Infinity Ring!!

Posted by on Dec 20, 2011 in Infinity Ring, Scholastic | 10 comments

This isn’t the first secret I’ve revealed on this blog, and happily not even the first big secret. But this might have been the hardest one to keep quiet about. A couple of months ago, I received a call from my editor at Scholastic, asking what I anticipated for my writing schedule over the next year. We were (and still are, in fact) involved in revisions for the second book of the Ascendance trilogy, and the third one is waiting to be written, and we’re already discussing a possible new series to follow THE FALSE PRINCE books. But…was I interested in adding another project? That’s the sort...

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More Praise for "The False Prince"

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It’s still over eight months until the release of THE FALSE PRINCE (April `12), but Scholastic has already been busy. They recently sent manuscripts to several bloggers and bookstore owners, and every so often, comments about the manuscript pop up online. Please take a look at what Alamosa Books, a great bookstore from Albuquerque has to say here. As a quick excerpt, “If there is a higher commendation of this novel, I cannot conceive of it. And I would challenge anyone else to just try to put this book down unfinished. This is simply a captivating adventure. Nothing is...

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