that question many times as well, Mrs.Nielsen, but

        • Dear Mrs. Nielsen 11/30/13
          (My computer suddenly went black and I couldn’t continue my comment. Please excuse that, and the fact that my REPLY jumps around a bit.)
          Anyways, I understand that you have answered the same audition questions many times, but still I am compelled to ask: Could there be a chance that they may be in Utah? And right now, what year are we looking at? I hope you aren’t annoyed that I’ve asked this, and if you are, I apologize.
          When I was in 6th grade at Majestic Elementary, the class started reading “The False Prince” and my friends and I took it home and finished it ASAP. We still haven’t stopped talking about the first book. And then when my friend Anna got her hands on the second, we went nuts!
          We’ve all loved your books so much, and I personally wish the series would never end. Thanks for being so considerate!

          • Thanks Kiaha! I’m afraid I don’t know where auditions are going to be, or even how they’re going to conduct them. But when I have news, I will post it here on the blog. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the books!

  40. Hi! In the books Sage/ Jaron do the trick of rolling a coin over his fingers. Ever since the first one was released i wanted to learn how so I practiced and practiced and practiced with a quarter. I still have not learned how! Is there any suggestions or videos you know of to help me learn how to do it? Also any specific coin? One last thing I would like to thank you for bringing Sage into my life! Your Ascendance Trilogy books so far have made me start writing my own book! Thank You! God Bless!

    • Sarah – Learning to roll a coin is tricky, but it can be done. There are a lot of great YouTube videos that demonstrate it, but one I like is:

      And I LOVE hearing that you’re doing your own writing! That’s fantastic – keep it up!

      • Hey, after reading the books i’ve always wanted to know if you could personally have the strength to do what Jarron has done.
        Also, can you rolla coin over your knuckles?

        • What an interesting question, Sam. I don’t know if I have Jaron’s strength, but I’d like to hope I have his willpower – the courage to never give up. I’m not very good at rolling the coin, but I used to know a kid who could do it just as well as I described it in the books. It’s very cool to watch!

          • Ms. Nielsen,
            If there was one part of either book you could change, what would it be? And i have to do an author’s study and after reading your book I decided to choose you. Is there another way I can get into contact with you to do an interview? Thanks

          • Jake, any changes I might make to the books are pretty minor. I’m really happy with how they’ve turned out. And thank you for doing the interview with me! The best way to contact me is via email:

  41. Ok so I was wondering- 1. Do you have a date for when the title (for book three) will be coming out? 2. As an author do you think there is a lot of demand for the genre you write for? Because I love to write and (hopefully) one day will be able to publish a book. I love to write what you pretty much write. (Like genre wise) Thanks!

    • Bella – I don’t know yet exactly when Book 3’s title will be announced. Probably within the next two or three weeks…I hope. I think for writers looking at demand, that there will always be a demand for well written books in any genre. When JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter, there wasn’t really a “demand” for fantasy, but she had a book so good it drew readers to her. So as you write, find the best story inside you and then write it as good as you can. The genre doesn’t matter, only the writing.

      • Wow! That’s great advice! Thanks! Thank you so much for answering all of my questions… I loved talking to you. 🙂

  42. Hey Miss Nielson, I lovethe False Prince. I love that it is a DCF book. I will vote for it. Who is YOUR favorite character? I didn’t know it is a series either!

    • Thank you for reading Cassie, and for voting! This is a series, and book 2, THE RUNAWAY KING, is already out, if you’re interested. Other than Jaron, who is my favorite character? Well I really love Mott, and I think Imogen is completely awesome. Do you have a favorite?

  43. Oh my god! a False Prince movie! That would a dream come true! I’m sure it would become a movie, it’s too good of a storyline for it NOT to become one! I adored book one and two. I just can’t wait for the third to come out. I always have a habit of falling in love with series were the ending books are coimg out. But I’m positive it’s worth the wait. I would love to play Imogen, but I’m an awful actor. But I still day dream. I can’t wait for the third book and a movie!

    • Thanks Belle – I’m hoping for a movie too, so keep your fingers crossed!

  44. Hi,
    I’m writing a story for my english class and i was wondering how you get your ideas.

    • Sean – There’s no magic to find my ideas. Working writers find their ideas in the same way that student writers do: through daily life experiences, songs, dreams, or prompts from other stories/movies, etc. One thing that might help you get ideas is to start asking “What if” questions a lot. So you’re sitting in class one day and ask yourself, “What if aliens landed in the parking lot right now?” Or you’re bored at home and ask yourself, “What if something – your imagination can tell you what – went wrong here?” What if questions will often lead you to great stories ideas. Good luck with your writing!

      • Hi,
        when will the third book come out?

        • Sean, it’ll probably be the first of March next year, or maybe a couple of weeks earlier.

  45. Hi again. I just wanted to say that I want to be an author when I’m old enough. Do you have any tips? Also, ever since I read your books my writing is much better. (and longer, in third grade, my longest book was five handwritten pages and now my longest in 48 handwritten pages!) Your books are amazing!
    From, Tori.

    • Tori, if you look on my blog under the tab “For Writers,” you’ll find a bunch of tips for writers. But I’m glad your writing is improving. Keep working on it!

  46. Dear Ms.Nielsen
    While i was rereading The runaway king for the 3rd time I came upon very important details about Jaron’s relationship toward Imogen. In the end Princess Amarinda and Jaron have a private talk of their ruling together. He accepted her as his Queen, and informed her that he would be over Imogen very quickly. Although, we all know in his heart, he can’t live without Imogen–

    “I want you to be alive! I don’t want you to get killed!” -Imogen escaping the pirates as Jaron was allowing her to escape.

    “You’re what keeps me alive.” -Jaron whispering to Imogen as she escaped the pirates, before Roden appears.

  47. So is this a clue for book 3. Because I really like Princess Amarinda too its just that I feel that Imogen would be a better match for each other. But if you do end up putting Imogen and Jaron together can you also try to make sure Princess Amarinda gets someone to or at least gets to play a important role too.

    • Emma, that’s cool you pulled those messages out of those end scenes, but as to whether they’re clues for what will happen? You’ll have to wait and see… 😉

  48. Are you going to tell what the next book is going to be in the assecdance trillogy??? I love your books!!! They are the best books i have read.

  49. Dear Ms. Nielsen,
    I am a huge fan of the ascendance trilogy and practically cried because my brother informed me it was the 12th not the 13th. For my birthday I had planned to get the 2nd and 3rd book of the Ascendance trilogy but when we got to the store the person who helped us find the books noticed that the 3rd book hadn’t come out yet. My brother as a birthday gift recommended from me only got me the 2nd book, so I asked him if by Christmas the 3rd book came out if he could get it for me. I think that the 3rd book will have to do with the War in Carthya because you said yourself that if you finished “The Runaway King” that you knew what the 3rd book will be like. When I noticed that “The False Prince” was part of a trilogy I thought that the 2nd and 3rd book would be boring and after reading the 3rd book I am almost going to scream if the 3rd book doesn’t come out soon. My own Best Friend Haeun Park didn’t allow me to read my own book of “The Runaway King” yet she will let me read the book coming out in the fall by Rick Riordan. You two are my two favorite authors and if wrote a book together I would faint.Your Ascendance trilogy is my favorite trilogy because it is so action packed. Usually in the books I read I am really bored so I skip a couple paragraphs but for your books I read every single sentence. I may not read your book again for another couple of years or until I forget about what happened in a book. When I still have the book fresh in my mind I don’t like reading it again a couple weeks later.
    Cecelia Avalos
    P.S. Can you email me I would like to talk to a professional writer for a book I am attempting to write on my own.Thank You

    • Thanks for your kind email, Cecelia! No, the third book isn’t out for a while yet, but I will be revealing the title and cover on my blog tomorrow! If you ever want to email me direct, my email is

      • No offense,

        But, I think everyone is way too hyped about the Ascendance trilogy. It seems like just a regular series with a semi interesting plot. No offense to you, your a great author but the series isn’t good.

        • No offense taken. Best wishes in finding something closer to your tastes!

  50. Do you have any advice for someone looking to become a writer?

    • #1. Read, read, read. #2. Choose a favorite book and study it like a textbook. Why do you love it? What did the writer do well? What would you change if you could? #3. Write every day. Just like you couldn’t become a great pianist without practicing every day, you couldn’t become a great writer without practicing that too. Good luck!

  51. I love you Jennifer Nielsen!! I really do! thank you for creating a wonderful book. 🙂 you don’t know how much i fell in love with your characters, especially Sage/Jaron (obviously). I can’t wait for the next book!! March is such a long wait, but it’s definitely worth it 🙂

  52. I have another question that has been bothering me for a long time. The people of The False Prince and The Runaway King obviously believe in the devils. They mention them more than once. And they have a church, because they talk about the priest and meeting Sage/Jaron at one. But do they believe in God? Or do they just worship the devils?

    • Sarah, they do believe in a Deity but rarely mention Him. They will talk about the “Saints,” who would be the positive force that opposes the Devils. Jaron references the Devils more because he tends to believe the Devils work harder at making his life hard than the Saints work at making his life easier. Bad things that happen are said to be caused by the Devils, while just the opposite would be true of Saints.


    • Best wishes in finding a book closer to your liking, Jakub.

    • That isn’t very nice to say. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Jennifer this isn’t very good for you to let people abuse you like that. You are professional and millions of people love your writing. I know that I am only 11 years old, but that isn’t constructive criticism that is someone who wants you to stop writing your books. I shouldn’t be bossing you around since you are the adult sorry. I just had to speak or write my mind since I haven’t been doing that lately.

      • Thank you, Cecelia. Awesome that you are the kind of girl willing to speak your mind.

        • Thank you for responding. It has been rough times for the past couple of months with my family.

          • Sorry to hear it. Better times are coming…

          • I hope that’s what happens in “The Shadow Throne.” Better times will come after the war.

  54. Dear Ms. or Mrs. Nielsen,
    I would like it if yo responded to my emails or even checked your email lately. For I have emailed you 2 times and there has been no response. I have thought that this website was a scam, but then I knew that it wasn’t because nobody would now this much information unless they had been copying it off of your original website. I thought these ideas were crazy, but in somehow I thought that they were theoretical. I don’t mean to insult you or anything, but it had just come to my mind. I had to let it out or else it would pain me to keep it a secret. Thank You!

    -Cecelia Avalos-

    • Cecelia –

      This is my website, so I do the responding to blog posts. However, if it’s a busy sort of day (like yesterday), I may not get to respond right away. Thanks for posting.

      Best wishes!

      Jennifer Nielsen

  55. I am so excited for the shadow throne! I can’t wait! Keep up the fantastic work Jennifer!

  56. Dear Ms. Nielsen,
    I am truly very sorry for my earlier comment. It was very inappropriate and rude. I never meant to disrespect your exceptional work. After reflecting I understand how rude my comment must have been. I never meant to hurt your feelings. I also thank you for answer the comment with so much maturity. Please find it in your heart to forgive me. I am only 12 years old and did not understand the consequences of my action. Forgive me please. Its too much to ask but please try.

    • No harm done, Jakub. It might’ve been a bad day when you commented, and that happens sometimes, right? All is well.

  57. Hey Jen if they do make a movie, will it stay mostly to the book?

    Some movies like The Lightning Thief aren’t even close to the book, and it is just annoying. I know no promises on the movie, but I hope there is one!

    And is Sage suppose to be short, I can’t really recall…..

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Duncan, I hope the movie will stay close to the book too. I always think adapted movies are better when they do that.

      And yes, Sage wouldn’t consider himself very tall.

  58. Is there any hint you can give us to the third book? THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME! 😀

    • Okay, here’s a hint – I can confirm that Jaron is in it. Also there’s a war.

      War is coming…

  59. OK Thanks!

    Oh and I think a good song to fit Jaron/Sage is Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia. Well it is kind of like his life anyways. Don’t you think so?

  60. Hahahaha thanks for those hints!
    Would’ve never guessed! 😉

  61. Umm, when I was planning to make that book into a movie with my friends
    14,15,16. I made a song, that I was going to put into the credits.
    it’s called ” Destiny”
    It has to do how Sage didn’t want to follow his Destiny and was running away, but now he’s running back because now he sees clearly that it was who he was meant to be. I only have the lyrics. I just need to put music to it. Though I don’t know how.
    BTW, Could I be an Extra?
    Thanks Mrs. Nielsen!
    Thank you for allowing us to enter your world of Imagination!

  62. hey Jenifer, i just wanted to know for school what are interested in, and there should definitely be a movie for the false prince. its a great book

    • when you wrote the book were you aiming for a particular age group

      • I don’t think I really aimed for any particular age group. I try hard to write the best story I can, because I believe a good story is naturally going to appeal to a lot of readers.

    • Thanks Sweetness! I hope the movie will happen – keep your fingers crossed!

  63. my friend wants to know what your interested in for our English task on the false prince
    and i will keep my fingers crossed

  64. if there is a movie i will b 1st to see it

  65. What do you like to do for fun??

    • Hmm, I enjoy movies, hanging out with my family, reading, and going on walks in the mountains.

  66. what are interested in, what do you like doing when ur not writing a book

    • Oh, okay. Well I’m a mom, so I do Mom things. For fun, I love to curl up with a great book, or watch movies. I enjoy swimming, and it’s always fun to get together with friends and family!

  67. Jennifer you bring happiness to the world be proud your series is the best!! 🙂

  68. I was wondering when is the correct time the third book comes out because one said somewhere in February and another in May (which one is it).I also wondered after this book you could make one about Jarson’s life in the future? By the way your the best author of all books to me. Once I read the pages I can see it happening in my mined because its so amazing.

    • Jessica, The Shadow Throne will be released on Feb 25, 2014. And that’s a cool suggestion for future books (provided he’s still around after Book 3, right?). War is Coming…

      And thank you for the kind words. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my books!

  69. So close,can’t wait.

  70. After The Ascendance Trilogy will there be planed a new awesome series? Also I looked up on You Tube “The False Prince Trailer ” all your fans made a trailer all ready. Go check them out, it’s amazing what we can do(awesome fans:))

    • I’m working on another series now called The Praetor War. I don’t know at this time whether there will be more Ascendance books. Thanks for the heads up on the YouTube Trailer – I’ll check it out!

  71. 🙂 Thanks for the answers Mrs. Nielsen.

  72. Hi I love your book so much and really like the character Sage. I cant wait for the third book to come out 😀 I going to be really sad when the series is over!!! I was wondering what the character in your next season(The praetor war)
    is going to be like I hope they are like sage.

    • Liv – The main character in Praetor War is named Nic. He’ll have some traits in common with Sage, but he’ll have a few of his own. I really like him though!

  73. Thank you so much for writing Ms. Nielsen. You probably don’t remember, but you got in touch with a close friend of mine- Callum A? Anyway, he showed me what you emailed him back and I was very touched that you respond to your readers like this. Not many ‘famous people’ do that. Thanks so much for an amazing series with awesome characters (you go Jaron!). Please please please keep writing!

    • Thanks for your note, Sarah. It was my pleasure.

      • Thank you.

  74. Today once my friend and I got on the subject of reading.”how come you always win that reading award for most minutes read?” Alexis said. I should Alexis the books I always read . . . “The False Prince and The Runaway King” She had no idea how good it was till she read the first pages. Alexis went back to the cover and asked ” what is with the broken crown and sword “. I had no idea so can you please tell why. Oh and by the way if Nic has some of Sage traits I all ready know this book is going to be good.

    • The broken items are symbols of a broken kingdom. They are looking for the person who can put everything back together again.

  75. A comple more days till the 3rd book comes out! Can not wait. Alexis started reading the first book yesterday and is already about three fourths done. Now me and my friend share the love for your books. By the way when do you estimate when the Preator War comes out. Sorry I’m not trying to rush you we just really love your books. 🙂

    • I think Praetor War is scheduled for sometime next spring (2015), but I don’t know an exact date. And thank you for reading!

  76. It is my pleasure.

  77. I wish you knew when the auditions were for the movie, then a lot of people would have the chance to audition for it. including me,lol

    • Ugh, I know. Hopefully within the year I will know more. But as soon as I hear any news, I’ll put it up here on the blog.

  78. Hi again. I’m sorry to keep asking you questions but I kind of got an idea for a book and if it is ok with you I kind of need some tips. Can you please help me out?!

  79. THANK YOU!

  80. If there was a twist that Imogen was actually a royal that would be cool

  81. You NEED to make a movie!
    If you don’t then I think I will go insane.
    Me and my best friend four are really happy that you are probably going to make a movie. The False Prince Series is my life!!!!

    • Many thanks, Tris. Paramount is currently considering the screenplay. Keep your fingers crossed!

  82. I had a huge comment saying how great of a writer you are but I forgot to put my email so it deleted but bottom line you are amazing I’m pumped to read you new series false prince series was outstanding and keep writing . Your books are better than the hunger games and divergent and those were great books thanks for writing false prince series and I hope the screenwright goes through !!!!

  83. Hi Jennifer Nielsen,
    If you have auditions I would love to audition. Also,I was in the 5th grade class at Covington.

    • That’s awesome, Alicia – it was a fun visit! If a movie happens, I won’t have any say in the auditions or casting, but I hope you’ll get a chance to try. Good luck!

      • Thank you!!!

  84. The false prince is an awesome book. Jaron will pick neither Imogen or amirinda. But if he had a choice u all know who he would pick. U will get to see main charectors. And some if them will die. If u haven’t read this series yet I highly recommend that u do. It is one of the best series I have ever read. And I do hope for there to be a fourth.

  85. I sooooooo hope there will be auditions! Cause I really want to act as Imogen! And I hope that some auditions will be in the Bay Area cause nothing ever happens here. It is soooo boring!!! But I sure hope a movie of your books come out!!

    • I hope so too, Kaitlyn! If you get a chance to audition, then I wish you the best of luck!

  86. Hi again is there any way you will ever make Any thing similar or maybe EVAN continue the false prince I want more please it is the only book I will read ask anyone I love u and I hope one day u and I can meet or talk or something cause ur amazing like MY GOD ILYSM AHHHHHHHH

    • Arianna – My next release, MARK OF THE THIEF, will have a similar feel to THE FALSE PRINCE, although it takes place in Ancient Rome, and that book’s hero, Nic, has his differences from Jaron. But I hope you’ll like it. You can read more about it here:

  87. Is the movie still in the works because I would LOVE a live action adaptation of my favorite book!!!

    • I agree, Ashley – that would be very cool! I should find out in February whether it’s going to be made. Watch my blog then for any announcements!

  88. I am almost done with my book and I wanted to know if you would like to read it when i’m done. I would love it if my favorite author would comment my book Gifted. Its a mix between Micheal Vey and The Shadow Throne. Also my book club and I are hoping you make a movie 24 seven.

    • Thanks very much for your offer. I would consider it a great privilege to read your works, but unfortunately I am so full with projects of my own that I can no longer read for others. I do encourage you to share your writing, however, because that is a great way to know how to get better. A cross between Michael Vey and Shadow Throne sounds awesome! Thank you for thinking of me and for your kind words.

  89. Please I loved your Ascendance trilogy series please make a 4th book. I beg u to make a 4th book

    • I can promise to give it serious consideration, Barath. Thank you!

  90. Its fine and I meant to say instead of the Shadow Throne, the False Prince. Thank you for the encouragement i’ll need it.

  91. For your writers tips I have another one. Time period words. For an example-if the character is in mid evil times they can’t text the King and say whatever they need to say. I’m not sure if you have this one. 🙂

  92. It seems like the 3rd book should have a sequel!! You have to write one!! I can help edit it I love editing!! Even my English teacher said I will make miney off of editing one day!!!!!

    • That’s a kind offer, Caitlyn (though my editor might get jealous!). If I ever decide to write a fourth book in the series, I’ll announce it here on my blog first!

  93. Omg when I saw the question about the movie I was so hyped that you would say yes. Sadly it became a maybe but there’s still hope!!! I love your books so much that I want to keep on reading it over and over again so I could relive the moments of first opening the book and enjoying it from the very first page to the very last page! I hope you continue writing your amazing books!!!!!! 😀

    • Thank you! We should have news in February, one way or the other. And I will never quit writing (couldn’t do it if I tried!) 😉

  94. hello
    the author of the best book my eyes ever caught on!
    your book is truly amazing, day and night i would read and read and read. i couldnt stop, when i was done i looked for more similar books like the false prince.
    you kept my eyes open all night. i love tht book to death and it would be amazing if there was a movie, i want them to make a movie, and i wish u could keep conitnuing on making wonderful books… your amazing and i wish to make a book like yours! and SAGE! he is amazing character, hes a trouble maker and just so soooooooooooo clever! i wish ppl existed like him, u made his character magical and who knew tht he would be prince jaron, now tht part i had to read over and over and over, i read ur book 5 times already and i will keep reading it becuz its the best, i cant tell u how amazing u are. how can hollywood not make a movie of such a fine story. they NEED TO OR ELSE HOLLYWOOD IS NOT GOING TO BE AMAZING. becuz ur book thrilled me and enlightened me and i just couldnt believe the truth. sage was a hero and amazing character. i mean till this day, i cant believe he is prince jaron

    • u need to give me similar ideas of making my next book
      im planning on making a book and i woulld love ur help

      • Nadia, the best ideas for your story are already inside you. What you need to do is figure out the story that is calling to you. If you’re looking to do something similar to False Prince, think about what it was that grabbed you so much. Are you wanting a character similar to Sage? Or a twist similar to how that one twists? Or a medieval story? Once you identify the exact thing you’re looking for, you’ll know where to begin on your own story. Good luck!

    • Ah thanks, Nadia. Keep your fingers crossed on the movie, and until then, happy reading!

  95. hello
    one thing im going to tell you right now is that while reading your book the false prince series, you made my other favirote books look like trash. you have inspired me and i just cant stop reading that book, especially the false prince i keep reading it over and over again and i cant stop, your the best author in the world and i wish the world has more of you, u really inspred me and i just love how smart the character sage or shall i say jaron. you made me stop up all nigth long rereading parts just so i could know thats its true. it was a shock to know sage is actually jaron. OMG you are my favirote and i wish they make a movie out of it. the false prince is amazing and my favirote book ever, i have worlds, my world and when im a reading books world, you made the false prince feel almost alive, as if i were one of teh characters not watching everything accoring, it was amazing book. im planning to read it aover and over again. i made a book called Stolen Tears by Nada Asad, and im planning to make another book almost like the false prince i really need your help, u have no idea of how much help i needed till this day and now i can get help an ideas from you. u have to help me please. this is my only chance of making such a lively book that will catch a persons eye, so please give me thoughts of stories i can write ab, plz help me i really need my favorite author to help me , plz plz plz, i wanna make a book almost like urs, adventures and make up a character as clever as sage. i need thoughts and i know ur just the right person to ask, plz. i really love the false prince alot, i wish to amke one like it, so ur help is my need. u have no idea how happy i will be if u offer help, and btw ur book inspired me alot, ur such a great author, never seen one liek u, ur amazing, and wonderful on making books, wish u best luck and once again, plz help me, i really do love ur books, i cant even explain it in words,

    here from u soon at form here, plz reply and once again i love ur book to DEATH

    • Thanks for your kind words, Nada, and congratulations on having already written a book! That’s fantastic! You said you wanted help, though I’m not sure exactly what help you need. If you’re wanting to do something similar to The False Prince, then do this – go through the book again, but this time, read it like a writer. How did I set you up for the big twist? What do you notice about the dialogue, descriptions, etc? How are the characters described? Really study the book and as you do, I think you will get ideas for what you want to add into your own writing.

      Good luck!

  96. Thank you so much, and i will do what you said, i really am happy to hear from you, but i was thinking that i should make a story most likely similar to the false prince, and i want it to have a big twist at the end, so the readers can open their mouths so wide so wide shocked at what the truth is like i was when i found out that sage was the prince jaron. i want something similar but a different story like for example i want something that at teh end of the book, will show you a shocking part. i was thinking about writing about this boy who always gets beaten at this orghanage and at teh end he found out that he wasnt an orphan after all or soemehing like that, i need something strong, something that will keep the readers stay up all night, i will do what you told me but if i still need help, i will always ask from you
    sorry if thats bugging but i really need an idea. almost like the false prince, i like back in the days stories that has to do with dungeons and castles and more, i want something to start with except how will i do that without even knowing the story itself. i want a character almost like sage who actually hides something like sage hid the fact that he was prince jaron, i really am clueless and i have no type of idea, why don’t you tell me what you think i should write about, telling me is a huge gift from you, that’s a promise 🙂 because i literally have no idea what to write about that is similar to the false prince……………… what do you think

    • Try this, Nada. In the center of a paper, write your story idea – like, “Orphan boy.” Then ask a question, such as, “Who is he?” And make yourself come up with five possible answers. Then ask another question, such as, “What does he want?” And come up with five different answers. Keep other questions coming until you know you’ve found your twist. This is the way I often create twists also.

      • thank you i really appreciate your help 🙂

  97. Can you make a fourth book to the false prince it is a great series.

    • Thanks for asking, Brendan! I might write a fourth book one day, and I know what I’d write if I did. But for now, I have no plans for more books in this series. My attention is focused on MARK OF THE THIEF (my next release) and a standalone fantasy book I’m writing for fall of 2016. I hope you’ll check those out and enjoy them too!

  98. Well if you do can you let me know when it will come out.

    • If I do, I’ll definitely post it here! Thanks, Brendan!

      • When will the second book to the praetor war come out?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I’ve already read the first one and can’t possibly wait to read the second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Though I’m afraid it’ll still be a while. The second book will be released next February.

  99. Hello Jennifer,if you could describe sage as on actor,who would it be?

  100. Also Jennifer,if they do decide to make a movie about the false prince,please let me know at ___. I might want to try out fora role in the movie.

    • Unfortunately, Ayden, I’m not able to do personal notifications about movie news – there are just too many people who have asked. However, I’ll post the information on my website, probably around mid to late August. I hope you can watch for it then.

  101. Hwy jennifer, currently on the thried book, ur amazing! Please write a fourth and do make a movie!

    • Thank you very much! No plans right now for a fourth book, though who knows what the future will hold? Movie news should be coming in mid-August, thumbs up or down. Stay tuned!

  102. My class and I read the first book “The False Prince”, and I LOVED it! I now have 2 other books to add to my Summer Reading List! Since Mott IS my favorite character, I can’t help but wonder; if you were to make a book centered around his back story, what would you name it? Who’s your favorite character if you had to choose? (Also wanted to mention: my whole entire school loves your book, and the 6th grade are doing a project for our humanities fair this year, and will probably do it EVERY year! Something every student would look forward to!)

    • Thank you, Meghan. I love Mott too – to me, he is the perfect friend, something you will see more and more as the series progresses. I might one day write his backstory, long before he ever meets Sage. I haven’t given any thought to a title, though.

      For favorite characters, other than Mott, I do love Sage – he’s very fun to write. I also love Imogen a lot and a character you meet in book 2, Fink. I’m glad it’s a story your school is enjoying so much. That’s awesome!

      • Can I just say- It feels awesome to talk with an author! Especially my favorite one! Thank you for making my day!

  103. Ms. Nielson,
    Hi! I am a HUGE fan! My sister and I read the first two books then had to waitttttt for the 3rd book….but it was soooo totally worth it!
    I love all three books and they are the first books that come out of my mouth when asked what my favorite series is!
    After we read it we talked our Dad into reading it (he listens to audio books due to a busy work schedule) and he LOVED it too!
    Then we talked our brother into reading it and he also loved it….
    I am in several fan groups on Pinterest and we all talk about when we laughed and cried and what are favorite parts are. 😀
    I was wondering…what would the Ascendance Trilogy Fandom be called?
    I saw a girl say we should call it the Ascenders…..but I thought maybe if we could get a fan name from the actual author that it would be even better!
    With love,
    Madi <3
    Also, I just recently joined the TAB (Teen Advisory Board) at my library, and I am able to plan the recommended book displays in the teen room….I plan on putting the Ascendance Trilogy up

    • Thanks very much, Madison! When you recommend the series to others, that is a huge compliment! I don’t think there’s an official name for the fandom – Ascenders is really good – but I have also heard the use of Royals, which I like too.

  104. Hello once again Ms. Nielsen!
    I just saw that there would be news about the movie in mid-August! That makes me ecstatic, because my birthday is around that time! I’m definitely praying for you!

  105. Will you be writing another book in the Ascendance Trilogy (I know only 3 books) I just finished the third book and wish that there were more adventures with Jaron, Roden, Imogen etc.

    • Hi HB! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the Ascendance Trilogy. There are not currently any plans to continue this story, though that may chance one day. All it would take is Jaron whispering in my ear that he is ready to get into more trouble! 😉

      • When and where will the auditions be because I would LOVE to play Imogen. And I am a huge fan of your books.

        • Hi Nicole. The movie has not yet been green lighted, and probably no decision will be made on it before February. If the script is approved then, soon after, they will assign auditions. If I get any information about auditions, I will post them on my website. Good luck!

          • Thank you so much. I have one question though, what age do you think Imogen should be because I think I might be to young.

          • In the books, Imogen is about 15 years old. I don’t know how old the producers will want Imogen to appear to be, though. That decision will be up to them. I say you just wait and see if they hold auditions and then at that point they’ll describe the kind of actress they’re looking for.

  106. Thank You

  107. Ms. Jennifer,
    Hello! I am a big fan of your books! I have read the first two and completely fallen in love with them! I am currently reading the third, and am on the edge of my seat. Literally. But I have a question. I am currently writing a book called The Forbidden Lands (I am only 12) for NaNoWriMo’s Young Writers Program, and was asking for some advice for writing it. I would really appreciate it! My dad was offering to send it to a few publishers when we finish, if I am proud of it. Again, I would love some advice for writing my story. Thank you for your time! -Val

    • Hi Valkyrie, thanks very much for this kind note. And congrats on doing NaNoWriMo – at any age, that’s a big deal! For advice – I dunno, because every writer has different issues, and every book is different. However, one thing that might help is whenever you get stuck, to ask yourself, “What is the worst thing that could happen to my main character right now?” Now, you might not do that thing, but just by asking that question, you’ll probably get some great ideas. Good luck!

  108. I’m dying. I miss sage/jaron. Sniff, I hope the movie comes out soon, I hate it when a series comes to an end. I end up not reading the last book. Sniff.

  109. Do you know when the auditions for the movie are, if they haven’t already held them? Because I’m really determined to audition since I look a lot like Imogen.

    • The movie hasn’t been green-lighted yet, so there have been no auditions. I should have the next movie update in late August. At that time, it could be a yes, no, or another delay. If it’s a yes, I will post audition information here on my blog as soon as I get it!

  110. when is the movie happening i have read the series over 550 times i can practically say word for word page by page book by book for all three book need to know what happens after the third book please right a 4th one please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please please please please pleAse please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. I miss jaron and his dare devil soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. what did you want the readers to know by the end of the book? I chose your book to do a book report and I’m not sure what the answer is.

    • There’s no right or wrong answer on this, Samantha. Just consider anything you think might be a good lesson learned from the book and say, “Hey, I bet that’s exactly what she intended!

  113. Who is Imogen

  114. You are an incredible author and I hope the best for you and your career. You deserve all the awards out there.

  115. Please make a movie and a new ascendance trilogy book thx

    • Thanks for asking! The next update on whether there will be a movie will be sometime in February, so watch the blog then. As to whether there will ever be another Ascendance book…well, we’ll see… 😉

  116. Hi Ms. Nielson i love your books.

    • And there really needs to be a movie because I was gonna do a book report but there are hardly any good pictures of them….!

      • Hmm, unfortunately, I think even if there is a movie, it might not be made in time for your book report. Good luck!

    • Thank you, Naomi.

  117. Hey,

    I have read the ascendancy trilogy and the mark of the thief, the books are amazing.
    Are you going to be making more series?

    By the way, I wanted to start a book of my own, but I have no idea what to do. Any suggestions on where you get the ideas?

    • Thank you, Celina! I’m working on a new series now called The Traitor’s Game that should be out in another year. I’m super excited for it and I hope you’ll love it.

      On book ideas, my biggest inspirations are music (every song tells a piece of a story), historical events, and then sometimes ideas just pop into my head from nowhere.

      Try this: Anytime you get even the smallest idea – a line of dialogue, an idea for a scene, a character name – anything at all, write it down in a journal. The more you do this, the more you will teach your brain to become aware of ideas when they come. Because you are getting them, you’re probably just not aware of how often. Good luck!

  118. Hey Jennifer! I so so so so so so so hope there’s a movie and a 4th book😏. I would LOVE for there to be a 4th book because this one literally my All-time favorite series and it was just so amazing AHHH! I almost does when it ended I was sooo sad! PLEASE make a 4th book it’d be SOOOOOOO incredible!! THANK YOU SO MUCHHH!!❤

    • Thank you, Urwah. I am always considering the question of a fourth book. Perhaps one day… 😉

      • Aww well I really really REALLY hope you do!!! What’s t the status on the movie btw?😁

        • No news yet. I hope there will be soon!

          • Oh ok thanks! I honestly just REALLY have my heart set and fingers crossed for a 4th book. Really wanna see what happens next😁😅

          • ❤️

  119. This was an amazing series! I don’t usually read these types of books, (I usually stick with classic literature), however this is quite worthwhile. All the plot twists and the dialogue is so well written! I’m excited for the future, since the hope of more books from you is a possibility!

    • Thank you very much, Elizabeth! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed it.

  120. Was Sage Prince Jaron from the beginning??

  121. A movie would be like, the. Best thing ever!

  122. Hi Jennifer!! I’ve been a fan of everything you’ve wrote since three years 😍 I’ve even taken to read the ascendency trilogy to fifth and sixth grade children ( my siblings and they’re class fellows) a chapter a week for the past year 😊) they love it sooooo much!! I’m sitting with them right now and you’re getting a hello from your biggest fans emaan shayan and Muhammad (they’re only 7-9 years old 😋)
    I’m so curious to know whether there will be a movie or not! I’m looking forward to it!!
    Also I have a question that ivy you being an author can answer for me 😅 do you know of any other books that have characters like jaron? Even if they’re a bit myife it’s fine since I’m 18 and the false prince was the only book I’ve ever read that juvenile fiction 😋
    Thanks! Lots of love and hugs from 15 of your lil fans 😘

    • Hello Hareem – thank you so much for these kind words and for choosing this book to read with your group. Please give a hug to Emaan, Shayan, and Muhammad and tell them to keep reading – it’s the best thing they can do for their lives right now.

      The movie plans have been put on hold for now, I’m afraid. Perhaps in the future, another studio will pick up the series, though.

      And your other question is hard for me to answer since I’m too close to Jaron’s character to be able to compare him to other characters. But there are so many great books out there, I hope you will discover many great characters ahead!

      Best wishes – Jennifer

  123. HI Jennifer,
    Huge Fan of the Ascendence and am currently reading book 3. The series is so cool! Thanks for taking your time to read this also. Really hoping that you will write book 4 and if it cant be about Jaron then hopefully his kids maybe. Please don’t stop the series at 3.
    Thank you
    Best of Luck
    Super Mega Ultra Fan,

  124. I’ve read all of your books and am re-reading the ascendancy trilogy. I love Jaron’s awesome comebacks. Are you left handed? Is that why you chose Jaron to be lefty? Just some questions. Thank you for making me not able to put any of your books down!

    • Thank you very much – I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the books. And yes, I am a leftie. That was my gift to Jaron.

  125. Sorry to bother again-I just wanted to say thank you so much for responding. It’s been one of my lifelong dreams to communicate or contact my favorite author in some way. I have the rest of the ascendancy trilogy on hold at my library so I can reread them😂 Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  126. I’m so sorry again-I just wanted to know what kind of dog you have😂😂

    • A Golden Retriever. She’s a beautiful dog, though she’s kind of a carpet sometimes and has been known to eat cow poo. 💩

  127. Hi again,
    I also wanted to know how old Jaron was when the books take place. How old was he in the first book and then the last? Thanks!

    • He’s nearly 15 at the start of The False Prince and 17 in the final scene of The Shadow Throne.

  128. Thanks I know that was a lot of random questions. I have a chocolate labradoodle, he has an attitude, but it’s really funny. I’m trying to earn allowance to buy the Ascendance Trilogy.:) Thank you so much again and I can’t wait for what comes out next! (In reality I am almost squealing because I’m having a partial conversation with you; thanks!)

  129. Even my phone lock screen and home screen wall papers are False Prince based. Lock screen is Keep calm and lie like Sage and home is the quote where Conner says “He doesn’t look so humble now.”
    “I got over that too,” I said. Favorite and most hilarious quote. I am so sorry if I’m being annoying it’s just I’ve never been able to do this with a favorite author before! Thank you a bajillion times!

  130. OK I promise this is my last question- Sage is supposed to have blonde/brownish hair, correct?

  131. Oh ok so he lightened it after his last talk with his father at the church? And then Conner wanted to darken his hair to make him look more like the prince.

  132. I’m really sorry I didn’t realize I had this many questions. Two more- Are there any accents from countries around the world that are similar to Carthyan? Avenian? And are Imogen and Mott from Carthya too?

    • The closest would be to think of Carthya with a British accent and Avenian like the Telmarine people from the movie, Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

  133. How did you think of the name Jaron?

    • Jaron was the name of a boy I used to know a long time ago. He was such an awesome kid, I used to think if we had royalty in this country, he would have been a prince. So when it came time to name my prince, it was always going to be Jaron.

  134. Thank you so much Mrs.Nielsen! You will always be my favorite author. Have a great summer! (If you can in Utah)

  135. Hi again-
    I think I have to do a project later in the year for eighth grade where you have to contact an author and ask them questions for a multi-genre type report. Would it be OK with you if I asked you questions here on your blog? Or are you too busy to answer them?

    • Hi Rachael, if you give me at least a couple of days notice, and the deadline for when you need the answers back, I am happy to respond. Send the questions to me at

      • Thank you so much! I’m not even positive we’re doing the project, but thanks so much for being willing to answer the questions!

  136. Jaron is the most interesting, funniest, unique, and awesomest character I’ve ever read or seen. I’ve learned to use my left hand, and to roll a coin over my knuckles. I’m also reading a book on how to sword fight. Your books are so inspiring.

  137. I love the False Prince and it is the best book I have ever read. I am doing a summer reading project on the book and I have a few questions.
    These questions are specifically for the False Prince.
    Is the kingdom Carthya inspired by a real kingdom? If it is, could I have the name of that kingdom?
    What time period is the book set in? I have narrowed down to 1200-1600 (because of Mendenwal’s cannons and the end of the medieval age).
    How would you describe Sage?
    What was his main struggle or problem?
    How does the problem resolve itself and how does the character change and/or grow as a person?

    I have some of the answers already (in my head) but I wanted verification from you. I need the answer tomorrow or today (extremely preferable) or Wednesday (Not preferable because I don’t want to type during lunch or early morning).
    Thank you and your books are some of my favorite books, the False Prince being my favorite and the series as one of the best series I’ve read (I have read a a lot of amazing books and series). I even bought your series on amazon. I can’t wait to see a movie, even though I might have to. Thank you and please get back with me ASAP.

    • Hi Tristan, Thanks for the kind words. I can answer some of the questions, but some will be up to you. Here we go:
      Carthya is a unique kingdom, but the map is roughly based on Belgium, since it’s a small country surrounded by larger countries with no seaport of its own.
      I play around with the time period, so although it’s medieval, it doesn’t exactly fit into any specific year. Your time period works just great.
      The last three questions are pretty much the point of the book so I think those are on you to answer; but I’m sure you’ll do a great job! Good luck!

      • Thank you, your response was very helpful!
        Can’t wait for a movie.

  138. Hi again,
    I heard about your book signing this Friday at Anderson’s Bookstore, and I’m really sad but I don’t think I can make it. It’s also a bummer because I only live like 20 minutes away. 🙁 Do you know if you’ll be coming back to the Chicago area anytime for The Traitor’s Game? Thanks!

    • That’s a bummer for me too, Rachael. I know you can at least call the store and order a book to be signed to you, but that’s still not the same. I do come back to Chicago at least once a year, though not always for public events. I’ll ask about coming back for Traitor’s Game – fingers crossed!

  139. I just checked out the website and I loved the book idea. Good luck on the book. Hope you finish it fast because I would love to read it. Still can’t believe that the Jennifer Nielsen just answered my question! So cool!
    You are like my favorite author ever.

  140. Hi! You know what ur my absolute favorite author. It’s never going to change. I love your books/ writings too much. Actually after I finished reading the Ascendence Trilogy (a year ago btw), I cried because it’s just plain awesome and that I could not read more about Jaron. Jaron is a character that I love and adore. I am totally in love with him, he’s the perfect guy in my head. Is it even possible to have a heartache with a character? I can’t thank you enough for writing such a beautiful trilogy. And ur other books as well, Nic’s awesome but sorry Jaron shall always be closer to my heart. I love him more than I love Harry Potter!

  141. Was Sage the actual prince the entire time???

  142. Hi! I have so much to say and it couldn’t possibly fit here, but you have my respect and deepest thanks for writing the Ascendence Trilogy. Jaron is my dream character and my prince charming. Thank you so much for making this wonderful character who will always be in my heart. I actually cried after I finished the trilogy because I knew I couldn’t read more about Jaron again. When I read your books and the way you portray Jaron it makes my heart ache because I know he is not real. You have broken my heart Jennifer Nielsen. I love your writing so much I could live in it.
    In the False Prince, I never realized Sage was actually Jaron. I was so surprised a year ago when I read the book. I’ve read it a thousand times afterward and found out that there were actually many hints that Sage was Jaron if you were looking for it. Like here:

    (Begin quote) “You can’t have the advantage of seeing the princess before we do,” Tobias said. “Knowing you, you’ll convince her tonight that you are the prince, and she’ll have you crowned at the castle before Roden and I are awake tomorrow.”

    I snorted, and then said, “Now that you’re onto me, I’ll have to figure out an even cleverer plan.” Mocking Tobias was risky, and probably unfair. But it was usually too hard to resist. (End quote)

    Where u said probably unfair, Sage/Jaron obviously knew that Tobias couldn’t be king, and knowing that he was Jaron and mocking Tobias showed why he thought it was unfair. There were many of these subtle hints, but this one caught my eye and stuck with me for some reason. Er and sorry for the long message, I guess u have too many people’s replies to read anyway- if your reading this. Btw again ur my favorite author and always will be. I love your writing so much!

    • Thank you, Jade. I’m so glad this series had such meaning for you, and I appreciate this kind post.

  143. OMG! I just finished reading The False Prince and I’m so thrilled! This book has given me sooo much inspiration for my own book I’m writing(I’m 9 years old, go figure) and I’m in love with this book. Sadly, there are only three books😭😭😭. Please keep writing, I enjoyed this book and would recommend this to EVERYONE.


    • As long as I have readers, I will always be writing. And good luck on your own project, how exciting!

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