A Week in the Life

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I’m often asked about what I’m working on, or how I manage my time, or about my writing process. So, starting tomorrow, I’m going to share a little of my schedule and let you see some of what I do. As of Sunday evening, here’s where things are: Writing: I’m on my fourth draft of MARK OF THE THIEF 2. My editor (Lisa) probably won’t need to see it until the end of the year, so I have time on that. Yesterday, I received an editorial letter for A NIGHT DIVIDED, with edits that need to be in by the end of October, so that’s a priority. I also have a short...

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Plotting Characters: Climb Rather Than Fly

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Hello all! This summer, I’ll be teaching about plotting at the WIFYR Conference (Writing and Illustrating For Young Readers), which is one of the finest conferences in the country. There are a great many authors who credit their publishing success with having attended this conference. Read more about WIFYR here, and if you can come, I’d love to have you in my class! To give you an idea of the importance of plotting, Becca Birkin, WIFYR assistant, is guest posting today. This is fairly rare for me, so you know this must be a good post!  * * * * * * * What an honor to visit...

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Writing Humor When I was asked the other day about humor writing, my clever answer was something along the lines of “I dunno.” Humor is one of those hard to define things, like beauty or a great song, or Quentin Tarantino movies. We all know it when it works and when it doesn’t. It’s highly personal. Completely subjective. And it evolves throughout our life. What makes you laugh? Puns and clever wordplay? Slapstick? Incongruent situations? Sarcasm? Derogatory or non-politically correct humor? Probably any of them might make you laugh, or none of them. Depending on how it’s done. So here’s a...

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